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It's here in the Archives section that you will find the news of the last three months.

----- April 30, 2024 -----

** ROSEMARY'S BABY prequel: Paramount Pictures' psychological thriller APARTMENT 7A, a prequel to Roman Polanski's famed 1968 horror feature ROSEMARY'S BABY, will go straight to Paramount+ this Halloween. The film was shot back in mid-late 2022 and underwent reshoots back in April & May last year in what has been described as a troubled production.

Natalie Erika James (RELIC) helms the film set in New York in 1965 and follows a struggling young dancer who suffers a devastating injury. She finds herself drawn in by dark forces when a peculiar, well-connected, older couple promises her a shot at fame. It has been reported that the young character, Terry Gionoffrio, is the woman who dies at the beginning of ROSEMARY'S BABY. (thanks to

** HAPPY DEATH DAY 3: Actress Jessica Rothe has offered an update on a third entry in the HAPPY DEATH DAY franchise. The first film was released in 2017 and follows college student Tree Gelbman, who is murdered on her birthday and starts reliving the day repeatedly.

The film scored good reviews and made over $125 million from a $4.8 million budget. The less well-received sequel, which had more of a sci-fi bent than the slasher film of the first, made $64.4 million from a $9 million budget. Out promoting her role in the upcoming action feature BOY KILLS WORLD, Rothe says that filmmaker Chris Landon has an idea for a third film set. She tells the Screen Geek web site:

"I can say Chris Landon has the whole thing figured out. We just need to wait for Blumhouse and Universal to get their ducks in a row. But my fingers are so crossed. I think Tree [Gelbman] deserves her third and final chapter to bring that incredible character and franchise to a close or a new beginning."

Landon has previously teased the film's title being HAPPY DEATH DAY TO US. (thanks to

** DESTROY ALL NEIGHBORS: Shudder is releasing Josh Forbes film on DVD on May 12, 2024.

** THE COMPLEX FORMS: Here's the trailer for the upcoming film.

----- April 29, 2024 -----

** Next EVIL DEAD director: Francis Galluppi has been set to write and direct the next EVIL DEAD at Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert's Ghost House Pictures. No specifics of the plot are available and no other personnel involved have been revealed as it's said to be early days according to the Deadline web site who broke the news.

The project is said to be an original story that Galluppi developed and brought to Raimi and team who sparked to the idea. In a statement, Rami says: "Francis Galluppi is a storyteller who knows when to keep us waiting in simmering tension and when to hit us with explosive violence. He is a director that shows uncommon control in his feature debut."

The film will follow on from the most recent film, the standalone EVIL DEAD RISE which grossed more than $147 million worldwide last year. The project is also not to be confused with INFESTED director Sebastien Vanicek's new spin-off of the franchise which is also in the works. (thanks to

** 28 YEARS LATER: Ever since it was announced, one of the biggest questions lingering over the upcoming 28 YEARS LATER trilogy at Sony Pictures would be if Oscar-winner Cillian Murphy would return. Murphy starred in the original 28 DAYS LATER as a bicycle courier (Cillian Murphy) who wakes from a coma to discover the world had been overrun with fast-moving zombies following the outbreak of a virus.

Murphy will be executive producing the new trilogy but his onscreen involvement has been in question. Now, The InSneider web site (via World of Reel) is reporting that Murphy will indeed appear – just not like you might think. The new report suggests Murphy won't be seen in the Boyle-directed first film. Rather, he will first appear in a small role/borderline cameo in the second film of the trilogy before going on to having a major role in the third.

The project marks a reunion of celebrated filmmakers Danny Boyle and Alex Garland who are directing and writing the first film respectively. (thanks to

** THE INVISIBLE MAN remake sequel: Appearing on the latest episode of the Happy Sad Confused podcast, actress Elisabeth Moss says a sequel to Leigh Whannell's 2020 film THE INVISIBLE MAN is still be considered. She says they are "closer than we've ever been to cracking it, and I feel very good about it, and we are very much intent on continuing that story." (thanks to

** LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL: The Screen Rant web site reports that according to Shudder, the film's April 19th streaming debut on the SVOD platform broke the record for the streamer's biggest opening weekend ever. The movie has reportedly already become the most watched release on both Shudder and AMC+, surpassing prior record holders WHEN EVIL LURKS and V/H/S/99 in their first full weeks. (thanks to

----- April 26, 2024 -----

** THE EXORCISM: A troubled actor who begins to unravel while shooting a supernatural horror film. His estranged daughter, Lee, wonders if he's slipping back into his past addictions or if there's something more sinister at play.

** STREAM: The release date is set for August 21, 2024, with a North American theatrical release via Iconic Events Releasing. Michael Leavy, director of the film, was a producer, actor, and AD on TERRIFIER 2. The director of TERRIFIER 2, Damien Leone, serves as producer and works on effects for STREAM. Composer Paul Wiley and producer Phil Falcone are also along for the ride.

Here's the synopsis; As the Keenan's try to bring their family closer together, they unwittingly enter themselves into a game of life or death. With four deranged killers patrolling the halls of their hotel and competing for the most creative kills, the odds are definitely stacked against them. (thanks to

** KILL ME: XYZ Films has revealed Charlie Day and Allison Williams will star in the offbeat murder mystery movie KILL ME by director Peter Warren. Written and directed by Peter Warren, KILL ME features Day in the role of Jimmy, who wakes up in a bathtub after having tried to kill himself. Or, at least, that's what it looks like to his friends and family. Jimmy is pretty sure he didn't do it… Maybe. Together with Margot (Williams), the 911 operator who took his call, Jimmy sets out on a mission to solve a vitally important whodunit: did someone try to kill him, or are they chasing the specter of depression? (thanks to

** THE LITTLE MERMAID: MSR Media International has picked up the 1837 classic tale by Hans Christian Anderson to receive a sinister spin. It will be directed by Leigh Scott and stars Lydia Helen, Mike Markoff, and Jeff Denton. The trailer is available on the official web site. (thanks to

----- April 25, 2024 -----

** WEAPONS: Multiple Emmy winner Julia Garner will star opposite Josh Brolin in BARBARIAN filmmaker Zach Cregger's new horror feature WEAPONS at New Regency. Cregger wrote the top-secret script, which has been dubbed an "interrelated, multistory horror epic that tonally is in the vein of Magnolia" and revolves around missing kids and witchcraft. Filming on the project is set to begin mid-May in Atlanta. (thanks to

** 28 YEARS LATER: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ralph Fiennes and previously rumored Jodie Comer have all reportedly boarded the first film in upcoming 28 YEARS LATER trilogy at Sony Pictures. The project marks a reunion of celebrated filmmakers Danny Boyle and Alex Garland who are directing and writing the film respectively. (thanks to

** THE RITUAL: Al Pacino and Dan Stevens are set to team up for the exorcism horror film THE RITUAL at XYZ Films. Based on a true story, the story follows two priests – one questioning his faith (Stevens) and one reckoning with a troubled past (Pacino) – who put aside their differences to save a possessed young woman in a dangerous series of exorcisms.

The film is based on the story of Emma Schmidt, an American woman whose demonic possession culminated in harrowing exorcisms. Her case remains the most thoroughly documented exorcism in American history. Ashley Greene and Abigail Cowen co-star in the film which David Midell directs and co-wrote with Enrico Natale. Natale, Andrew Stevens and Mitchell Welch produce. (thanks to

** WINNIE THE POOH II BLOOD AND HONEY: Here's a first look at the just announced action figure!

----- April 24, 2024 -----

** THE WATCHERS: From producer M. Night Shyamalan comes THE WATCHERS, written for the screen and directed by Ishana Night Shyamalan and based on the novel by A.M. Shine. The film follows Mina, a 28-year-old artist, who gets stranded in an expansive, untouched forest in western Ireland. When Mina finds shelter, she unknowingly becomes trapped alongside three strangers who are watched and stalked by mysterious creatures each night.

** FACELESS AFTER DARK: Following her breakout success as the star of a killer clown horror flick, Bowie now finds herself struggling to capitalize on its success. But when she is suddenly held hostage by an unhinged fan posing as that same killer clown, horror becomes her reality as she fights to survive the night and escape before he completes his sinister plan to recreate the film's fatal plot.

** THE EXORCISM: Vertical has officially acquired the North American distribution rights to Russell Crowe's upcoming meta horror movie, THE EXORCISM, formerly titled THE GEORGETOWN PROJECT. It is now scheduled to make its theatrical debut on June 7.

"THE EXORCISM follows Anthony Miller (Crowe), a troubled actor who begins to unravel while shooting a supernatural horror film. His estranged daughter (Ryan Simpkins) wonders if he's slipping back into his past addictions or if there's something more sinister at play," reads the synopsis. (thanks to

----- April 23, 2024 -----

** WINNIE THE POOH BLOOD AND HONEY 2: From Umbrella Entertainment. We head down the bloodstained brick road to find the wicked new slasher WINNIE THE POOH BLOOD AND HONEY 2 with a custom illustrated "kids" book and a honeypot of NEW extras including a commentary, deleted and behind-the-scenes, and more!

** FOUNDERS DAY: In this satirical political slasher from the Bloomquist Brothers, a small town is shaken by a series of ominous killings in the days leading up to a heated mayoral election. As accusations fly and the threat of a masked killer darkens every street corner, the residents must race to uncover the truth before fear consumes the town.

** THE DEVIL'S BATH: The film will hit the horror streaming service Shudder on June 28, 2024. (thanks to

** WILD EYED AND WICKED: Gravitas Ventures has acquired the worldwide rights to the fantasy horror movie, which digital and cable on-demand release has been set for June 11, 2024, in the US, with worldwide details still unconfirmed. (thanks to

----- April 22, 2024 -----

** SE7EN in 8K: David Fincher recently restored his iconic 1995 neo-noir thriller SE7EN to full 8K resolution ahead of the 4K premiere on IMAX at the Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles this past Friday and a 4K UHD disc release which at the time of writing is still listed for May 3rd this year on Amazon – though has been delayed to 2025 according to other outlets.

To make the restoration possible, he and his frequent post-production collaborator Peter Mavromates reunited to scan the original camera negative in 8K and then remastered it at that level. Color corrections, retouches, and VFX were also rendered in 8K, but then were downsampled to 4K because there is currently no distribution chain for 8K.

Speaking with the Indiewire web site, about the intent of the restoration, Fincher says the aim of the work was to retain the original 1995 intent and style of each scene – even if he sees scenes he would do differently now such as close-ups framed far too tightly he says. Yet there were also some tiny errors that simply don't work in the 4K HDR age that had to be fixed. Fincher says:

"It is what it is, warts and all. And some of it is spectacular and some of it is stuff that I would change or fix today, but I didn't want to mess with that. There's a lot of imperfections, there's a lot of things that you just don't see on film. When people say they love the look of film, what they're talking about is chaos, entropy, and softness. Now, of course, we live in an HDR world where you get those kinds of very deep, rich, velvety blacks for free. And we had to negotiate that fine line between what to fix or not. So we attempted to go back in and fix to make it match. And kind of repaint stuff and just take out water spots and little edge flashes. And some of it is impossible to get it to match, certainly by today's standards." (thanks to

** THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT: The trio of stars from 1999's original THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT have come together and issued a public proposal to Lionsgate in the wake of that studio recently announcing a partnership with Blumhouse for a reboot of the franchise. In a statement released Saturday, actors Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard and Michael Williams asked Lionsgate for retroactive and future residual payments, 'meaningful consultation' on any future BLAIR WITCH projects, and an annual $60,000 grant to "unknown/aspiring genre filmmakers" trying to make their first feature.

The new project will mark the second reboot of the property, and fourth film overall, and the trio say those other films were "not made with significant creative input from the original team" resulting in box-office and critical disappointments. The trio also included a statement from the directors and producers of the 1999 original film in support of them saying "we celebrate our film's legacy, and equally, we believe the actors deserve to be celebrated for their enduring association with the franchise." (thanks to

** THRILL RIDE: Director Ryuhei Kitamura is set to helm the rollercoaster thriller. THRILL RIDE will tell the story of a group of people, including two young women, who are trapped upside down on a roller coaster taken over by a mysterious saboteur threatening to drop them all one by one to their deaths. Production on the movie is targeting the fourth quarter of 2024 at Bulgaria's Pro Cinema Studios. It's being written by Chad Law and Christopher Jolley. (thanks to

** Guillermo del Toro's FRANKENSTEIN: Oscar-winning filmmaker Guillermo del Toro's long-gestating FRANKENSTEIN film adaptation is currently in the midst of production. This weekend he has shared a behind-the-scenes photo from the movie via his official X account, the shot sees him alongside cinematographer Dan Laustsen and a fellow actor on the set of the movie.

The shot seemingly confirms the inclusion of the Captain Walton framing device from the original Mary Shelley novel. The book begins and ends at the North Pole in the 18th century where a ship is stuck in pack ice. Much of the original story is told in flashback as Dr. Victor Frankenstein, whom the ship's crew found on a drifting ice floe, recounts to the captain of the ship what happened and his pursuit of the creature he created. (thanks to

----- April 19, 2024 -----

** Brad Dourif retires: Actor Brad Dourif has said he is effectively retired from acting with one notable exception, he'll keep voicing a legendary killer doll. Speaking with's Tyler Nichols, Dourif confirmed he only came back to play Chucky in the television series, which is almost at the end of its third season, for his daughter and co-star Fiona Dourif and creator Don Mancini, whom he considers family. Brad Dourif, now 74, started playing Chucky in 1988's Child's Play and has returned to voice the character for six more movies and three seasons of the television show. (thanks to

** M. Night Shyamalan's TRAP: A father and teen daughter attend a pop concert, where they realize they're at the center of a dark and sinister event

** LONGLEGS: Ever since she was a little girl she wanted to catch a killer.

** REFUGE: From director Renny Harlin. Coming out on April 19th.

----- April 17, 2024 -----

** Blumhouse's BLAIR WITCH: The production designer for THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT has lamented the original team's lack of involvement with Blumhouse's upcoming reboot. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Ben Rock states that "they haven't talked to any of us" and says, "It's bittersweet" that those handling the franchise have consistently left the original team in the cold when making new entries such as BLAIR WITCH 2 BOOK OF SHADOWS and Adam Wingard's 2016 sequel BLAIR WITCH.

"I do think that what has happened twice now was that the original creators were overlooked, and other people were brought in, all of whom were good," said Rock about the last two sequels. "But neither one of the sequels connected with audiences the way they wanted it to connect. And so it might at least be worth talking to some of the original creators."

There's been a growing animosity between rights holders Lionsgate and the original BLAIR WITCH team. Joshua Leonard, one of the stars of that film, said, "At this point, it's 25 years of disrespect from the folks who've pocketed the lion's share (pun intended) of the profits from OUR work, and that feels both icky and classless." This was in response to discovering news of the reboot from a friend who shared a media report of it featuring a still of Leonard in THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT despite his lack of involvement.

Rock harbors no ill will towards Blumhouse, but hopes it doesn't reboot the series without consulting those who launched it to begin with. He remains unsure trying to replicate the original will be a successful venture, saying, "I don't know how you outdo what we did. But I care about the franchise, so whoever does it, I hope they handle it with care." (thanks to

** IMMACULATE: The film is now available to rent or buy on digital platforms. It will then be released on Blu-ray and DVD starting on June 11. The physical release will also include feature bonus commentary by director Michael Mohan. At the moment, the film has already garnered a worldwide gross of $21 million at the box office against a reported budget of $9 million. (thanks to

** SOMETHING IN THE WATER: Five friends reunite for a wedding in the Caribbean. The day before the ceremony they go out on a boat to party and accidentally head into shark infested waters. Now they must face their fears and fight for survival in the open waters.

----- April 16, 2024 -----

** TERRIFIER 3: The filming has concluded on Damien Leone's upcoming festive slasher sequel, ensuring unhappy holidays for Miles County residents. (thanks to

** READY OR NOT 2: The Radio Silence team of directors Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and their producer partner Chad Villella have declared their planned sequel to their 2019 darkly funny horror thriller READY OR NOT to be a total "banger".

The other week came the news that INSIDIOUS THE LAST KEY and ESCAPE ROOM director Adam Robitel is reportedly attached to direct the project with Gillett and Bettinelli-Olpin this time only producing. The trio have been working on a sequel to the original for years and confirm to Entertainment Weekly that they're hoping it will get made. Gillett says:

"It's getting figured out. That's what we'll say: READY OR NOT 2 is getting figured out. What we can say is that there is a script that is an absolute f—ing banger of a sequel. And however it gets made, and in whatever capacity we are helping get it made, we are so excited that it's happening. That movie is truly the love of our creative lives in a lot of ways." (thanks to

** CHUCKY Season 4: The possibility of CHUCKY Season 4 receives an update from creator Don Mancini, who revealed that he's already pitched a fourth installment of the horror series.

"There's very little I can say about that," the CHILD'S PLAY franchise creator said. "I can't tell you my idea for Season 4, but I'm really excited about it. I already pitched it to the network. So fingers crossed because it's something I really like to do."

Mancini added: "I think it's really fun, new, and again, another left turn in terms of what we've been doing so far. We don't know the status of the show yet. So again, fingers crossed that we will get picked up, right?" (thanks to

** Massacre Video update: Now available to pre-order at the Massacre Video web site.

----- April 12, 2024 -----

** SCARY MOVIE reboot: Paramount Pictures is teaming with FAST AND FURIOUS producer Neal H. Moritz to resurrect the SCARY MOVIE film franchise. The next feature in the series will go into production this Fall with plans for a theatrical release in 2025.

The first four films released between 2000 & 2006 with the fifth in 2013 being the franchise weakest entry commercially. The new entry is also part of the Paramount's first look partnership with Miramax with the latter set to fully finance whilst Paramount handles distribution. (thanks to

** 28 YEARS LATER 2: Filmmakers Danny Boyle and Alex Garland are set to return to the universe they created in 2000's 28 DAYS LATER with the upcoming 28 YEARS LATER which will begin filming shortly. Once again Boyle will direct and Garland will write the film which will mark the first in a new trilogy of films based on the property. Sony Pictures scored the rights to the franchise in a heated bidding war – committing to a trio of movies, each with a reported $60 million budget and a guaranteed theatrical release.

Now, the Deadline web site is reporting that CANDYMAN remake director Nia DaCosta is in talks to direct the second film of the trilogy which Garland will write and which he, Boyle, Bernie Bellew, Andrew Macdonald and Peter Rice will produce. According to the trade, the reason they are locking in a director so soon is that the plan is for the second film to shoot immediately after the first. Thus it's likely news of the third film's director won't be that far away either. (thanks to

** UNDER PARIS: Sophia, a brilliant scientist comes to know that a large shark is swimming deep in the river. From French filmmaker Xavier Gens.

** HUNTING FOR THE HAG: Three young women venture deep into the woods of central Illinois to hunt for a local legend known as The Hawthorne Hag. Led by aspiring documentary filmmaker Tara Cordell, the girls set out to capture The Hag on camera for the first time. But within this forest, other, more sinister dangers are lurking.

----- April 11, 2024 -----

** Blumhouse to reimagine BLAIR WITCH: Lionsgate and Blumhouse Productions have signed up for a multi-film deal that will see the latter horror and thriller genre label reimagining Lionsgate IP. Lionsgate film chair Adam Fogelson and Blumhouse chief Jason Blum co-announced the news with Fogelson saying in a statement:

"There is no one better at this genre than the team at Blumhouse. We are thrilled to kick this partnership off with a new vision for BLAIR WITCH that will reintroduce this horror classic for a new generation." (thanks to

** SPEAK NO EVIL remake: When an American family is invited to spend the weekend at the idyllic country estate of a charming British family they befriended on vacation, what begins as a dream holiday soon warps into a snarled psychological nightmare.

** FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S sequel: In the wake of last year's massive box-office success with their video game-to-film adaptation FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S, Universal Pictures and Blumhouse are understandably gearing up for a sequel. Universal President of Domestic Theatrical Distribution, Jim Orr, used the studio's CinemaCon presentation in Las Vegas to announce that FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S 2 is in the works for release in Fall 2025. (thanks to

** GHOULIES II 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD on 7/9/24 from MVD.

----- April 10, 2024 -----

** SAW XI: The upcoming film remains in the development phase and so it is being delayed a year – from September 27th this year to September 26th 2025. (thanks to

** MAXXXINE: Here's the first poster for the highly anticipated sequel.

** M. Night Shyamalan's TRAP: Warner Bros. Pictures is delaying M. Night Shyamalan's newest film TRAP by a week – pushing it from August 2nd to August 9th. Josh Hartnett stars in the film about a father and teen daughter who attend a pop concert, where they realize they're at the center of a dark and sinister event. (thanks to

** Cavity Colors Dario Argento collection: We're very honored & excited to announce The Films of Dario Argento - Officially Licensed Collection Series! THE BIRD WITH THE CRYTAL PLUMAGE, SUSPIRIA, PHENOMENA, DEEP RED, TENEBRAE, the list goes on! Dario Argento's stylish, shocking, and imaginative storytelling has made an immeasurable impact on the horror genre & cinema as we know it. Get ready for an ongoing series of officially licensed tees, long sleeves, tie-dyes, enamel pins, and more to celebrate this incredible library of films, kicking off with our first collection coming in April.

----- April 9, 2024 -----

** ABIGAIL: After a group of would-be criminals kidnap the 12-year-old ballerina daughter of a powerful underworld figure, all they have to do to collect a $50 million ransom is watch the girl overnight. In an isolated mansion, the captors start to dwindle, one by one, and they discover, to their mounting horror, that they're locked inside with no normal little girl.

** CUCKOO: Reluctantly, 17-year-old Gretchen leaves her American home to live with her father, who has just moved into a resort in the German Alps with his new family. Arriving at their future residence, they are greeted by Mr. König, her father's boss, who takes an inexplicable interest in Gretchen's mute half-sister Alma. Something doesn't seem right in this tranquil vacation paradise. Gretchen is plagued by strange noises and bloody visions until she discovers a shocking secret that also concerns her own family.

** LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL: Here's a new poster for the upcoming film.

** Ryan Coogler's horror film: Jack O'Connell and Delroy Lindo have both signed on for director Ryan Coogler's new period horror film at Warner Bros. Pictures. Little is officially known about that project, which is rumored to be set in the Jim Crow-era South and possibly involves both vampires and Southern supernatural traditions. The film's star, Michael B. Jordan, is rumored to be playing twin brothers in the film. O'Connell is playing a villain, while Lindo's part is top secret though it is said to have a musical element to it. The new film will score a theatrical release, including an IMAX run, on March 7th 2025. (thanks to

----- April 8, 2024 -----

** MAXXXINE trailer: In 1980s Hollywood, adult film star and aspiring actress Maxine Minx finally gets her big break. But as a mysterious killer stalks the starlets of Hollywood, a trail of blood threatens to reveal her sinister past. MAXXXINE opens in theaters on September 16, 2024.

** 28 YEARS LATER: With production set to begin next month on Danny Boyle and Alex Garland's 28 YEARS LATER, it looks to have found one of its stars. Jodie Comer is in talks to star in the belated follow-up to 28 DAYS LATER and 28 WEEKS LATER. It's going to be the first in a trilogy of movies for Sony and has a $60 million budget. There's rumors of original star Cillian Murphy reprising his role from 28 DAYS LATER, but that's yet to be confirmed. (thanks to

** IMAGINARY: The film will release digitally via electronic sell-through on May 7, 2024, and will arrive on Blu-ray, DVD, and digitally a week later, on May 14, 2024. The digital version of the film will cost $14.99 for people to own, while the Blu-ray and DVD will cost $39.99 and $29.96, respectively. (thanks to

** THE MUMMY: Universal Pictures has premiered the official poster and trailer for the recently announced 25th anniversary re-release of Stephen Sommers' 1999 film THE MUMMY.

----- April 5, 2024 -----

** George A. Romero's DAWN OF THE DEAD: Returning to North American theatres & drive-ins! DAWN OF THE DEAD was first released overseas in 1978 then had its Gala North American premier in Pittsburgh on April 12th, 1979, then began it's theatrical roll-out across the U.S.A. on April 13th, 1979 (so we get to celebrate the anniversaries of this immortal cult classic twice).

** Maggie Gyllenhaal's THE BRIDE: Here's a first glimpse of Christian Bale and Jesse Buckley in Maggie Gyllenhaal's Frankenstein movie THE BRIDE has emerged. Jamie Lee Curtis (who is Gyllenhaal's godmother) revealed camera test images of Buckley and Bale as the monstrous pair on Instagram.

** BAMBI THE RECKONING: We follow Xana (Roxanne McKee) and her son Benji (Tom Mulheron) who find themselves in a car wreck and soon hunted down by the vicious killing machine, Bambi.

** NIGHTWATCH DEMONS ARE FOREVER: Shudder has revealed a sequel to 1994 horror thriller NIGHTWATCH called NIGHTWATCH DEMONS ARE FOREVER, with original star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau reprising his role. Ole Bornedal also returns to direct, and other original stars also rejoin the story. Shudder will begin streaming the sequel on May 17, 2024. (thanks to

----- April 4, 2024 -----

** HELLRAISER reboot sequel: Producer Keith Levine has offered an update on the sequel to Hulu's 2022 HELLRAISER reboot, saying there has been some early movement. Speaking with the ComicBook web site, he says:

"We are trying to do a follow-up and there have been conversations. I can't exactly say where we're at in those conversations, but [David] Bruckner is involved in those conversations and we spent a lot of time and energy, I think relaunching that world.

A lot of brainpower going into crafting the Cenobite design, figuring out how we're going to pull them off, and we learned so much. And I think moving forward, we love that all that knowledge is sort of banked and that time has been spent. So we think that moving forward and going into another movie is just going to be even crazier and even more awesome. So yeah, that's something we're definitely hard at work on, and hope we will have more news soon." (thanks to

** WOLF MAN remake: The werewolf horror film from director Leigh Whannell is being pushed back three months. That film, which recently began shooting, will now open January 17th 2025 rather than the Halloween 2024 release originally planned. Christopher Abbott stars as a man whose family is stalked by a dangerous predator. (thanks to

** THE WOMAN IN THE YARD: Blumhouse's THE WOMAN IN THE YARD which was set for theatrical release on January 10th 2025 has been removed from the calendar. Jaume Collet-Serra (THE SHALLOWS) helms the film that stars Danielle Deadwyler but plot specifics are under wraps. (thanks to

** ANACONDA Chinese remake: Here's the trailer.

** CUCKOO: Following its world premiere at the release 2024 Berlin International Film Festival, the film is now scheduled to arrive in theaters on May 3.

----- April 3rd, 2024 -----

** WINNIE THE POOH BLOOD & HONEY 3: Jagged Edge Productions confirms that a third film is coming in an exclusive announcement on Variety, Rhys Frake-Waterfield and Scott Chambers of Jagged Edge Productions have set the ball rolling for a third entry. (thanks to

** Guillermo Del Toro update: Guillermo Del Toro has revealed on X (Twitter) he's been working on new 4K transfers for four of his movies; "CRIMSON PEAK, then CRONOS, BLADE II and finally MIMIC all in the next year or so. I am done with the color timing of 3 out of the 4."

** Courteney Cox in SCREAM VII: Courteney Cox is reportedly in talks to reprise the role of Gale Weathers in the seventh movie of the SCREAM franchise. SCREAM creator and writer Kevin Williamson will direct this outing with the Cox hiring news coming just two weeks after original franchise lead Neve Campbell announced she was coming back as Sidney Prescott. (thanks to

** Luc Besson's Dracula: Director Luc Besson has confirmed his Dracula movie has begun filming in Finland with stars Caleb Landry Jones and Christoph Waltz. The adaptation, which Besson revealed recently, will closely follow Bram Stoker's classic tale.

"I've started already. I'm gonna make another movie with Mr. Caleb Landry Jones and Mr. Christoph Waltz — Dracula. I started a few days ago in Lapland in the north. We'll probably finish at the end of July." (thanks to

** THE STRANGERS CHAPTER 1: Here's some characters posters for the upcoming film.

----- March 28, 2024 -----

** FEAR STREET PROM QUEEN: Ariana Greenblatt has joined the cast that will feature India Fowler, Suzanna Son, Fina Strazza, David Iacono, Ella Rubin, and Chris Klein, with Lili Taylor and Katherine Waterston. It is being executive produced by Yvonne Bernard, Joan Waricha, Jane Stine, and Caroline Pitofsky for Chernin Entertainment. The producers are Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping, and for Chernin Entertainment, Kori Adelson.

"Prom season at Shadyside High is underway and the school's wolfpack of It Girls is busy with its usual sweet and vicious campaigns for the crown," reads the official logline. "But when a gutsy outsider is unexpectedly nominated to the court, and the other girls start mysteriously disappearing, the class of '88 is suddenly in for one hell of a prom night." (thanks to

** CHUCKY sequel: As the CHUCKY TV show is about to continue its third season, creator Don Mancini confirms the killer doll will return to the big screen in a new CHUCKY movie. Speaking on the Scream Dreams podcast with Barbara Crampton, Mancini stated he's in "the early stages of working on a new CHUCKY movie". He had also spoken to DJ Suss One, where he explained it would work in tandem with the television show. (thanks to

** MUTE WITNESS 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD in June from Arrow Video.

** Shameless Films update: We're delighted to announce the upcoming release of not one, but two, new releases from Shameless! This Easter, Shameless presents two new additions to your Blu-Ray collection: Luigi Bazzoni's FOOTPRINTS ON THE MOON and Giulio Berruti's KILLER NUN. Two distinctive thrillers that epitomise the essence of Italian genre cinema from the dynamic 1970s era.

----- March 26, 2024 -----

** Caitlin Cronenberg's HUMANE: A global environmental collapse forces world leaders to take extreme measures to reduce earth's population. Directed by Caitlin Cronenberg.

** MISTER SLEEP: A deranged serial killer called Mister Sleep, survives prison execution and is reborn as a terrifying and unstoppable force of nature who unleashes savage and bloody revenge on a group of insomnia patients participating in a new drug trial - a group who he believes have stolen his memories. His relentless thirst for revenge sets him on a collision course with the man who sent him to death row and his young daughter, who is part of the group testing the new medicatio

** DEATH MACHINE: Coming May 21st from Kino Lorber Studio Classics.

----- March 25, 2024 -----

** THE SOUL EATER: Here's the poster for the new film from the directors of INSIDE (À L'INTÉRIEUR).

** SE7EN: The TCM Classic Festival will be taking place in Los Angeles on April 18-21. The event will screen the world premiere of a brand-new restoration of the 1995 film SE7EN, the dark crime thriller starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. Director David Fincher will be there personally to unveil the film in IMAX. (thanks to

** IMMACULATE: The Sydney Sweeney-led nun horror film IMMACULATE took $2 million at the box office on Friday and is headed for a $5 million opening weekend overall in fourth place. Critics reviews are good and the film cost under $10 million to produce. (thanks to

** LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL: IFC release LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL which took $1.1 million at the box office on Friday and will take $2.9 million overall in its opening weekend which should see it take sixth place. (thanks to

----- March 21, 2024 -----

** Vestron Video update: Coming to Walmart on May 14th, 2024 are THE GATE and LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM.

** IN A VIOLENT NATURE: Delve into the wilderness where an undead horror awakens. IN A VIOLENT NATURE flips the script on traditional slashers, inviting you to witness the rampage from the monster's eyes. Seize the bone-chilling experience in theaters starting May 31st.

** BAGHEAD: The supernatural horror BAGHEAD, from director Alberto Corredor, will make its exclusive debut Friday, April 5 on Shudder, AMC Networks' premium streaming service for horror, thrillers and the supernatural. Produced by STUDIOCANAL and The Picture Company, BAGHEAD is a full-length feature adaptation of Corredor's indie short of the same name and will debut as part of the streamer's "Halfway to Halloween" annual, monthlong horror-thon lineup. The film will also be available to stream on AMC+.

** LISA FRANKENSTEIN: The Blu-ray is set for release on July 30, 2024.

** Ryan Coogler's vampire movie: The film will get the IMAX treatment when it hits theaters on March 7, 2025. The mysterious movie, which sees Coogler reunite with frequent collaborator Michael B. Jordan, was picked up by Warner Bros. last month. Filming is expected to begin next month in New Orleans. (thanks to

----- March 19, 2024 -----

** POOHNIVERSE MONSTERS ASSEMBLE: From Jagged Edge Productions and ITN Studios, the makers of WINNIE THE POOH BLOOD AND HONEY, bring you a new cinematic world titled The Twisted Childhood Universe. The new chilling cinematic universe will feature previously announced stand-alone films BAMBI THE RECKONING, PETER PAN'S NEVERLAND NIGHTMARE and PINOCCHIO UNSTRUNG and introduce new characters such as Sleeping Beauty, The Mad Hatter, and Rabbit from WINNIE THE POOH BLOOD AND HONEY. All of these characters will culminate in the upcoming film POOHNIVERSE MONSTERS ASSEMBLE in 2025 when the monsters join forces to takedown the world.

Producer of Jagged Edge Productions Rhys Frake-Waterfield explains, "It will be complete carnage. We are heavily influenced by FREDDY VS JASON and THE AVENGERS. We would love to see a horror movie where the villains group together and are going after their survivors. We have some incredible set pieces in mind and some sequences I think will truly shock people. The movies we are working on now as stand alones are all building towards POOHNIVERSE MONSTERS ASSEMBLE."

Scott Chambers, Producer of Jagged Edge Production, adds "Similar to THE AVENGERS we will follow Pooh, Tigger, Rabbit, Owl, Piglet, Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty, Bambi, The Mad Hatter, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell joining forces to wreak havoc. We are working with a larger scale budget on this one and are excited for what the future will hold. When you see the stand alone movies you will see the easter eggs hinting toward the crossover. Some of the villains also will not see eye to eye which will allow for some carnage within the group in some epic sequence of monster vs monster."

** EXTRANEOUS MATTER: The extraneous matter" (strange tentacled creatures), appear out of nowhere in front of two couples who are not getting along, former lovers, and factory workers and affects their thoughts and lives. Creature-filled Japanese weirdness, coming on March 19th 2024.

** ALL YOU NEED IS DEATH: A young couple, who are a part of a mysterious, secret organization, travel at night with the desire to discover forbidden knowledge. They believe that living, modern alchemy is contained in old, forgotten songs. When they find an elderly, mysterious woman who sings songs that have never been heard before, they open the door to an ancient evil.

----- March 18, 2024 -----

** GHOULIES remake: Director/Co-Writer Luca Bercovici and Producer/Co-Writer Jefery Levy have obtained the domestic rights to their 1984 B-horror hit and are planning new films. After a four-film run over a ten-year period and begins with a young man and his girlfriend moving into the man's old mansion home, where he becomes possessed by a need to control ancient demons.

Berovci and Levy have a new trilogy planned and detailed their vision in a press release.

"Drawing upon their unmatched expertise and unwavering passion, Levy, Bercovici, and Theo Lemasters are set to unveil a series of projects that will keep audiences wallowing in filthy horror fun for many years to come. The team is expanding the GHOULIES universe beyond the silver screen with a book series that will plunge readers into the darkest depths of the GHOULIES universe.

Fans can look forward to bringing home a piece of the GHOULIES universe with an exclusive line of figures, apparel, and collectibles for every devotee of the delightfully demonic GHOULIES. Jefery Levy, Luca Bercovici, and Theo Lemasters are poised to unleash an unparalleled wave of horror fun. Stay tuned as the GHOULIES revival takes the world by storm, redefining fear and fun, with intentions to leave an indelible mark on the horror genre." (thanks to

** MALIGNANT lawsuit: James Wan's Atomic Monster has settled a MALIGNANT lawsuit that claimed the movie plagiarized a writer's original script. Writer and director Adam Cosco claimed in his MALIGNANT lawsuit for copyright and breach of contract that the horror movie stole from his screenplay LITTLE BROTHER, which bears many similarities. Cosco alleged that Blumhouse's Ryan Turek had handed Wan the screenplay and subsequently Wan had used it as basis for MALIGNANT.

Cosco moved to dismiss the case after reaching an undisclosed agreement to resolve the lawsuit. The judge had already sided with Atomic Monster before the settlement, saying the lawsuit was intended to suppress Atomic Monster's free speech and that Cosco could not provide any proof the defendants had ever had access to the script. Cosco had been seeking at least $150,000 for violations of copyright law, breach of implied contract, and restitution. (thanks to

** WOLF MAN remake: Jason Blum has shared a picture of director Leigh Whannell on the first day of filming for Blumhouse's WOLF MAN adaptation. Whannell is on his second classic Universal Monster adaptation, having successfully modernized THE INVISIBLE MAN in 2020 with Elizabeth Moss. (thanks to

----- March 14, 2024 -----

** THE FIRST OMEN: Experience the most terrifying movie of the year, only in theaters April 5th.

** SALEM'S LOT remake: The fate of New Line's new film adaptation of Stephen King's early novel SALEM'S LOT has finally been revealed. Warner Bros. Discovery has announced it will debut the vampire thriller on the streaming service Max later this year. No date was given, but a fourth quarter release is reportedly likely. There has long been speculation the Gary Dauberman-directed film was a title that would become a vaulted tax write-off like BATGIRL, but that's not the case it seems.

Lewis Pullman stars as author Ben Mears, a man who returns to his hometown of Jerusalem's Lot only to find it is slowly being taken over by vampires. Alfre Woodard, Bill Camp, William Sadler, Makenzie Leigh, John Benjamin Hickey, Pilou Asbæk, Jordan Preston Carter, and Spencer Treat Clark also star. Veteran horror scribe Gary Dauberman wrote and directed the movie which James Wan produced. (thanks to

** LIZARD IN A WOMAN'S SKIN: Coming to Blu-ray on 7/3 from Umbrella Entertainment.

** Ozploitation Rarities Volume 1: A collection of three films are coming to Blu-ray on 7/3 from Umbrella Entertainment. LADY STAY DEAD, FINAL CUT and CROSSTALK.

----- March 13, 2024 -----

** Neve Campbell joins SCREAM VII: The actress, who sat out the sixth film over a salary dispute with producer Spyglass, announced on Instagram that she's back. In addition, she's bringing franchise creator Kevin Williamson with her as he is set to direct the new entry.

Guy Busick, who wrote the two most recent films, will return and take over writing duties from James Vanderbilt. The hiring seemed inevitable after the disastrous mess early plans for SCREAM VII became last Fall when Spyglass fired recent franchise star Melissa Barrera over social media comments. With her exit, her on screen sister Jenna Ortega was also out whilst then recently attached director Christopher Landon also departed. (thanks to

** SMILE 2: During a recent interview with the Screen Rant web site, THE WHITE LOTUS star Lukas Gage confirmed that production on Paramount Pictures' upcoming SMILE 2 has finally been completed. Gage also teased director Parker Finn's "fresh" story for the horror thriller sequel, while praising the filmmaker's knowledge about the genre. The film is currently slated to arrive in theaters on October 18, 2024.

"I just wrapped. We finished in upstate New York. It's gonna be really good. I'm really excited for everyone to see that one," Gage shared. "Doing a lot of sequels, it feels like, this year. The year of the sequel. I hope you like it. Parker Finn, the director of that, it was crazy how much he knows this genre of movies and how he was able to recreate it and make it fresh. It was such a cool formula to follow. How did nobody think to do that creepy smile face? My smile face is so good." (thanks to

** BUTCHER BAKER NIGHTMARE MAKER 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD on 5/28 from Severin Films.

** THE GREAT ALLIGATOR 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD on 5/28 from Severin Films.

----- March 12, 2024 -----

** HALLOWEEN TV series: The previously announced HALLOWEEN television series will be a complete 'creative reset' according to Miramax's Marc Helwig. Miramax Television won a major bidding war for the television rights to the franchise in October last year with Malek Akkad's Trancas International Films develop and co-producing a TV series based on the property.

The series is being pegged as a potential launcher for a new HALLOWEEN cinematic universe spanning film and television. Miramax already owns the film rights to the franchise, so it makes such possibilities easier. Speaking with the Deadline web site, Helwig offered an update on how it's progressing and confirms it's a full reboot with no ties to the recent film trilogy:

"The foundation of it is the original film, the John Carpenter movie, the characters of that film, and perhaps a group of characters that we haven't really focused on that much in recent film versions or even in a number of them. It's a creative reset completely and going back to the original film, as opposed to spinning out of any of the more recent film adaptations."

No writer is yet attached to the work, but Helwig says the series is very much on the fast track and important to them: "It's a big priority for us. We've had lots of exciting conversations in recent months with a number of really talented people, and I think we'll have a pretty good idea of what we're going to be doing very soon. We're hoping to lock down the creative team very soon." (thanks to

** WINNIE THE POOH BLOOD AND HONEY: Rhys Frake-Waterfield's ultra low-budget horror film WINNIE THE POOH BLOOD AND HONEY swept this year's Razzie Awards celebrating the worst in film over the year. The title won worst picture, director, screenplay, screen couple for 'Pooh & Piglet', and worst remake/rip-off/sequel – easily beating everyone else. (thanks to

** THE DEVIL'S HONEY 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD on 5/28 from Severin Films.

** CATHY'S CURSE 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD on 5/28 from Severin Films.

----- March 11, 2024 -----

** LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL: Here's the trailer and poster for the highly anticipated new film.

** FINAL DESTINATION 6: Filming is officially underway on a sixth installment of the FINAL DESTINATION franchise which is likely targeting a 2025 release to celebrate the franchise's 25th anniversary next year. Long time franchise producer Craig Perry is back to produce alongside Jon Watts, Sheila Hanahan Taylor, and Dianne McGunigle. Perry revealed the news of the film going into production on social media, saying:

"After a long, hard slog through the pandemic and the strikes, Day One is finally in the can. 2025 will mark the 25th anniversary of the release of the first installment in the franchise. To honor the occasion with another worldwide theatrical release (in IMAX, no less) is a rare and wonderful thing." (thanks to

** BAGS OF LIES: Desperate to save his dying wife, Matt turns to The Bag, an ancient relic with dark magic. The cure demands a chilling ritual and strict rules. As his wife heals, Matt's sanity unravels, facing terrifying consequences.

** DEAD MAIL: On a desolate, Midwestern county road, a bound man crawls towards a remote postal box, managing to slide a blood-stained plea-for-help message into the slot before a panicking figure closes in behind him. The note makes its way to the county post office and onto the desk of Jasper, a seasoned and skilled "dead letter" investigator, responsible for investigating lost mail and returning it to its sender. As he investigates further, Jasper meets Trent, a strange yet unassuming man who has taken up residence at the men's home where Jasper lives. When Trent unexpectedly shows up at Jasper's office, it becomes clear he has a vested interest in the note, and will stop at nothing to retrieve it.

----- March 8, 2024 -----

** STREET TRASH remake: Here's the poster for the upcoming remake by the director of FRIED BARRY, Ryan Kruger.

** WILD ZERO 2: Do you remember WILD ZERO? Now we have a plan to make WILD ZERO 2! WILD ZERO 2 will be produced through crowdfunding. We use Kickstarter. We are preparing a zombie program.

** ARCADIAN: In a near future, normal life on Earth has been decimated. Paul and his two sons, Thomas and Joseph, have been living a half-life – tranquility by day and torment by night. Every night, after the sun sets, they face the unrelenting attacks of a mysterious and violent evil. One day, when Thomas doesn't return home before sundown, Paul must leave the safety of their fortified farm to find him. A nightmarish battle ensues that forces the family to execute a desperate plan to survive.

** THE EXORCIST DECEIVER: The sequel to last year's critical flop THE EXORCIST BELIEVER is still progressing at Universal Pictures and Blumhouse. Made for a budget of $30 million, the sequel pulled in $137 million at the global box office in spite of scathing reviews. As Universal acquired distribution rights to the franchise for $400 million in June 2021, the intent is to proceed with a new trilogy of THE EXORCIST films.

Speaking with The Direct web site to promote IMAGINARY, producer Jason Blum says the plan is still to "definitely" make another movie: "We are definitely going to make another Exorcist movie, but I wanted more time to figure out what it would be. I have no idea what it's going to be yet." (thanks to

----- March 7, 2024 -----

** MAXXXINE: The highly anticipated sequel to X and PEARL will come out on July 5th, 2024.

** FINAL DESTINATION 6: Production for the sixth installment of Final Destination, which will mark the horror franchise's 25th anniversary, is now underway. Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein will be directing the next installment called FINAL DESTINATION BLOODLINES from Guy Busick and Lori Evans Taylor's script, with Craig Perry serving as one of the producers alongside Jon Watts, Sheila Hanahan Taylor, and Dianne McGunigle. (thanks to

** INFESTED (VERMINES): Shudder has released a U.S. trailer and poster for Sébastien Vanicek's film. The French horror sees an infestation of deadly spiders in an apartment building and is set to begin streaming on Shudder on April 26, 2024.

** SNOW VALLEY: In this unpredictable mystery comedy, a newly engaged couple's swank ski weekend goes horribly awry, when an unexpected guest arrives and the house's dark supernatural forces begin to rise on the anniversary of a tragic event.

----- March 6, 2024 -----

** HUMANE: IFC Films and Shudder have acquired the U.S. rights for HUMANE; the debut film from Caitlin Cronenberg, daughter of horror icon David Cronenberg. A theatrical release date has also been confirmed. Caitlin Cronenberg is primarily an artist and photographer, but makes her directorial debut with a dark dystopian satire. (thanks to

** FRIGHT 4K UHD: Kino Lorber is releasing a FRIGHT 4K UHD & Blu-ray for Peter Collinson's 1971 British horror movie starring Susan George. (thanks to

** THE WATCHERS: Warner Bros has revealed a small change in the release date for Ishnana Night Shyamalan's thriller. The trailer for the film arrived earlier last week with a release date of June 7, 2024, but now it's been pushed back a week to June 14, 2024. That gives it a Father's Day release date. (thanks to

** Scream Factory: Here's the artwork for the upcoming May 2024 Scream Factory titles.

----- March 5, 2024 -----

** YETI: Sony Pictures and Picturestart have won an auction for YETI, a survival horror movie spec script from Peter Gaffney. The story takes place deep in the mountains, where an avalanche unleashes something primeval from the glacial ice: a father and his daughter battle to survive a merciless predator who blends in with the snow. (thanks to

** VICIOUS: The Doka Fanning-led horror-thriller VICIOUS has set an August 8th 2025 release date. (thanks to

** REDNECK VS. ALIENS: Michael Kallio (director of Anchor Bay release DINNER WITH LEATHERFACE) has partnered with seasoned filmmaker James WilderHancock to establish the genre-centric banner Modern Classic Pictures and create the genre-blending movie REDNECK VS. ALIENS.

Not much is known about the film at this stage, but the synopsis tells us that three adventure-seeking hillbilly buddies make enemies with the wrong alien brood, inadvertently igniting a war of the worlds. (thanks to

** THE HOUSES OF DOOM: This limited 4 Blu-ray/2 CD set is now available from Cauldron Films.

----- March 4, 2024 -----

** THE STRANGERS CHAPTER 1: After their car breaks down in an eerie small town, a young couple (Madelaine Petsch and Froy Gutierrez) are forced to spend the night in a remote cabin. Panic ensues as they are terrorized by three masked strangers who strike with no mercy and seemingly no motive in THE STRANGERS CHAPTER 1, the chilling first entry of this upcoming horror feature film series.

** FRIDAY THE 13TH reboot: Speaking with the Collider web site to promote "IMAGINARY, Jason Blum reaffirmed his desire for the project when asked what would be the one film he wishes he could greenlight right now:

"FRIDAY THE 13TH is what I would do. It's not a Blumhouse project, but I'm trying to will it into being one. It's just a piece of IP I've always loved. And James Wan and Atomic Monster are very passionate about it, and I think we would have them shepherd it for us. That would be a lot of fun."

The property will be back soon though with Bryan Fuller's prequel TV series CRYSTAL LAKE on the way via A24 and Peacock – but it's not clear what the team can get away with on screen that won't hit rights issues. (thanks to

** WOLF NIGHT: Multiple studios are reportedly bidding on WOLF NIGHT, a new Platinum Dunes project to be helmed by Jonathan Liebesman (WRATH OF THE TITANS). Will Honley and April Maguire wrote the script fo what is said to be "DISTRICT 9 by way of THE PURGE – but with werewolves". (thanks to

** SWEET MEATS: Bobby Sweet is a country music legend and has been the world-renowned face of 'Sweet Meats' since establishing his first restaurant with his wife in 1978. How did his restaurant take off so quickly, and what makes the meat so darn sweet? Sometimes a 'secret ingredient' should stay that way. They always say, 'You'd be disgusted if you knew what you were really eating!' They might be right.

----- February 29, 2024 -----

** THE WATCHERS: From producer M. Night Shyamalan comes THE WATCHERS, written and directed by Ishana Night Shyamalan and based on the novel by A.M. Shine. The film follows Mina, a 28-year-old artist, who gets stranded in an expansive, untouched forest in western Ireland. When Mina finds shelter, she unknowingly becomes trapped alongside three strangers who are watched and stalked by mysterious creatures each night.

** I SAW THE TV GLOW: From writer/director Jane Schoenbrun and starring Justice Smith and Brigitte Lundy-Paine. I SAW THE TV GLOW – Only in theaters May 3.

** KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE 4K UHD: Coming soon to 4K UHD/4K UHD Steelbook from Scream Factory.

** DRACULA 2000: Coming soon to Blu-ray from Scream Factory.

** GRETEL & HANSEL 4K UHD: Coming soon to 4K UHD from Scream Factory.

----- February 28, 2024 -----

** MAXXXINE sequel: Filmmaker Ti West says he has a 'weird' idea for a potential fourth movie in his X, PEARL and MAXXXINE cinematic universe, but will wait and see if people like MAXXXINE first. That film he's finished editing and it's currently in post-production. (thanks to

** WE ARE ZOMBIES: Cineverse has acquired the horror-comedy comic book adaptation WE ARE ZOMBIES. The company has said it plans to release the pic this fall across all platforms, including its genre streaming platform Screambox, with a premiere date to be announced soon. The deal was negotiated out of this year's Berlin Film Festival by Brandon Hill, Director of Acquisitions, on behalf of Cineverse and Gregoire Melin at Paris-based Kinology on behalf of the filmmakers.

The movie follows three slackers looking to make easy money in a city infested with the living-impaired, also known as non-cannibal zombies. They must fight small-time crooks and an evil megacorporation to save their kidnapped grandma. (thanks to

** THE LAST OF US: During a recent interview with the Deadline web site, THE LAST OF US star Pedro Pascal confirmed the production on the second installment of HBO's hit horror drama has finally begun in Vancouver, Canada. Pascal opened up about what it was like returning to the THE LAST OF US set, following the success of the show. He admitted that it felt kind of "strangely brand new" playing Joel Miller again. For his performance in Season one, he won his first SAG Award last Saturday for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series.

"Filming is going amazing. It's sort of awe-inspiring the kind of focus and dedication that everyone has going into Season," Pascal said. "It's incredible to be back home with them and creatively and everybody, our entire crew, they're working harder than I could even imagine, even harder than our first season which is close to impossible. It's pretty inspiring and unbelievable." (thanks to

** DEATH DREAM: Coming to 4K UHD and remastered Blu-ray on May 21st from Blue Underground.

----- February 27, 2024 -----

** 28 YEARS LATER: Asked about the film, Cillian Murphy told Happy Sad Confused podcast recently; "It's for (Danny Boyle and Alex Garland) to speak about, I suppose, but I think it's been brewing for a while. The first movie was so important for me, as an actor. I love working with those guys. Alex has an idea. And Danny directing is just huge. Watch this space."

Now, a recent posting on Production Weekly (via World of Reel) says filming is slated to begin in May and has Murphy listed as the lead actor on the film which suggests something's up. For now, however, there's no official confirmation of his onscreen involvement. (thanks to

** DROP: Blumhouse and Platinum Dunes are teaming on the new fast-paced thriller DROP which hails from HAPPY DEATH DAY and FREAKY director Christopher Landon. Meghann Fahy will star in the film with details of the movie under wraps. Jillian Jacobs and Chris Roach penned the script, with Michael Bay, Jason Blum, Brad Fuller and Cameron Fuller producing. (thanks to

** GROTESQUERIE: FX has premiered the teaser trailer for GROTESQUERIE, a newly announced horror series from AMERICAN HORROR STORY creator Ryan Murphy. Niecy Nash-Betts, Courtney B. Vance, and Lesley Manville will star in the series which will debut this Fall. Plot specifics are under wraps. (thanks to

** SHOCK WAVES: Here's the artwork fro the upcoming 88 Vault #12 Blu-ray release on 22nd April.

----- February 26, 2024 -----

** AMERICAN PSYCHO remake: Lionsgate is reportedly behind the remake, which will follow on Mary Harron's acclaimed 2000 film adaptation starring Christian Bale as 1980s white-collar sociopath and unreliable narrator Patrick Bateman. The studio is said to be open to a writer updating the story for the modern age and offering their own take on the character. (thanks to

** THE DEAD ZONE remake: Producer Roy Lee is developing his version of the story of Johnny Smith – a teacher who awakens from a coma with the ability to see the past and/or future of people by touching them. Lee is reportedly still seeking a writer/director with a new take that the studio sparks to. Christopher Walken starred in David Cronenberg's prior 1983 film take, whilst Anthony Michael Hall led a six-season adaptation for the USA Network. (thanks to

** TERRIFIER 3: Damien Leone's TERRIFIER 3 has started filming, and the director has shared a behind-the-scenes image to mark the occasion. (thanks to

** WINNIE THE POOH BLOOD AND HONEY 2: The sequel to the viral horror film, WINNIE THE POOH BLOOD AND HONEY 2 is coming to theaters soon. From director Rhys Frake-Waterfield and produced by Scott Jeffery, WINNIE THE POOH BLOOD AND HONEY 2 wreaks havoc on the town of Ashdown after Christopher Robin made the fatal mistake of revealing Winnie-the-Pooh and their friends' existence.

----- February 23, 2024 -----

** WEAPONS: Josh Brolin is reportedly in negotiations to star in BARBARIAN filmmaker Zach Cregger's next horror thriller feature WEAPONS at New Line. He replaces Pedro Pascal who was cast in the project back in May but has had to bow out due to scheduling conflicts involving his roles in the second season of THE LAST OF US. Pascal signed for the project when shooting was slated for the Fall last year, but the strikes caused the movie to push its start of production into this year. (thanks to

** GOAT: Julia Fox has joined Marlon Wayans and Tyriq Withers in sporting horror movie GOAT from Jordan Peele's Monkeypaw Productions. GOAT is an acronym for Greatest of All Time (a term often used for sporting greats). The film is about a promising young football player who gets called up to train with the soon-to-retire star player (played by Wayans). Given the psychological thriller tag, it's a safe bet it won't be a warm and fuzzy sports movie about legacy. (thanks to

** MILK TEETH: In a dystopian near-future, a young girl has to choose between servitude or freedom.

----- February 22, 2024 -----

** CRUST: Anchor Bay Entertainment has acquired the gross, surreal horror comedy CRUST by Sean Whalen, with a release planned for this year. A depressed has-been child actor and owner of a dingy laundromat, becomes powerfully vengeful when his collection of lone socks transforms into a protective, cute, murderous monster named Crust.

** DREAM STALKER: Coming to Blu-ray in March from Terror Vision. Welcome to the world of Brittney Meredith, a young fashion model in demand. She has it all; youth, beauty, and a handsome fiancé named Ricky. Tragedy strikes when Ricky is killed in a motocross accident. Brittney has only Ricky's precious gift, a music box, to remember his undying love. The world and dreams of Brittany quickly change to nightmares, as Ricky comes back to pledge his eternal love for her once more. Ricky goes on a murderous rampage to have Brittney all to himself. As he gets closer to fulfilling his deadly desire, Brittney must figure out a way to stop her fatal nightmares…but, in your dreams no one hears you SCREAM!

** THE DEVIL'S BATH: Set in rural Austria in 1750, the film stars Anja Plaschg, the up-and-coming singer and composer known as Soap & Skin. Plaschg plays Agnes, a young married woman who feels oppressed in her husband's world, which is devoid of emotions and limited to chores and expectations. A pious and highly sensitive woman, Agnes falls into a deep depression, before committing a shocking act of violence that she sees as the only way out of her inner prison. From the directors of the original GOODNIGHT MOMMY.

** EASTER BLOODY EASTER: When a bloodthirsty Jackalope starts a fluffy murder-spree at Easter time, a Texas housewife fights to the death to save her husband and discover the creature's true identity before her town is destroyed forever.

----- February 21, 2024 -----

** Luc Besson's Dracula: Christoph Waltz and Caleb Landry-Jones are in talks to star in filmmaker Luc Besson's new adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula for his EuropaCorp label. A synopsis for the film reads this as telling the story of 15th-century Prince Vladimir, who cursed God following the death of his beloved wife and is turned into a vampire. Later, in 19th century London, he discovers his wife's doppelgänger and dooms himself by pursuing her. (thanks to

** TITAN: According to the Deadline web site, Kiana Madeira (FEAR STREET) and Jessica Rothe (HAPPY DEATH DAY) have been tapped for the leading roles in the upcoming TITAN movie, which is being described as an action-adventure horror thriller. The project is currently in pre-production, with casting still underway.

"The film is set against the backdrop of Brazil's Curuca River in the present day. When a team of young doctors embark on a local humanitarian mission through the Amazon rainforest, it soon becomes clear that not everyone – or everything – is happy to see them," reads the synopsis. "Their arrival draws the attention of an ancient predator, the Boiúna. This ancient killer, dominant on land and water, clashes to reclaim the jungle. The ensuing fight for survival blurs the roles of hunter, prey, and hero." (thanks to

** ODDITY: Shudder, the premium streaming service for horror, thrillers, and the supernatural has announced that the supernatural spectacleODDITY by writer-director Damian McCarthy (CAVEAT) will world premiere at SXSW in the Midnighter Section.

ODDITY follows a blind medium who uncovers the truth behind her sister's death with the help of a frightening wooden mannequin. The film is written and directed by McCarthy and stars Gwilym Lee, Carolyn Bracken, Caroline Menton, Tadhg Murphy, Steve Wall, Jonathan French, and Joe Rooney. (thanks to

** INVADER: The upcoming film follows a young woman who arrives in the Chicago suburbs and begins to suspect that something terrible has happened to her missing cousin, but soon realizes that her greatest fears don't even begin to scratch the surface.

----- February 20, 2024 -----

** Christopher Nolan's horror film: During a Q&A in an event in London, Christopher Nolan was asked whether he would consider making a straight-up horror film to which he says he would love to do it – but he has to find a great central idea to get him onboard:

"I think horror films are very interesting because they depend on very cinematic devices, it really is about a visceral response to things and so, at some point, I'd love to make a horror film. But I think a really good horror film requires a really exceptional idea. And those are few and far between. So I haven't found a story that lends itself to that.

But I think it's a very interesting genre from a cinematic point of view. It's also one of the few genres where the studios make a lot of these films, and they are films that have a lot of bleakness, a lot of abstraction. They have a lot of the qualities that Hollywood is generally very resistant to putting in films, but that's a genre where it's allowable." (thanks to

** ARCADIAN: RLJE Films has acquired the Nicolas Cage survival thriller. RLJE Films has picked up the rights for North America, UK, Ireland, and Australia, and will release the film in theaters on April 12, 2024. It makes it premiere at next month's SXSW. It will stream on AMC+ and Shudder at a later date. (thanks to

** KRAKEN: The ScreenDaily web site reported that Danish sales outfit TrustNordisk have joined on board to handle international sales for the project that is currently in pre-production. The film to be directed by Pal Oie will follow a marine biologist who discovers the eponymous mythical monster while doing research near Norway's deepest fjord. (thanks to

** BLACKOUT: Charley's secret is he thinks he's a werewolf. He can't remember the things he's done but the papers report random acts of violence taking place at night in this small upstate hamlet. Now the whole town must rally to find out what is tearing it apart: mistrust, fear, or a monster that comes out at night. Directed by Larry Fessenden.

----- February 19, 2024 -----

** THE WATERHOUSE: The feature debut of writer-director Samuel Clemens' horror, THE WATERHOUSE has revealed the poster The film was produced by Agam Jain, George Clemens and Fernando Ruiz for Take The Shot Films, and James Kermack and Julien Loeffler for Featuristic Films. THE WATERHOUSE weaves a tale of three thieves who have just stolen a priceless painting. They arrive at a secluded safe house by the sea to discover their fourth accomplice missing. Was one of them responsible, or is there a more sinister presence lurking at the water's edge?

** STING: After raising an unnervingly talented spider in secret, 12-year-old Charlotte must face the facts about her pet—and fight for her family's survival—when the once-charming creature rapidly transforms into a giant, flesh-eating monster. Exclusively in theaters April 12th.

** ABIGAIL: According to Film Ratings, Universal Pictures' upcoming supernatural comedy ABIGAIL has officially been given an R-rating by the Motion Picture Association for "strong bloody violence and gore throughout, pervasive language and brief drug use." The film is scheduled to arrive in theaters on April 19. (thanks to

** SMILE 2: The upcoming film has added two more names to its growing cast with the announcement of Raul Castillo & Miles Gutierrez-Riley joining the sequel to the surprise horror hit at Paramount. (thanks to

----- February 16, 2024 -----

** Anchor Bay Entertainment is back: Umbrelic Entertainment co-founders Thomas Zambeck and Brian Katz announced the launch of its new distribution arm, Anchor Bay Entertainment. The founders aim to curate a new library of films for distribution, projects that range from new release genre films, undiscovered treasures, cult classics, and remastered catalog releases.

We had an opportunity to take the name of a beloved genre film brand, one we feel a personal connection to, for our new company," says Zambeck. "This is a new venture, unaffiliated with any previous incarnations. We aim to honor the history and spirit of the past as we look for interesting films that break the mold, and will be discovered by new generations for years to come."

Anchor Bay Entertainment will distribute the following upcoming films:

ABRUPTIO is the first of its kind feature horror film, enacted entirely with lifelike puppets in realistic settings, taking nearly eight years to complete from script to post-production. Set to release in Q2, ABRUPTIO was written and directed by Evan Marlowe.

To release this fall is DINNER WITH LEATHERFACE, the anticipated documentary on Gunnar Hansen, the actor who portrayed the character Leatherface in the 1974 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Friends, colleagues, filmmakers, and fellow actors share personal stories and discuss the dichotomy between the maniacal chainsaw-wielding character Hansen played on-screen and the very intelligent, creative, soft-spoken man he actually was in real life. (thanks to

** Bret Easton Ellis' RELAPSE: AMERICAN PSYCHO author Bret Easton Ellis is set to make his directorial debut on the elevated horror film RELAPSE. Joseph Quinn stars in the film as Matt Cullen, a man who checks into rehab after witnessing a horrific death during a drugged-up party.

Adrian Guerra and Simon Wallon will produce the project which will be teased at the EFM with a sizzle reel. The news comes as Ellis' latest book THE SHARDS, a semi-autobiographical serial killer novel, has been optioned by HBO for a mini-series. (thanks to

** 88 Films 4K UHD update: Coming in June from 88 Films!

** M3GAN 2.0: The sequel to Blumhouse M3GAN, originally set for January 17th 2025, has been pushed back four months to a new May 16th 2025 release date. Original M3GAN stars Allison Williams and Violet McGraw will reprise their roles as Gemma and Cady respectively. In addition, screenwriter Akela Cooper will also return for the sequel which will be produced by horror masters James Wan and Jason Blum via their now combined Atomic Monster and Blumhouse Productions labels. (thanks to

** THE WALKING DEAD THE ONES WHO LIVE: It's a love story that will never die.

----- February 15, 2024 -----

** SASQUATCH SUNSET: Only In Select Theaters April 12. Nationwide April 19.

** CLUB ZERO: At an international boarding school, an unassuming, yet rigorous, Miss Novak (Mia Wasikowska) joins the teaching staff to instruct a new class on "conscious eating." Her impressionable teenage students each have their own reasons for joining the class – to improve fitness, reduce their carbon footprint, or get extra credit. Although early lectures focus on mindful consumption, Miss Novak's discussions soon become increasingly disordered and extreme. A suspicious headmistress, concerned parents and the failing health of her students lead everyone to question the inscrutable Miss Novak's motivations for teaching the class. As a few devoted pupils fall deeper under her cult-like tutelage, they are given a new, even more sinister goal to aspire to – joining the ominous "Club Zero."

** NIGHT SHIFT: While working her first night shift at a remote motel, a young woman, Gwen Taylor (Phoebe Tonkin), begins to suspect that she is being followed by a dangerous character from her past. As the night progresses, Gwen's isolation and safety, however, are made all the more worse when she starts to realize that the motel might also be haunted. In Theaters & VOD March 8th, 2024.

** THE DEVIL'S BATH: Shudder has announced the acquisition of THE DEVIL'S BATH, the highly anticipated film from Austrian horror auteurs Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala (GOODNIGHT MOMMY), ahead of its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival in Competition. Shudder has picked up all rights in North America, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

The German-language, psychological thriller is set in 1750 Austria, where deep forests surround villages. Agnes, a deeply religious woman, has just married her beloved, but her mind and heart soon grow heavy as her life becomes a long list of chores and expectations. Day after day, she is increasingly trapped in a murky and lonely path leading to evil thoughts, until the possibility of committing a shocking act of violence seems like the only way out of her inner prison. (thanks to

----- February 14, 2024 -----

** THE EVIL DEAD spin-off: Earlier last week came the news that rising French filmmaker Sebastien Vanicek (VERMINES) would direct and co-write a new spin-off in THE EVIL DEAD franchise. Speaking to French site Konbini recently, Vanicek discussed his plans for the new film and says a big draw for him was that he has full creative control of the work. Of this overall sixth film in the series, he says the movie will boast a bit of a French flavour and will not hold back in any way:

"If all goes well, it will be a film with a French twist, with a central French character. I want to do my post-production in France with my teams. It will be in English, eh, but with one or more French characters who speak English. I told the studio that I wanted to make a nasty film, a film that hurts, from which you come away tested. I'm going to put all the horror I have inside, it will be cathartic, and if I haven't ruined my career and I can continue to make films behind it, I will move on to something other than horror! In any case, this film will feel like France; I will never let go of this country; I intend to bring it with me."

Vanicek also spoke about working with Sam Raimi, saying he's a dream producer to work with: "What's crazy is that he guaranteed and protects us to give us 100% creative freedom. That's all that mattered to me, to not get eaten up by a big studio and get released from the project. Sam Raimi is really the only producer in the United States who has control over his franchise. So when he tells me: 'It's your vision that takes precedence, I'm here to ensure it is preserved', it's reassuring." (thanks to

** THE CONJURING IV: Michael Chaves is in negotiations to direct what is being seen as the fourth and final outing of THE CONJURING franchise at New Line and Warner Bros. Pictures. Chaves helmed both the prior 2021 third instalment, THE CONJURING THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT and last year's successful spin-off sequel, THE NUN II.

David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, who co-wrote the third instalment with James Wan, penned the screenplay whilst Wan will produce with Peter Safran. Plot details are under wraps but, once again, will follow supernatural investigators Ed and Lorrain Warren. Actors Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are expected to return for the film which will shoot this summer in Atlanta. (thanks to

** BELOW 4K UHD: Coming Soon to on 4K UHD from Kino Lorber Studio Classics from a brand new HDR Dolby Vision master.

** THE OMICRON KILLER: A copycat serial killer goes on a rampage to prove he's even more deadly than the original. The media re-dubs him The Omicron Killer.

----- February 13, 2024 -----

** THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE remake: Dario Argento has sold the remake rights to his first three films, here's the promo poster for the first, which has a totally different story to the classic original.

** SASQUATCH SUNSET: Here's the poster for the upcoming film.

** Christian Bale joins FRANKENSTEIN remake: Christian Bale has revealed he's soon due to join the filming of Maggie Gyllenhaal's FRANKENSTEIN movie and will be shaving his head for the occasion. The film, being made with Warner Bros. after Netflix pulled out, is set to start filming in the coming weeks, and Bale is playing Frankenstein in a story set in 1930's Chicago that focuses on his search for love that ultimately leads to the creation of a reanimated bride. (thanks to

** SMILE 2: The upcoming sequel has added to its cast, with the Deadline web site reporting that Dylan Gelula is set to appear in the upcoming horror sequel. Gelula will star in the film alongside previously announced stars Naomi Scott, Lukas Gage, Kyle Gallner, and Rosemarie DeWitt. The plot and details for the film, as well as various characters, are unknown at this time, so fans will have to wait for more information as we get closer to the film's planned October 18, 2024 release. (thanks to

----- February 9, 2024 -----

** LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL: A live television broadcast in 1977 goes horribly wrong, unleashing evil into the nation's living rooms. Opening in theaters March 22.

** CUCKOO: Reluctantly, 17-year-old Gretchen leaves her American home to live with her father, who has just moved into a resort in the German Alps with his new family. Arriving at their future residence, they are greeted by Mr. König, her father's boss, who takes an inexplicable interest in Gretchen's mute half-sister Alma. Something doesn't seem right in this tranquil vacation paradise. Gretchen is plagued by strange noises and bloody visions until she discovers a shocking secret that also concerns her own family.

** HALLOWEEN II: Coming soon from Via Vision Entertainment. Limited Edition 3D Lenticular Hardcase + Art Cards! Experience the fan-favourite Television Cut, upscaled to high-definition Blu-ray for the first time worldwide for this release.

** HALLOWEEN III: Coming soon from Via Vision Entertainment. Limited Edition 3D Lenticular Hardcase + Art Cards! Experience the fan-favourite Television Cut, upscaled to high-definition Blu-ray for the first time worldwide for this release.

----- February 8, 2024 -----

** A QUIET PLACE DAY ONE: Discover why our world went quiet.

** TOGETHER: Picturestart and Tango have signed up Alison Brie and Dave Franco to star in Michael Shanks upcoming feature-length horror movie TOGETHER. Details are scarce on the story, but we do know that The film is about the horror of co-dependency told "in a unique way". (thanks to

** PALETTE: The feature-length directorial debut of Zach Straus, has now added Hunter Schafer and Noomi Rapace to the cast of the psychological horror thriller. In PALETTE, Schafer is Dolly, a woman suffering from extreme synesthesia, a rare condition through which she is able to hear colors. She is recruited into a secretive, cult-like industry of color design, where she discovers the dark reality of what it takes to make the world's greatest hues. Rapace will play the company's enigmatic executive Latrice. (thanks to

** Ryan Coogler's vampire film: Warner Bros. Pictures is the one to have landed CREED and BLACK PANTHER filmmaker Ryan Coogler's next feature film – an untitled period vampire thriller starring Michael B. Jordan according to THR. Coogler wrote the script and will direct. He'll also produce alongside Zinzi Coogler and Sev Ohanian are also producing. Specifics of the plot are under wraps but it's an original work and is said to have franchise potential. (thanks to

----- February 7, 2024 -----

** KILLING FOR CULTURE: Severin Films has optioned the adaptation rights to KILLING FOR CULTURE, the cult classic nonfiction exploration of death on film written by David Kerekes and David J. Slater. Slated to adapt and direct the feature is Kier-La Janisse. (thanks to

** WINNIE THE POOH BLOOD AND HONEY 2: Deep within the 100-Acre-Wood, a destructive rage grows as Winnie-the-Pooh, Piglet, Owl, and Tigger find their home and their lives endangered after Christopher Robin revealed their existence. Not wanting to live in the shadows any longer, the group decides to take the fight to the town of Ashdown, home of Christopher Robin, leaving a bloody trail of death and mayhem in their wake. Winnie and his savage friends will show everyone that they are deadlier, stronger and smarter than anyone could ever imagine and get their revenge on Christopher Robin, once and for all.

** IMAGINARY: In theaters March 8th! Starring DeWanda Wise, Tom Payne, Taegen Burns, Pyper Braun, with Veronica Falcon, and Betty Buckley. When Jessica (DeWanda Wise) moves back into her childhood home with her family, her youngest stepdaughter Alice (Pyper Braun) develops an eerie attachment to a stuffed bear named Chauncey she finds in the basement. Alice starts playing games with Chauncey that begin playful and become increasingly sinister. As Alice's behavior becomes more and more concerning, Jessica intervenes only to realize Chauncey is much more than the stuffed toy bear she believed him to be.

** CUCKOO: Directed by Tillman Singer, who helmed LUZ. Little is known about CUCKOO but the basic premise is as follows. On a trip to the German Alps with her father and stepmother, Gretchen discovers that the resort town where they're staying hides sinister secrets. She's then plagued by strange noises and frightening visions of a woman pursuing her. The film will be hitting theaters on May 3, 2024. (thanks to

----- February 6, 2024 -----

** THE EVIL DEAD spin-off: Rising French filmmaker Sebastien Vanicek (VERMINES) has been set as co-writer and director of a new spin-off of THE EVIL DEAD franchise. The project has been set up at Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert's Ghost House Pictures, which produces the franchise. Details regarding the film's storyline are under wraps. (thanks to

** SAW XI: Kevin Greutert, who directed the sixth, seventh and tenth entries in the SAW franchise, will return for the upcoming eleventh film SAW XI at Lionsgate. The film expected to see Tobin Bell returning as John Kramer/Jigsaw in this new installment to be released on September 27th. (thanks to

** LONGLEGS: Here's a new trailer for the highly anticipated new horror film.

** LOVELY, DARK, AND DEEP: Here's the poster for the upcoming film.

----- February 2nd, 2024 -----

** IN A VIOLENT NATURE: Here's the trailer for the upcoming film.

** AMELIA'S CHILDREN: When Edward's search for his biological family leads him and his girlfriend Ryley to a magnificent villa high in the mountains of Northern Portugal, he is full of excitement at meeting his long-lost mother and twin brother. Finally, he will discover who he is and where he comes from. But nothing is as it seems, and Edward will soon learn that he is linked to them by a monstrous secret. Written and directed by Gabriel Abrantes.

** HISTORY OF EVIL: A family on the run from corruption takes refuge in a safe house with an evil past. What unfolds next will shake you to your core. Starring Paul Wesley and Jackie Cruz don't miss HISTORY OF EVIL, premiering February 23 on Shudder.

----- February 1st, 2024 -----

** LOVELY, DARK AND DEEP: A psychological horror that centers on Lennon (BARBARIAN), who seizes the opportunity to assume the coveted role of a back-country ranger at a remote outpost. While adapting to her solitary existence in the wilderness, she becomes aware of a lurking, sinister presence. Driven by the need for answers, Lennon embarks on a journey through the ominous terrain, seeking to unveil the long-standing mystery that has haunted her since childhood.

** 28 YEARS LATER: Cillian Murphy, who broke through as the lead of 28 DAYS LATER, is returning as an executive producer and The Hollywood Reporter indicates Murphy could also possibly act in the project – but details are under wraps. Part of the reason director Danny Boyle went with Sony is studio head Tom Rothman, who founded Fox Searchlight in the 1990s and worked with Boyle on eight of his films. (thanks to

** LONGLEGS: Here's multiple posters for the upcoming film!

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