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It's here in the Archives section that you will find the news of the last three months.

----- August 31, 2023 -----

** Amicus Productions: After decades in the shadows, the legendary Amicus Productions is set for a grand revival thanks to the team at Hex Studios. Their upcoming film, IN THE GRIP OF TERROR, seeks to honor the classic studio's legacy while forging a new chapter in British horror.

Guiding the ambitious resurrection is the new president of Amicus Productions, Lawrie Brewster. Alongside him is his business partner, writer/producer Sarah Daly. Their efforts come after extensive dialogues and collaboration with the family of Amicus founder Milton Subotsky, who have wholeheartedly endorsed this venture. (thanks to

** LOVE IS MONSTER: SOUND OF VIOLENCE director Alex Noyer has secured a SAG-AFTRA Interim agreement to begin filming his new folklore-based thriller. LOVE IS MONSTER draws on the Finnish folklore of Noyer's homeland and stars Leonardo Nam, Madeline Zima, Moe Jeudy-Lamour, Kristina Tonteri-Young, Milla Puolakanaho, Tatu Sinisalo and Sheila Mccarthy.

The story sees Zima and Nam play couple Ana and Justin, who having been rocked by infidelity, attend an exclusive couples retreat in Finland, under the golden rays of the summer's midnight sun. They join other couples from other parts of the world to experience the transformative teachings of the shaman and healer, Tiina, inspired by the ancient Finnish goddess of love and fertility, Lempo. But the idyllic setting soon takes a turn. (thanks to

** BEYOND THE GRAVE: In 2023, one of the biggest questions humanity is still yet to answer is what happens to us when we die? We delve deep into the world of the afterlife speaking with Near Death Experiencers, Mediums, death doulas, and visiting a Cryogenics lab and the Conjuring house to try and make contact with other side, all in an effort to understand what happens to us when we die.

** SHAKY SHIVERS: From director Sung Kang (FAST X), after finding herself bitten by a mysterious animal, Lucy becomes convinced that she will transform into a fearsome werewolf. Joined by her best friend Karen, the two embark on a campy adventure filled with magic and mayhem, as they look to do battle with a throat-slashing creature ripped right out of an 80s horror movie.

** GANGNAM ZOMBIE: Soon after previously normal people begin viciously attacking other citizens in Seoul's wealthy Gangnam district, the zombie population grows exponentially and spreads throughout the region. Now, long after injuries forced him to quit the national taekwondo team, an elite former athlete is given one more opportunity to use his talent on behalf of his country as he takes on one final match—this time, against terrifying hordes of the undead.

----- August 30, 2023 -----

** THE EXORCIST BELIEVER: The new poster features newcomer Olivia Marcum as one of the girls who will get possessed in the movie. It is scheduled to make its debut on October 13, followed by its next installment THE EXORCIST DECEIVER on April 18, 2025. (thanks to

** BEATEN TO DEATH: Pain begs to be felt. Watch the official trailer for BEATEN TO DEATH now, and get ready for the film in select theaters on September 1st.

** INSIDIOUS THE RED DOOR: The latest film in the franchise will land on Blu-Ray and DVD on September 12. It's available in a Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack, but there doesn't appear to be a 4K release at this time. (thanks to

** CHUCKY Season 3: The third season will premiere on October 4, 2023 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, on Syfy and USA. Season 3 episodes will be available the next day on Peacock, which is also screening seasons 1 and 2. (thanks to

** MEG 2 THE TRENCH: The Jason Statham-led gigantic prehistoric shark film MEG 2 THE TRENCH is coming to 4K UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD on October 24th. Despite a soft opening weekend of $30 million domestic, the movie has been a hit overseas, where it has taken more than $300 million so far. (thanks to

** 10/31 PART 3: This feature brings you four more short films along with several more faux trailers. Hosted by Malvolia, the Queen of Screams.

----- August 29, 2023 -----

** David Fincher's THE KILLER: Here's the first poster for the highly anticipated new film.

** THE WALKING DEAD Complete Collection: On August 25, the anniversary of the Wildfire Virus that destroyed the modern world – nearly wiping out the human race – a pandemic was declared in the universe of THE WALKING DEAD, the Complete Collection of the two-time Primetime Emmy Award-winning TV series arrives on Blu-ray and DVD October 17 from Lionsgate.

After sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes awakens from a coma in an abandoned hospital, he's immediately thrust into a life-or-death struggle in an apocalyptic, walker-ravaged world. This complete collection of the Primetime Emmy Award-winning series, based on Robert Kirkman's acclaimed comic book, follows Rick and his band of survivors – Daryl, Morgan, Maggie, Carol, Michonne, Glenn, and more – as they struggle to survive their bleak new reality where the living pose as much of a threat as the hungry, roaming undead. From Alexandria and its promise of a better life to Negan's ruthless Saviors to the Commonwealth's corruption, every harrowing, suspenseful moment is here. But hope never dies, for as Rick defiantly puts it, "We're the ones who live."

** INFESTED: Shudder, AMC Networks' premium streaming service for horror, thrillers, and the supernatural announced today it has acquired North American, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand rights to Charades and WTF Films thriller INFESTED, previously titled VERMIN, ahead of its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival. From multi-international-awards shorts director/writer Sébastien Vanicek, INFESTED is his first feature film, which he co-wrote with Florent Bernard. The film will make its North American premiere in competition at Fantastic Fest, Austin. The film is scheduled for release by Shudder in 2024.

** ABRUPTIO: HellBent Pictures has just announced the long-anticipated screening of Evan Marlowe's life-sized puppet horror ABRUPTIO is coming to Cinejoy, the virtual version of Silicon Valley's Cinequest. Comedy, mystery, blood, A-List voices, action, and puppets combine in the first-of-its-kind surrealistic horror-thriller.

** CARNIFEX: On their quest into the Australian Outback to track the animals left displaced by bushfires, a trio discovers a terrifying species and realize they're the ones being tracked.

** ZOMBIE TOWN: The first trailer has been released for ZOMBIE TOWN, a new indie young adult horror comedy feature based on the 2012 novel by GOOSEBUMPS and FEAR STREET author R.L. Stine. The story unfolds in a quiet town that is upended when teenager Mike (Marlon Kazadi) and his friend, Karen (Madi Monroe), see a horror movie called ZOMBIE TOWN at their local theater. Unexpectedly the title characters leap off the screen and chase them through the theater – and soon begin turning the town's citizens into the living dead. The pair have to race to stop the film from spreading further and the zombie outbreak that has already taken hold.

----- August 28, 2023 -----

** TOTALLY KILLER: Amazon Prime Video and Blumhouse have released first-look photos from its horror-comedy feature TOTALLY KILLER starring Kiernan Shipka. The story begins when the infamous 'Sweet Sixteen Killer' returns on Halloween night, 35 years after his shocking murder of three teens, to take a fourth victim. Shipka plays a 17-year-old who ignores the warning of her overprotective mother (Julie Bowen) and comes face-to-face with the masked maniac. Jason Blum, Adam Hendricks and Greg Gilreath produce the film which will premiere on the service on October 6th. (thanks to

** THE WICKER MAN 4K UHD: This Best Buy exclusive is coming out on 10/17.

** HANNIBAL 4K UHD: Coming out on 10/23 as a 1,500 limited edition within a Steelbook.

** WHEN EVIL LURKS: Shudder, AMC Networks' premium streaming service for horror, partners with IFC Films for the theatrical release of WHEN EVIL LURKS, on October 6th. Demián Rugna's frightening film will have its World Premiere at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival and marks his second feature following his electrifying TERRIFIED, which won Best Horror Feature at Fantastic Fest 2017. WHEN EVIL LURKS is a Shudder Original, produced by Shudder, Machaco Films and Aramos Cinema. The film will premiere on Shudder October 27th.

In a remote village, two brothers find a demon-infected man just about to give birth to evil itself. They decide to get rid of the man but merely succeed in helping him to deliver the inferno.

** MINORE: Ahead of its Premiere at FrightFest, Raven Banner has picked up worldwide rights to Konstantinos Koutsoliotas' horror-comedy monster movie, MINORE. Written by Koutsoliotas & Elizabeth E. Schuch, a Greek seaside port is invaded by mysterious tentacled creatures from the ocean floor. It's up to a small gang of misfits made up of musicians, a sailor, a bodybuilder, and one grannie to save the city from this Lovecraftian terror from the deep.

** MEGALOMANIAC: Martha and Félix are the children of the Butcher of Mons, a notorious Belgian serial killer from the 1990s. Unstable and riddled with insecurities, Martha lives vicariously through social media. Her brother, crushed by the family legacy, takes over their father's killings. Harassed and violently assaulted at work, the docile Martha falls into madness and goes through the looking glass into the strange and terrifying world inhabited by her brother.

----- August 25, 2023 -----

** Dario Argento's OPERA 4K UHD: Coming soon to 4K UHD from Severin Films. A young opera singer is stalked by a deranged fan bent on killing the people associated with her to claim her for himself.

** THE DARK POWER: Coming October 24th on Blu-ray from Kino Lorber Studio Classics with a 4K Restoration from the 16mm Original Camera Negative.

** Cushing Curiositues: Six disc box set coming out on 10/17/2023, which features CONE OF SILENCE (1960), SUSPECT (1960) / THE MAN WHO FINALLY DIED (1962), SHERLOCK HOLMES (1968), BLOODSUCKERS (1971) and TENDER DRACULA (1974).

** THE BLACK PHONE 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD on 9/19 from Universal.

** THE CURSE OF WILLOW SONG: Willow Song, a recovering addict and parolee, struggles to start over. Willow finds herself in a concrete wasteland. Facing isolation and displacement, shadows creep into Willow's mind and her nightmares become too real.

** BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE: Roger Corman's suspenseful, cult classic, BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE, newly restored from a 4K scan of 35mm archival materials will be released as a special collector's edition on Blu-ray and DVD, Oct. 24 from Film Masters.

Acclaimed as the king of low-budget cult movies, Corman produced dozens of films that were both hilarious and thrilling. Among the best of his early output was 1959's BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE, which was directed by legendary director Monte Hellman, launching a 15-year collaboration between the duo. The film stars Michael Forest, Sheila Noonan and Frank Wolff.

----- August 24, 2023 -----

** TALK TO ME 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD in October from Umbrella Entertainment as a Collector's Edition featuring the hand, book, artcards and poster.

** THE BLACK PHONE 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD Steelbook on 10/5 from Turbine.

** LORNA THE EXORCIST: Coming October 24th on Blu-ray from Kino Lorber Studio Classics.

** CEMETERY MAN: Coming soon from Severin Films.

** DELIVER US: When a nun in a remote convent claims immaculate conception, the Vatican sends a team of priests to investigate. Concerns grow that an ancient prophecy is about to be fulfilled: that a woman will give birth to twin boys - one the Messiah, the other the Anti-Christ - and the ensuing battle will determine the fate of the world.

** THE HANGED GIRL: A group of friends go on a holiday to St. Joseph's Guesthouse, unaware that it was the site of accused witchcraft and a sacrifice of an innocent girl centuries before. They soon realize that it may be haunted by the spirit of The Hanged Girl.

----- August 23, 2023 -----

** ILSA SHE WOLF OF THE SS 4K UHD: All four ILSA films are coming in 2024 to 4KUHD/Blu-ray from Kino Cult with brand new HDR Dolby Vision masters!

** HALLOWEEN Trilogy 4K UHD: Coming out on 10/23 as a Limited Edition Steelbook Library Case are all three films in 4K UHD.

** M3GAN 4K UHD: Coming out on 10/10 as a Steelbook Best Buy exclusive.

** DEATHDREAM 4K UHD: From Blue Underground: "DEATHDREAM 4K update: We hoped to have this out in time for Halloween, but alas the new 4K master we received suffered from some technical issues. Rather than put out an inferior product, we made the call to go back and start over from scratch, thus pushing the release date to 2024. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek look at the reverse cover art."

** THE SPIDER LABYRINTH: Coming soon from Severin Films. Alan Whitmore, a young American researcher, goes to Budapest to visit Professor Roth, with whom he collaborated on a secret project called "Intextus" while a mysterious killer in on the loose.

** SOBRENATURAL: Coming soon from Severin Films. The undesirable husband of a woman, after passing away, returns in spirit form to continue harassing and mistreating her. The woman asks for help from various friends and experts, but all efforts to defeat the devilish being seem futile.

----- August 22, 2023 -----

** SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK sequel: In a recent interview with IGN to promote THE LAST VOYAGE OF THE DEMETER, director André Řvredal confirmed that a SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK follow-up is still in development but has made some progress:

"We have a story. We have a script. We've been working on the script as late as last year and even slightly into this year. The process obviously stopped with the strike – but it's alive, for sure. COVID and then THE LAST VOYAGE OF THE DEMETER eating up two years of my life certainly put a dent in the progress." (thanks to

** THE MONSTER SQUAD 4K UHD: The film now has a tentative release date of 11/28/2023.

** TRANSMUTATIONS 4K UHD: The upcoming Kino Lorber 4K UHD of UNDERWORLD AKA TRANSMUTATIONS has been pushed back to 01/16/2024.POSSESSION 4K UHD: Coming soon from Second Sight Films. Featuring our own new restoration supervised by camera operator Andrzej J. Jaroszewicz and Daniel Bird based on grading notes by Andrzej Zulawski, new exclusive bonus content and more!

** ALL FUN AND GAMES: The Russo Brothers' AGBO presents a terrifying tale about a group of Salem teens who discover a cursed knife that unleashes a demon that forces them to play gruesome, deadly versions of childhood games where there can be no winners, only survivors.

** HOWLING IV THE ORIGINAL NIGHTMARE: Here's a look at the upcoming Mediabooks Blu-ray.

----- August 12, 2023 ----

** REPLIGATOR: Coming to Blu-ray on 9/26 from Visual Vengeance!

** HOUSE: Coming to Blu-ray on 11/7 from Potemkine films in France.

** PIN: Coming soon to Blu-ray in Germany fron Fokus Media.

** THE EXORCIST BELIEVER: The direct sequel to the late William Friedkin's 1973 classic THE EXORCIST has been rated R for some violent content, disturbing images, language, and sexual references. (thanks to

** EL CONDE: Pablo Larraín's new film is a satire that portrays a universe in which Augusto Pinochet, a 250-year-old vampire who, tired of being remembered as a thief, decides to die.

** SATAN WANTS YOU: This film documentary tells the untold story of how the Satanic Panic of the 1980s was ignited by "Michelle Remembers", a lurid memoir by psychiatrist Larry Pazder and his patient Michelle Smith.

----- August 11, 2023 -----

** BODY DOUBLE 4K UHD: Brian De Palma's 1984 film is coming soon to 4K UHD. A young actor's obsession with spying on a beautiful woman who lives nearby leads to a baffling series of events with drastic consequences.

** I'LL ALWAYS KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER: Coming to Blu-ray on 9/26.

** GODLESS: Coming to Blu-ray in October from Umbrella Entertainment.

** MALICIOUS: The McCabe family's weekend getaway was never meant to be a life-changing experience. Governor William McCabe (Nick Baillie), a respected politician, was looking forward to some rest and relaxation," reads the synopsis. "His beautiful wife Lauren (Melissa Anschutz) and distant step daughter Erin (Alix Lane) strain to enjoy their time together, as the facade of the trophy family has worn dangerously thin. Things take a severe turn for the worse when a charismatic stranger (Kevin Interdonato) knocks on their door and triggers an unexpected chain of events. The film will be released in North America on all VOD platforms on October 10, 2023. It will then hit UK and Ireland services on October 16, 2023. The film was also known as Braek and was acquired by 4 Digital Media at this year's Berlin Film Market. (thanks to

** ON TRAIL OF BIGFOOT LAND OF THE MISSING: The film debuts on major streaming platforms August 22nd, from 1091 Pictures, including iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu and FandangoNOW. A Blu-ray edition will be available exclusively from the Small Town Monsters shop.

** THE CHANGELING: Based on the acclaimed bestselling book of the same name by Victor LaValle, THE CHANGELING is a fairytale for grown-ups. A horror story, a parenthood fable and a perilous odyssey through a New York City you didn't know existed.

----- August 10, 2023 -----

** SHARKNADO: Syfy and The Asylum's popular telemovie SHARKNADO is set to hit cinemas as part of a two-day tenth-anniversary celebration of the smash low-budget B-movie franchise. In addition, this 'fully remastered' version of the film reportedly features hundreds of new special effects shots with "new kills, new thrills, more sharks, more 'nado" promised.

The Anthony C. Ferrante-directed film sees Tara Reid, Ian Ziering and John Heard, among others, battling a tornado that sucks up a massive school of great whites and hammerheads from the ocean and spits them out over Los Angeles. The film began life as a low-budget feature with just a $1 million budget but soon turned into an overnight cultural phenomenon for the cabler, who ultimately produced five sequels, three spin-off films, and a Las Vegas musical from the idea. (thanks to

** POSSESSION 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD in October from Umbrella Entertainment.

** PUMPKINHEAD 4K UHD: Here's a look at the upcoming Best Buy exclusive steelbook.

** WHEN THE SCREAMING STARTS 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD in September from Terror Vision. Aidan Mendle (Ed Hartland) has a dream; he aspires to be an infamous serial killer. When struggling journalist Norman (Jared Rogers) is invited to follow and document Aidan on his journey, the failing filmmaker soon finds out how brutal reality can be in WHEN THE SCREAMING STARTS.

** ELEVATOR GAME: This group of friends might be ready to play but they may not be prepared for what happens when they don't follow the rules. Brace yourself for Elevator Game, premiering September 15th on Shudder.

** THE COMMUNION GIRL: May, '87. A night out, a doll in a communion dress, and an unspeakable horror is unleashed. Brace for THE COMMUNION GIRL — coming to Shudder August 11th.

----- August 9, 2023 -----

** TALK TO ME sequel TALK 2 ME: A24 will re-team with twin brothers Danny and Michael Philippou for the sequel to this year's acclaimed Australian indie horror film TALK TO ME. Titled TALK 2 ME, the follow-up will be written by Danny Philippou and Bill Hinzman and will again be directed by the twins who are also collectively known as RackaRacka thanks to their YouTube channel of action-comedy videos. (thanks to

** Universal Classic Monsters Limited Edition Collection: Coming to 4k UHD on October 3rd, 2023.

** THE MIST 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD on 10/3 from Lionsgate.

** COBWEB: Eight-year-old Peter is plagued by a mysterious, constant tap, tap from inside his bedroom wall -- a tapping that his parents insist is all in his imagination. As Peter's fear intensifies, he believes that his parents (Lizzy Caplan and Antony Starr) could be hiding a terrible, dangerous secret and questions their trust. And for a child, what could be more frightening than that?

** HAUNTING OF THE QUEEN MARY: A psychological horror, HAUNTING OF THE QUEEN MARY explores the mysterious and violent events surrounding one family's voyage on Halloween night in 1938, and their interwoven destiny with another family onboard the infamous ocean liner present day.

** FUNERAL HOME: The 1980 horror film is coming soon to Blu-ray. A young woman arrives at her grandmother's house, which used to be a funeral home, to help her turn the place into a bed-and-breakfast inn. After they open, however, guests begin disappearing or turning up dead.

----- August 8, 2023 -----

** William Friedkin: Director William Friedkin, best known for THE EXORCIST, died Monday in Los Angeles. He was 87. His death was confirmed by Chapman University dean Stephen Galloway, a friend of Friedkin's wife Sherry Lansing.

** TALK TO ME 4K UHD: Coming soon to 4K UHD from Lionsgate.

** A QUIET PLACE PART 3: On the Happy Sad Confused podcast, actress Emily Blunt offered an update on the progress of the full third instalment of the A QUIET PLACE PART franchise. Her husband, John Krasinski, co-starred with her in the first film, and he both co-wrote and directed the two films thus far.

A spin-off is currently in the works that is separate from a more straightforward third-part film which is also in development. She reveals she and Krasinski have been figuring out the third one, which he intends to write. At last report, he was going to let someone else direct, but Blunt doesn't want him to:

"Cillian [Murphy] and I were having a chat with John [Krasinski] about it last night. We were sitting on a rooftop all together drinking wine and… 'You know what would be great? Is if we keep this thing going…' I think there's… it would have to be that we would all do it together. I don't want it to be with a different director if we did it again" (thanks to

** Horror Box Office: Warners giant prehistoric shark film MEG 2 THE TRENCH opened to an estimated $30 million domestically, that's notably down on the $45 million the first opened to. Overseas it took a huge bit with an impressive $112 million haul, including $26 million in China. That gives it a global start of $142 million, already surpassing its reported $129 million production budget. Meanwhile INSIDIOUS THE RED DOOR has now surpassed M3GAN as the top-grossing horror film of the year – pulling in $182 million globally. (thanks to

** HORROR OF THE BLACK MUSEUM: Coming to Blu-ray 12/12 from VCI Classic Films in a restored uncut special edition.

** THE TERROR: Coming to Blu-ray 12/12 from Film Masters.

----- August 7, 2023 -----

** A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET remake/sequel: Blumhouse Pictures is supposedly moving forward with A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET remake/sequel featuring Robert England returning as Freddy Krueger!

** NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD sequel: MGM is developing a NOTLD sequel, which Nikyatu Jusu will direct. The George A. Romero estate is not involved in this projet. (thanks to

** BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN remake: Maggie Gyllenhaal is reportedly attached to direct a remake of James Whale's iconic classic BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN for Netflix, with Christian Bale set to star. Production Weekly (via World of Reel) broke the news which indicates this would mark Gyllenhaal's second directorial effort following 2021's psychological drama THE LOST DAUGHTER.

The film is reportedly set to enter production sometime early next year. It's unclear who Bale will play – be it the doctor, the Monster or someone else. No other star has been announced at this time. The original 1935 film was a direct sequel to 1931's FRANKENSTEIN and is widely considered the better film. Elsa Lanchester starred in the dual role of Mary Shelley and the eponymous character opposite Boris Karloff as The Monster. (thanks to

** THE CAGE: Producer Arman Julian has wrapped production on his latest feature, his first in the horror genre, the Italian thriller THE CAGE (ANIMALE LIBERO), from writer and director Henry Secchiaroli (Gli sbancati, Fate Vobis). THE CAGE, which revolves around a secretive family trapped by a mother's iron will, stars an ensemble of veteran and upcoming Italian talent, including Nicola Grottoli, Daniele Borghi, Claudia Salvatore, Francesca Di Modugno, and Marco Florio. Secchiaroli directed and produced from his own script. Julian produced from his self-titled shingle alongside the Le Marche Film Commission.

** Via Vision Entertainment: Coming to Blu-ray in October from Via Vision Entertainment.

----- August 4, 2023 -----

** TALK TO ME prequel: Filmmakers Danny and Michael Philippou (aka RackaRacka) are currently celebrating the success of their A24 horror thriller TALK TO ME which opened last weekend in the U.S. and Australia to rave reviews and strong box-office. Now it appears the pair have followed in the footsteps of Ti West as they have revealed to the THR web site that they have an already shot prequel to the film done – this one focusing on the previous owner of the cursed hand Duckett (Sunny Johnson) seen in the film's cold open.

It's not clear if this is a feature-length prequel or more likely a short, but it sounds like it does fit into the 'screen life' genre of films where the story takes place entirely across computer screens and smartphones. Danny Philippou explains to the outlet: "We actually shot an entire Duckett prequel already. It's told entirely through the perspective of mobile phones and social media, so maybe down the line we can release that.

He also spoke about the possibility of a sequel, saying: "While writing the first film, you can't help but write scenes for a second film. So there are so many scenes. The mythology was so thick, and if A24 gave us the opportunity, we wouldn't be able to resist. I feel like we'd jump at it." (thanks to

** FINAL DESTINATION 6: Jeffrey Reddick, the creator of the FINAL DESTINATION franchise, says the sixth film is ready to go and work on it will get underway as soon as the actor's strike ends. Last year came word that FREAKS directors Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein had been set to direct a sixth film in the darkly comedic supernatural thriller franchise at New Line Cinema.

SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING director Jon Watts is producing and penned a treatment for the film which is being dubbed a relaunch of the franchise. READY OR NOT scribes Guy Busick and Lori Evans Taylor penned the script. Original franchise producer Craig Perry, Sheila Hanahan Taylor, and producer Dianne McGunigle are also onboard to produce. Speaking with the Collider web site recently, Reddick says:

"There is a sixth one that's planned the minute, again, the AMPTP comes back to the table, that movie is ready to go. It's just nice as a genre fan to have something created that has become a part of the public zeitgeist. Again, I couldn't have asked for more. [Producer Craig Perry] will tell me stuff, and I can't repeat it obviously because I'm very good at that because I know I don't wanna spoil anything, but every time that I've heard anything that they're doing, or any scene that they're doing or planning, it just makes me smile. The fans are gonna be – it's gonna be well worth the wait." (thanks to

** SATANIC HISPANICS: When police raid a house in El Paso, they find it full of dead Latinos, and only one survivor. Known as "The Traveler," he is taken to the police station for questioning. There, he recounts tales of horrors from his life, chronicling portals leading to other worlds, mythical beings, demons and the undead; he speaks of legends from Latin America. SATANIC HISPANICS tells stories by top Latin filmmakers that showcase the skills of Hispanic talent, both on and off screen.

** COBWEB: Coming to Blu-ray 9/12 from Lionsgate.

** RED DRAGON 4K UHD: Coming October 24th on 4K UHD from Kino Lorber Studio Classics.

----- August 3rd, 2023 -----

** George A. Romero's TWILIGHT OF THE DEAD: Roundtable Entertainment has set a late 2023 start of production date in Puerto Rico on George A. Romero's final zombie feature, TWILIGHT OF THE DEAD. The late director's estate is teaming up with Roundtable on this 'seventh and final installment' of his seminal franchise.

Romero had reportedly written a treatment for the movie before he passed in 2017. Joe Knetter, Robert Lucas, and Paolo Zelati, who also worked on the treatment with Romero, have now finished the script. First revealed back in 2021, the film unfolds on a tropical island and deals with the last humans on earth who are caught between factions of the undead. (thanks to

** SCREAM 7 from HAPPY DEATH DAY director: FREAKY director Christopher Landon is set to take over as director on the seventh SCREAM film at Paramount Pictures. Landon replaces the filmmaking team known as Radio Silence, aka Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, who were behind the fifth film revival in 2022 and SCREAM VI earlier this year.

Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett reportedly stepped back to focus on an original horror movie at Universal, a project currently impacted by the actor's strike. The pair, and the group's third member Chad Villella, will executive produce SCREAM 7. The recent films scored $137.7 million and $168.9 million worldwide at the box-office, introducing several fresher faces to the franchise, including Jenna Ortega, Melissa Barrera and Mason Gooding. (thanks to

** FRANKIE FREAKO from PSYCHO GOREMAN director: Hangar 18 Media has wrapped production on Steven Kostanski's latest feature, FRANKIE FREAKO. Kostanski's previous feature PSYCHO GOREMAN premiered at SXSW and gathered a cult following worldwide. Hangar 18 Media, Raven Banner, and Shout! Studios also announced today that Shout! has acquired all U.S. distribution rights to FRANKIE FREAKO for cross-platform releases, with Raven Banner handling Canadian distribution and Int'l sales.

The film is Kostanki's homage to the practical-FX-driven little monster horror-comedies of the 80's. It tells the story of workaholic yuppie Conor Sweeney (THE EDITOR) whose perfect life is turned upside down when he accidentally unleashes a trio of tiny trouble-makers into his home, led by the maniacal rock-n-roll party monster FRANKIE FREAKO. It's a race against time as Conor must defeat the rambunctious ruffians and clean up their trail of destruction before his wife returns from her weekend work trip, all while going on an unexpected journey of self-discovery.

** Terror Vision update: Many new upcoming titles have been announced by Terror Vision. ROCKTOBER BLOOD, SHADOWS RUN BACK, WOODCHIPPER MASSACRE, HOLLOW GATE, AMERICA'S DEADLIEST HOME VIDEO and MAYHEM are all coming soon from Terror Vision!

** SLOTHERHOUSE: It's senior year of college for sorority sister Emily Young and for the first time ever, Sigma Lambda Theta is having elections for who will be president. Wanting to have a killer year, Emily Young realizes she might just be the best option for her sorority. While beginning her campaign, she finds an adorable sloth that steals her heart and soon realizes she just might steal the hearts, and votes, of her sorority sisters. But when bodies slowly begin to pile up in the Sigma Lambda Theta house, Emily and her sorority sisters realize the deaths are being caused by their new house mascot, the cuddly sloth Alpha. Will Emily and her sisters escape the house with their lives? Or is this death-sloth with 3 razor sharp claws too quick for them? (thanks to

----- August 2nd, 2023 -----

** HALLOWEEN H20 4K UHD: Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of HALLOWEEN H20 with this limited edition 4K Ultra HD SteelBook, featuring the frightening return of maniacal killer Michael Myers. Jamie Lee Curtis returns as Laurie Strode, still haunted by the tragic events of that fateful evening of terror on Halloween, 1978. Featuring Josh Hartnett, Michelle Williams, LL Cool J, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and original scream-queen Janet Leigh, this fan-favorite from the HALLOWEEN franchise was directed by Steve Miner (FRIDAY THE 13th PART 2, LAKE PLACID). Coming out September 26, 2023.

** INSIDIOUS THE RED DOOR: Sony's fifth and seemingly final intstallment in the supernatural franchise, has overcome bad reviews and proven to be a success for its distributor. The film became available on PVOD yesterdays, less than four weeks after its debut on July 7th in cinemas. Nonetheless, it is being seen as a major success story.

The film has managed to rack up $174.8 million at the worldwide box-office. That overtakes the fourth film record to become the highest-grossing entry in the series to date. Added to that is the film cost a tight $16 million to produce, the most expensive film of the five but still relatively cheap and certainly low enough that the film is already well into profit. (thanks to

** KILLER CONDOM: Coming soon to Blu-ray from Vinegar Syndrome.

** THE BOOGEYMAN: The film arrives exclusively on Digital August 29 and Blu-ray and DVD October 10. In this horror-thriller from the mind of Stephen King, two sisters — along with their therapist father — are reeling from their mother's death. When a desperate patient comes to their home, he leaves behind a terrifying entity that feeds on its victims' suffering.

----- August 1st, 2023 -----

** SAW X: Here's some new official photos for the upcoming film.

** HERE FOR BLOOD: When his girlfriend, Phoebe, is swamped with college exams; Tom O'Bannon, a rowdy pro-wrestler struggling to make ends meet, agrees to fill in as a last-minute replacement for her well paying babysitting job," reads the synopsis. "Tom arrives at an isolated family home where he meets the precocious 10-year-old Grace. What starts off as a quiet night of pizza and video games quickly spirals into bloody, violent chaos as Tom and Grace find themselves fighting for their lives when an otherworldly cult of masked intruders descend on the home.

** THE MISTRESS: Newlyweds move into their dream home where they discover a collection of 100-year-old letters from a young woman who committed suicide after being abandoned by the owner of the home.

** THE LAST VOYAGE OF THE DEMETER: Universal Pictures has released new photos from its period horror feature THE LAST VOYAGE OF THE DEMETER which is set to open next month, including shots that offer a good glimpse at its creature. The film takes one of the most famous chapters of Bram Stoker's novel DRACULA and adapts it into its own feature story. It follows a 19th-century Russian merchant ship chartered to transport fifty unmarked wooden crates from Carpathia to London – contents unknown to the crew. (thanks to

----- July 31, 2023 -----

** SAW X trailer: John Kramer (Tobin Bell) is back. The most disturbing installment of the SAW franchise yet explores the untold chapter of Jigsaw's most personal game. Set between the events of SAW I and II, a sick and desperate John travels to Mexico for a risky and experimental medical procedure in hopes of a miracle cure for his cancer – only to discover the entire operation is a scam to defraud the most vulnerable. Armed with a newfound purpose, the infamous serial killer returns to his work, turning the tables on the con artists in his signature visceral way through devious, deranged, and ingenious traps.

** TALK TO ME: In limited release, A24 unleashed the Australian horror film TALK TO ME from twin brothers and filmmakers Danny and Michael Philippou (aka. RackaRacka) to not just rave reviews but a strong opening of around $9-9.5 million and a sixth-place finish at the North American box office. (thanks to

** LYCON COLONY: Coming to Blu-ray 10/24 from Visual Vengeance.

** VAMPIRES AND OTHER STEREOTYPES: Coming to Blu-ray 10/24 from Visual Vengeance.

** Scream/Shout Factory update: Coming to 4K UHD/Blu-ray in October from Scream/Shout Factory!

----- July 28, 2023 -----

** HELLRAISER 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD on 10/23 from Arrow Video.

** HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD in October from Arrow Video.

** THE OTHERS 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD on 10/2 from Studio Canal.

** THE WALKING DEAD DARYL DIXON: Coming September 10th on AMC and AMC+.

----- July 27, 2023 -----

** SAW X poster: Lionsgate unveils the eye-popping poster for SAW X! John Kramer (Tobin Bell) is back. The most chilling installment of the SAW franchise yet explores the untold chapter of Jigsaw's most personal game. Set between the events of SAW I and II, a sick and desperate John travels to Mexico for a risky and experimental medical procedure in hopes of a miracle cure for his cancer – only to discover the entire operation is a scam to defraud the most vulnerable. Armed with a newfound purpose, John returns to his work, turning the tables on the con artists in his signature visceral way through a series of ingenious and terrifying traps. SAW X opens in theaters on September 29th.

** TALK TO ME 4K UHD: Coming soon to 4K UHD from Capelight Pictures. When a group of friends discover how to conjure spirits using an embalmed hand, they become hooked on the new thrill, until one of them goes too far and opens the door to the spirit world forcing them to choose who to trust: the dead or the living.

** FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S: Universal Pictures and Blumhouse's upcoming film adaptation of the FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S video game franchise has scored PG-13 rating for "strong violent content, bloody images, and language" from the MPA. (thanks to

** CUJO 4K UHD: Coming out 10/24 on 4K UHD. Cujo, a friendly St. Bernard, contracts rabies and conducts a reign of terror on a small American town.

----- July 26, 2023 -----

** THE EXORCIST BELIEVER trailer: Here's the trailer for the upcoming horror movie starring Leslie Odom, Jr., Lidya Jewett, and Olivia Marcum. The film serves as a direct sequel to the original. In the film, two girls go missing and come back possessed.

** THE EXORCIST 4K UHD: Here's a look at the artwork for the upcoming release of the classic original.

** WINNIE THE POOH BLOOD AND HONEY: Coming to Blu-ray in October from Scream Factory.

** SWEET MEATS: A brand-new horror movie from NKY Films. MOTEL HELL meets Roger Corman's LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS. Bobby Sweet is a country music legend and has been the world-renowned face of "Sweet Meats" since establishing his first restaurant with his wife in 1978. How did this restaurant take off so quickly and what makes the meat so darn sweet? Sometimes a "secret ingredient" should stay that way. They always say, "you'd be disgusted if you knew what you were really eating!" They might be right. Click here for more details!

----- July 25, 2023 -----

** ROSEMARY'S BABY 4K UHD: Coming out on 10/10 from Paramount.

** FRIDAY THE 13TH 4K UHD: Coming out October 2023 as a Steenbok edition.

** SCREAM 3 4K UHD: Coming soon in a regular and Steelbook edition.

** SCREAM trilogy 4K UHD: The first three films are coming to 4K UHD in this box set.

----- July 24, 2023 -----

** THE EXORCIST 4K UHD: Here's a look at the upcoming 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition 4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbook via Warner Brothers.

** FASCINATION 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD in October from Indicator. New 4K HDR restoration from the original negative by Powerhouse Films. 4K (2160p) UHD presentation in Dolby Vision (HDR10 compatible). Original French mono soundtrack.

** LIPS OF BLOOD 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD in October from Indicator. New 4K HDR restoration from the original negative by Powerhouse Films. 4K (2160p) UHD presentation in Dolby Vision (HDR10 compatible). Original French mono soundtrack.

** Imprint update: Coming to Blu-ray in October from Imprint Films. Only 1500 copies each.

----- July 21, 2023 -----

** SAW X: Lionsgate has announced that SAW X will release on September 29th, revealing a first glimpse of Tobin Bell's return as John Kramer. John Kramer (Tobin Bell) is back. The most disturbing installment of the Saw franchise yet explores the untold chapter of Jigsaw's most personal game. Set between the events of SAW and SAW II, a sick and desperate John travels to Mexico for a risky and experimental medical procedure in hopes of a miracle cure for his cancer – only to discover the entire operation is a scam to defraud the most vulnerable. Armed with a newfound purpose, the infamous serial killer returns to his work, turning the tables on the con artists in his signature visceral way through devious, deranged, and ingenious traps.

** ALL FUN AND GAMES: Vertical announced on Wednesday that it had acquired the North American rights to ALL FUN AND GAMES, a new horror thriller starring Natalia Dyer and Asa Butterfield. The film is slated for a day-and-date release of September 1, 2023. (thanks to

** THE BOOGEYMAN THE ORIGIN OF THE MYTH: The international trailer for Ángel Gómez Hernández's Spanish youth horror THE BOOGEYMAN THE ORIGIN OF THE MYTH is now available for the first time. (thanks to

** Lionsgate exclusive horror Steelbooks: Curate the ultimate horror collection before Halloween when these exclusive Steelbooks arrive September 12th from Lionsgate at a Walmart near you on Blu-ray + Digital.

----- July 20, 2023 -----

** THE EXORCIST BELIEVER: The first official posters for David Gordon Green's THE EXORCIST revival titled THE EXORCIST BELIEVER has been released by Blumhouse, Morgan Creek, Universal Pictures and Peacock. The first film of a proposed new trilogy of movies, it serves as a direct sequel to the original. In the film, two girls go missing and come back possessed.

Leslie Odom Jr. stars as one of the parents who has never seen anything like this and so sets out to find someone who has – none other than Chris MacNeil (Ellen Burstyn) many years after the events involving her daughter Regan. Ann Dowd, Lidya Jewett, and Jennifer Nettles also star in the film, which Green co-writes with Scott Teems, Danny McBride, and Petter Sattler. The film is still plan for release on October 13th. (thanks to

** DEAR DAVID: After responding to Internet trolls, a man becomes haunted by the ghost of a dead child named David. Based on the viral Twitter thread by BuzzFeed comic artist Adam Ellis. In theaters, On Demand, and on Digital October 13th.

** PERPETRATOR: Brace for a birthday surprise with a twist in PERPETRATOR as Jonny unravels her family's feral secret. Ready to join the hunt? PERPETRATOR starts streaming September 1 on Shudder.

** PSYCHOSIS: Criminal fixer Cliff Van Aarle's unique psychological condition gives him an edge in the criminal underworld, but when he's hired by two amateur drug dealers claiming they were attacked by zombies, Van Aarle is dragged into a terrifying and bizarre mystery that will force him to relive the traumatic past he thought he'd escaped.

The case gets stranger still with the arrival of the delusional vigilante LoneWolf, and the revelation that the mastermind behind it all may be more monster than man. A conspiracy of mind control, psychedelic drugs, and a criminal underbelly terrified of the enigmatic drug lord Joubini, who uses hypnosis with lethal effect. Van Aarle may be the only one equipped to bring him down, but only if his mind survives the trip. (thanks to

----- July 19, 2023 -----

** RED ROOMS: Kelly-Anne (Juliette Gariépy) wakes up every morning by the courthouse to secure a seat at the high-profile trial of Ludovic Chevalier (Maxwell McCabe-Lokos), a serial killer she is obsessed with. As days go by, the young woman bonds with another groupie (Laurie Babin), which momentarily breaks her out of her loneliness. But as the proceedings drag on and she spends more time in the courtroom with the victims' families, Kelly-Anne finds it increasingly difficult to maintain her psychological balance and assume her morbid fixation with the killer. She will then do whatever it takes to get her hands on the final piece of the puzzle: the missing video of a murdered 13-year-old girl, to whom Kelly-Anne bears a disturbing resemblance.

** ASHKAL: Set amongst derelict, half-finished apartment complexes of a former regime, the discovery of a mysterious burnt body by two police officers reveals a puzzling repetition of events. As the investigation progresses, a network of violence and corruption is uncovered throughout the city.

** SHARKSPLOITATION: Debuts on Shudder on July 21st.

** PET SEMATARY BLOODLINES: Paramount+ has announced an October 6th premiere date for horror movie PET SEMATARY BLOODLINES along with unveiling the first photos from the project. The film serves as a prequel to the story King himself dubs his scariest story, and is based on an untold chapter of the book. The story follows a younger version of the original book's elderly Jud Crandall character in 1969. (thanks to

----- July 18, 2023 -----

** VIDEODROME 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD in October from The Criterion Collection. 4K digital restoration of the unrated version, approved by director David Cronenberg, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack.

** THE OTHERS 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD in October from The Criterion Collection. New 4K digital restoration, approved by director Alejandro Amenábar, with Dolby Atmos soundtrack.

** DON'T LOOK NOW 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD in October from The Criterion Collection. 4K digital restoration, supervised by director of photography Anthony Richmond, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack.

** MEG 3: We're still a few weeks away from MEG 2 THE TRENCH hitting cinemas, but already the film's director Ben Wheatley has an idea of where to take the giant prehistoric killer shark franchise next. The new film serves as the sequel to the 2018 blockbuster starring Jason Statham. This time out, Statham is joined by Wu Jing as the characters lead a daring research team on an exploratory dive into the deepest depths of the ocean.

Wheatley (KILL LIST) takes over from Jon Turteltaub who directed the first film which grossed $530 million worldwide off a $130 million budget. Speaking to Total Film recently, the director is optimistic about the franchise going beyond this:

"You don't want to talk about it until MEG 2 is out, but I hope [to see a third installment]. There's a lot more to explore in that world. It's very rich. The international-ness of it is very interesting. What's so smart about the first film is that it's not RUSH HOUR. It's not East-meets-West, 'Oh, we're all confused about each other'. It's just people working together, and being in an everyday adventure, and the people just happen to come from places all over the world. I think that's good for audiences, and it's a good message as well."

Li Bingbing, Page Kennedy, Shuya Sophia Cai and Cliff Curtis return from the first film and are joined by Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Sienna Guillory and Skyler Samuels. Jon Hoeber, Erich Hoeber, and Dean Georgaris penned the script. MEG 2 THE TRENCH hits cinemas on August 4th. (thanks to

----- July 17, 2023 -----

** THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD reboot: Dan O'Bannon's 1985 horror comedy franchise THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD is scoring a reboot with the production company Living Dead Media handling the new take. Steve Wolsh (KILL HER GOATS) will direct the project, which is being dubbed a 'reboot' as opposed to a remake, with the company saying the plan is to "expand the existing world created by the original five films".

However the intent is also to stay true to the R-rated sci-fi/horror/dark comedy roots of the cult classic whilst hopefully bringing in "new generations of zombie fans". There's no release window or date for THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD at yet. The original film is available to stream on Tubi. (thanks to

** THE HOST 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD in December in France. A monster emerges from Seoul's Han River and begins attacking people. One victim's loving family does what it can to rescue her from its clutches.

** Cauldron Films: Coming to Blu-ray in September from Cauldron Films are RAT MAN (1988) and ZERO WOMAN RED HANDCUFFS (1974).

----- July 14, 2023 -----

** FINAL CUT: Kino Lorber is pleased to present FINAL CUT, directed by Academy Award winner Michel Hazanavicius and starring Romain Duris and Academy Award nominee Bérénice Bejo. It is a remake of Shin'ichirô Ueda's ONE CUT OF THE DEAD.

** THE COFFEE TABLE: Caye Casas's beyond horrific tale has been picked up for North America distribution by Cinephobia Releasing. The movie had its world premiere at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (winner, Best Film, Rebels with a Cause) as well as the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (winner, White Raven Prize) and Fantapoa Fest. THE COFFEE TABLE is expecting its American festival premiere this September.

** THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE video game: Here's the new trailer for the upcoming video game.

----- July 11, 2023 -----

** THE PURGE 6: THE PURGE creator James DeMonaco has confirmed that he's finished the script for a sixth film entry in the franchise, one that will see the return of Frank Grillo's Leo Barnes character from the second and third films.

The franchise took a detour after the third film, with the fourth serving as a prequel showing the first 'Purge' in action. The fifth jumped forward in time eight years after the third film when the New Founding Fathers of America, having regained control of the government, reinstated the purge – only for it to go entirely out of control and the U.S. collapsing into anarchy. In a new interview with The Playlist web site, DeMonaco says the film is in a state of limbo right now due to budgetary concerns:

"I wrote the script. Universal has seen it. There are concerns about budget, but it definitely presents a fractured America … The America I present in THE PURGE 6 is where we all are separated by ideology and sexual preference. So, the states are broken down in different ways.

It's written, it's in [Universal's] hands. I think they're scared about the budget. But my thing was if I was going to come back and direct a sixth one, it was going to be something bigger and a little more epic in scope, with this new America I want to present and bringing back [Frank Grillo's] character. So, it's kinda in limbo." (thanks to

** HOWLING IV THE ORIGINAL NIGHTMARE: Coming soon to Blu-ray Mediabook in Germany.

** HOWLING V THE REBIRTH: Coming soon to Blu-ray Mediabook in Germany.

** NO ANGEL: An entertaining roller-coaster where Angelica is rebelling against the traditional female prejudice, while maintaining her high school status as the queen bee. She is like any seventeen-year-old girl, she parties, smokes and sleeps with boring guys to make time go by. Only one teeny tiny problem: Angelica is a serial killer.

----- July 10, 2023 -----

** INSIDIOUS THE RED DOOR: Along with overperforming at the domestic box office, the newest chapter in the Blumhouse horror franchise INSIDIOUS THE RED DOOR has had the biggest overseas horror debut since 2019. The Patrick Wilson-directed film pulled in $31.4 million from 52 markets, which is also the best for the franchise in like-for-like markets. It follows the domestic result, which beat expectations with a $32.6 million debut. (thanks to

** THE BOOGENS 4K UHD: Coming Soon on 4K UHD from Kino Lorber Studio Classics.

** THE HOME: THE PURGE director James DeMonaco has finally opened up about his upcoming next directorial project with Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson titled THE HOME. Speaking with the Collider web site, DeMonaco described THE HOME as a "heavy horror" movie which will see Davidson playing a graffiti artist who has been sentenced to do community service at a mysterious retirement home. The Bupkis star has been attached to lead the project for more than a year now.

"Not to give too much away, but it's about him. He's a graffiti artist. He gets in trouble with the law and his community service instead of doing jail time, he has to live and become the new super at an old age home," DeMonaco said. "So it's about older generations dealing with the youth in America. Obviously then it kicks into heavy horror and some crazy mythology about what these people are and who they are and what they're doing in this home, how that affects the youth of America." (thanks to

** SUMMONING THE SPIRIT: The film follows Carla (Millie Valdes) and Dean (Reyes) as they decide to escape the hustle of the big city, purchasing a home in the remote forest. They have big plans for their new quiet life, only to find something much more sinister. The couple quickly realize that they are on the land of a cult, and the leader claims a telepathic connection to a legendary flesh-eating beast deep in the woods surrounding them. Carla and Dean are forced to uncover the terrifying truth of the cult's prophecy. Available On Demand everywhere August 8th, 2023.

----- July 7, 2023 -----

** DOOR: After 35 years, Japan's legendary first splatter film is finally coming out!

** THE NUN II: 1956 – France. A priest is murdered. An evil is spreading. The sequel to the worldwide smash hit follows Sister Irene as she once again comes face-to-face with Valak, the demon nun.

** TALK TO ME: Here's the official UK poster for the film by Danny and Michael Philippou, which will be release in UK and US cinemas on July 28th.

** Robert Eggers' NOSFERATU: In a new interview with Empire magazine, Robert Eggers explains that he's hoping to see how far he could push himself and his abilities as a filmmaker:

"I'm trying to go beyond what I'm capable of. As always, it was a difficult shoot. Last night we were doing a scene on a ship with a lot of rain and waves, and the rain deflector, which tries to blow rain out of the lens, was breaking down and fogging.

I spent the past several days working only with Russian sailors on a boat. I'm so happy to have made THE NORTHMAN first and to have learned what I learned. When I think about the production plan of NOSFERATU that we had the first time around, I'm sure I would have somehow pulled it out of my butt, but it's hard not to imagine it being a failure."

Willem Dafoe, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Simon McBurney, Emma Corrin and Ralph Ineson also star in the project, which wrapped filming in May in Eastern Europe. The film doesn't have a release date. (thanks to

----- July 6, 2023 -----

** Blumhouse Productions: Later this year, genre film powerhouse Blumhouse Productions will release the film adaptation of the horror game FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S with the first trailer the other day sparking plenty of conversation on social media. It joins another game-to-film adaptation in the works at Blumhouse which is teaming with James Wan's Atomic Monster label on a film version of Behaviour Interactive's DEAD BY DAYLIGHT.

Speaking with Discussing Film this week, producer Jason Blum was asked if more video game adaptations were in the works at Blumhouse? Looks like Blum is very open to the possibility: "Well, I think the right video games make great source material for movies. I mean, you saw that even with [THE SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE]. It's a different genre, but it was an amazingly successful movie. And I certainly hope that's the case [with FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S]. James is actually a big gamer and we have a games division of our company that we've been working on. I'm definitely looking forward to finding more games that are popular and that we could turn into horror movies." (thanks to

** IT FEEDS: Productivity Media, Inc. (PMI), the film finance and production company has announced that they have partnered with Chad Archibald and Cody Calahan and their Black Fawn Films (BF) for a slate of ten genre titles to be co-produced and financed by PMI. The upcoming ten-picture slate will be curated, developed and produced by Black Fawn with Productivity Media. It will be overseen by PMI Head of Content Navid McIlhargey.

Currently in production is IT FEEDS starring Ashley Greene (TWILIGHT franchise) and Shawn Ashmore (X-MEN franchise). The film tells the harrowing story of a young girl who insists that a malevolent entity is feeding on her. Greene portrays a clairvoyant therapist who must confront her own personal demons to save the girl before she is taken completely. Ashmore takes on the role of the anguished father, desperately struggling to protect his daughter. The film was written and directed by Chad Archibald.

** EVIL JUDGMENT: Coming to Blu-ray in September from Vinegar Syndrome.

** BEAKS (BIRDS OF PREY): Coming to Blu-ray in August from Vinegar Syndrome.

----- July 5, 2023 -----

** ROSEMARY'S BABY 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD in September.

** MY BLOODY VALENTINE 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD in September from Shout/Scream Factory.

** NIGHT OF THE COMET 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD in September from Shout/Scream Factory.

** LOST SOULS: Coming to Blu-ray in September from Shout/Scream Factory.

----- July 4, 2023 -----

** THE PROPHECY 4K UHD: All three films are coming to 4K UHD on Black Friday from Vinegar Syndrome.

** IT LIVES INSIDE: Sam is desperate to fit in at school, rejecting her Indian culture and family to be like everyone else. When a mythological demonic spirit latches onto her former best friend, she must come to terms with her heritage in order to defeat it.

** MAD HEIDI: Raven Banner Releasing and Swissploitation Films are excited to announce the North American digital and physical release of the modern grindhouse epic MAD HEIDI. Following a one night theatrical release across the United States and Canada, MAD HEIDI will bow on Blu-ray, digital and cable VOD (including Prime Video, Amazon, Vudu, Bell and more) July 21st. The Blu-ray will be available in both a standard edition and a Limited Edition Extra Cheese Edition.

** INSIDIOUS & SINISTER crossover: In a recent interview with Cinepop, Blumhouse founder Jason Blum finally shared an update on the INSIDIOUS and SINISTER crossover movie, which was first teased back in 2018. As of now, though, horror fans shouldn't hold their breath.

"I think it would be fun, but we need to find the right story," Blum said. "We developed it for a while, like you said, you're right, we developed it for a while, but we could never think of a big movie. And I didn't want to do one movie just to combine the two franchises. I wanted to make a movie that felt really good. We never had a great idea, but I'm up for it." (thanks to

----- July 3rd, 2023 -----

** BLOOD AND BLACK LACE 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD in September from Arrow Video! Brand new 4K restoration from the original camera negative by Arrow Films. 4K (2160p) UHD Blu-ray presentation in Dolby Vision (HDR10 compatible). Restored original lossless mono Italian and English soundtracks.

** The PSYCHO Collection: Coming to 4K UHD in September from Arrow Video! 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray (2160p) presentations of all four films. New 4K restorations of PSYCHO II, PSYCHO III and PSYCHO IV from the original camera negatives.

** RING 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD in September from Arrow Video.

** EVIL DEAD RISE sequel: Director Lee Cronin has discussed the potential of a sequel. While speaking with the ComingSoon web site, Cronin explained that the possibility of an EVIL DEAD RISE sequel is "a case of seeing if it's right for everybody," while nothing that there is "potential" there.

"I think there's always opportunities and the potential there to bring things to life," Cronin stated. "I think there's a lot of cool aspects to this movie. I think one of the things it maybe has that is a little different to previous movies is a real out-and-out big bad that plays out in that movie in the context of Ellie when she's possessed. So there's definitely fun things to explore.

"I've got great respect for Sam [Raimi], Rob [Tapert], and Bruce [Campbell], as they do for me. It's a case of seeing if it's right for everybody. I think that's ultimately what it comes down to. They're producers, they're creatives. I'm a writer-director, I'm a creative, so we're never going to stop talking about the potential. Some of the things we spoke about was even on set when we were making the movie in the first place. So it's always like a 'watch this space' type of thing. I think if the story's right and the reason to make the movie is right, then I think the potential for more is going to be there." (thanks to

----- June 29, 2023 -----

** FRIGHT NIGHT: Update from CineMusuem. FRIGHT NIGHT will be available in the 4K + 2 Blu-ray steelbook version released by Sony and will contain the first part of the documentary "You're so cool brewster" and special extra contents. FRIGHT NIGHT 2 will be available in Blu Ray version from Master HD. Unfortunately our searches for materials for a 4K rescan were unsuccessful and this master is the best currently available.

** FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S: When the night shift starts, the nightmare begins. October 27th.

** THE DIVE: A dive at one of the world's most remote spots becomes a fight to the death for sisters Drew (Sophie Lowe) And May (Louisa Krause) when a landslide sends rocks tumbling into the sea, trapping May in the depths. As their oxygen runs low, Drew must make life-and-death decisions with no outside help in sight.

----- June 27, 2023 -----

** I STILL KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD on 9/26 from Sony Pictures.

** NIGHTMARES IN A DAMAGED BRAIN 4K UHD: Scanned from the internegative and various foreign print sources to create the most complete version ever assembled.

** NATTY KNOCKS: On Halloween Eve, a small-town babysitter and the kids she is looking after must survive the horrors of serial killer Abner Honeywell.

** THE WALKING DEAD DARYL DIXON: Stranger in a strange land! Daryl (Norman Reedus) finds himself stranded in France, will he be able to find his way back home?

----- June 26, 2023 -----

** THE MONSTER SQUAD 4K UHD: Coming Soon on 4K UHD from Kino Lorber Studio Classics!

** THE LAST HORROR FILM 4K UHD: The film will be available on Severin official web site.

** THE PSYCHIC 4K UHD: Coming from Severin Films. Now scanned in 4K from the original negative with over five hours of new special features that include the 2021 documentary FULCI TALKS.

** THE LAST VOYAGE OF THE DEMETER: Composer Bear McCreary has announced he will score Andre Ovredal's THE LAST VOYAGE OF THE DEMETER film opening in August. In a posting on social media, he thanks Amblin and Universal for "giving me the chance to write a cinematic theme for Dracula". (thanks to

----- June 23, 2023 -----

** PEARL 4K UHD: Coming soon to 4K UHD from Turbine.

** THE BLACK PHONE 4K UHD: Coming soon to 4K UHD from Turbine.

** IT FOLLOWS 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD on 8/28 from Second Sight Films.

** CRIMES OF THE FUTURE 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD on 8/28 from Second Sight Films.

----- June 21, 2023 -----

** THE EXORCIST 4K UHD: Here's a look at the upcoming 50th Anniversary 4K UHD Steelbook.

** NIGHTBITCH: The MPA rating for Searchlight Pictures' upcoming film adaptation of Rachel Yoder's dark comedy novel, NIGHTBITCHh, has been revealed. According to Film Ratings, the Amy Adams-led horror film has been given an R-rating for "language and some sexuality." The release date for NIGHTBITCH has not yet been revealed; it is reportedly scheduled as a Hulu original. (thanks to

** QUICKSAND: Get ready to witness a gripping fight for survival and love as a hike through a Colombian rainforest takes a turn. QQUICKSAND premieres July 14th on Shudder.

----- June 20, 2023 -----

** David Cronenberg's THE SHROUDS: Iconic 80-year-old filmmaker David Cronenberg has officially wrapped filming on his horror movie THE SHROUDS just a month after it began filming in mid-May in Toronto.

The story follows Karsh (Vincent Cassel), an innovative businessman and grieving widower who builds a device to connect with the dead inside a burial shroud. He builds a cemetery where visitors can watch the bodies of their loved ones decompose. He soon re-evaluates his invention when people begin to vandalize the graves, including that of his wife.

Guy Pearce, Diane Kruger, Sandrine Holt, Elizabeth Saunders, Jennifer Dale, Matt Willis, and Steve Switzman co-star in the film which has not set an official release date. Kruger replaced Lea Seydoux, who was originally cast as the female lead. The project is said to be part of an aborted Netflix project, originally conceived as a series until the streamer got cold feet after reading the second episode. (thanks to

** SE7EN: Filmmakers David Fincher and Steven Soderbergh closed out this year's Tribeca Film Festival with a Q&A covering a number of topics where Fincher also revealed he's working on a 4K remaster of his 1995 film SE7EN.

Whilst the film was released on VHS and Laserdisc in 1996, Fincher was involved in a major two-disc special edition DVD in 2000 which used then still fairly new digital color correction with the help of colorist Stephen Nakamura. With the new disc, Fincher says the plan is to go back to the original negative and use modern technology to fix some of the more blatantly problematic stuff that will unflatteringly show up on a 4K image.

"We're doing SE7EN right now, and we're going back and doing it in 4K from the original negative, and we overscan it, oversample it, doing all of the due diligence, and there's a lot of s— that needs to be fixed. Because there's a lot of stuff that we now can add because of high-dynamic range. You know, streaming media is a very different thing than a 35-millimeter motion picture negative in terms of what it can actually retain. So there are, you know, a lot of blown-out windows that we have to kind of go back and ghost in a little bit of cityscape out there."

"On a 100-inch screen, you'll look at it and go, 'What the f—, they only had money for white cardboard out there?'. So that's the kind of stuff on print stock. It just gets blown out of being there. And now you're looking at it, going 'I can see, you know, 500 units of what the f—.'"

You can fix, you know, three percent, five percent. If something's egregious, it needs to be addressed. But, you know, I'm not gonna take all the guns out of people's hands and replace them with flashlights." (thanks to

** MEN BEHIND THE SUN: The trilogy is now available to preorder on Blu-ray at Massacre Video.

----- June 16, 2023 -----

GOREZONE 25th Anniversary!

Twenty five years ago, the Internet was totally different. There was no Facebook, no Instagram, no Twitter, no Smartphones... actually most people had never "surfed" the world wide web. Back in June 1998, I decided to start GOREZONE because of the lack of coverage for the horror genre on the Internet. There was tons of sites dedicated to STAR WARS and STAR TREK, yet apart from a few good horror sites such as and, the net was leaving me wanting for more. GOREZONE was born as the first web site dedicated to daily horror news. 25 years later GOREZONE is still alive, independant and true to its original concept. Never sold out. Never gave up.

Twenty five years is a very long time. Not surprisingly I remember the first day, working on my computer, creating the images in Photoshop and layout in Pagemill. I'd love to thank all the readers and everyone who helped the site through all these years! It means a lot to me. Thank you for believing in GOREZONE and making it the #1 source for bloody daily horror news!

----- June 15, 2023 -----

** Radio Silence's next film: Giancarlo Esposito marks the latest to join SCREAM VI directors Radio Silence's new untitled monster thriller at Universal Pictures. Melissa Barrera, Alisha Weir, Dan Stevens, Kevin Durand, Kathryn Newton, Angus Cloud, and Will Catlett also star in the film, which opens next April. Plot specifics are under wraps. (thanks to

** COBWEB: Eight-year-old Peter is plagued by a mysterious, constant tap, tap from inside his bedroom wall – a tapping that his parents insist is all in his imagination. As Peter's fear intensifies, he believes that his parents (Lizzy Caplan and Antony Starr) could be hiding a terrible, dangerous secret and questions their trust. And for a child, what could be more frightening than that?

** PEPPERGRASS: During a pandemic, a pregnant restaurateur tries to rob a priceless truffle from a reclusive veteran.

** THE SACRIFICE (EL SACRIFICIO): Two sisters have to fight for survival after arriving to a farm owned by their grandmother, an elderly woman stuck in a curse that has been consuming her for years. A horror story based on leyends from all over Latin America.

----- June 14, 2023 -----

** INFINITY POOL 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD Steelbook on 8/29.

** BAD BIOLOGY 4K UHD: Coming soon from a scan in 4K of the camera negative.

** THE DEEP HOUSE 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD on 6/23 from Turbine.

** THE BREACH: Counting down his last days as Chief of Police in the tiny town of Lone Crow, John Hawkins must investigate one last case when a mangled body with uncanny wounds washes up on the shores of the Porcupine River. THE BREACH releases on Digital and VOD July 11, 2023.

----- June 13, 2023 -----

** DEADGIRL: Coming to Blu-ray on 10/24 from Unearthed Films.

** BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE: Coming to Blu-ray on 10/24 from Film Masters.

** John Carpenter's TOXIC COMMANDO: Battle massive hordes of mutated monstrosities to eradicate a supernatural outbreak before it's too late. John Carpenter's TOXIC COMMANDO will be available in 2024 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

----- June 12, 2023 -----

** TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD: Coming to Blu-ray on 10/24 from Synapse Films.

** AUGUST UNDERGROUND MORDUM: Coming to Blu-ray on 10/10 from Unearthed Films.

** LEPRECHAUN remake: Lionsgate is set to reboot its longest-running franchise, with the horror title LEPRECHAUN set to get reimagined for a whole new generation. Felipe Vargas will direct the new feature film from a script by Mike Van Waes. Roy Lee (BARBARIAN) will produce alongside Miri Yoon.

Trimark Pictures created the first film back in 1993 with Warwick Davis starring as a gold-protecting vengeful creature. The film, which marked the big screen debut of FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston, became a surprise moneymaker leading to seven further sequels. WILLOW star Warwick Davis played the character across six of the films. He is not expected to reprise the role for the new iteration. Erin Westerman, president of production for Lionsgate's Motion Picture Group, said in a statement:

"Thirty years after its debut, this franchise still casts a spell, and we're thrilled to be bringing it back with a new vision. Roy and Miri are two of our most trusted producers, especially with this genre, and we're excited by Felipe's vision for the film as a director. In his hands, this movie should be very scary and a ton of fun." (thanks to

** HERETIC: Hugh Grant has begun talks to star in the A24 horror feature HERETIC, which hails from A QUIET PLACE and THE BOOGEYMAN scribes Scott Beck and Bryan Woods. Story details are officially under wraps, but the film is rumored to center on two young women of faith who are lured into a cat-and-mouse game in the home of an eccentric man (presumably Grant). (thanks to

----- June 9, 2023 -----

** TIL DEATH DO US APART: From the creator of FINAL DESTINATION, a runaway bride must fight for survival against her vengeful former fiancé and his seven deadly groomsmen.

** THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE: Coming to Blu-ray Steelbook 6/12 from Bounty Films.

** SKINAMARINK: The DVD Blu-ray Steelbook combo is coming out on 6/20.

----- June 7, 2023 -----

** EDEN LAKE 4K UHD: Here's a look at the upcoming Mediabook 4K UHD edition coming out 8/4.

** INSIDIOUS THE RED DOOR: The further you travel, the more terrifying the journey becomes. The final chapter arrives exclusively in theaters July 7.

** TALK TO ME: From directors Danny and Michael Philippou and starring Sophie Wilde, Joe Bird, Alexandra Jensen, Otis Dhanji, Miranda Otto, and more. TALK TO ME – In theaters everywhere July 28.

** RESIDENT EVIL DEAD ISLAND: In San Francisco, Jill Valentine is dealing with a zombie outbreak and a new T-Virus, Leon Kennedy is on the trail of a kidnapped DARPA scientist, and Claire Redfield is investigating a monstrous fish that is killing whales in the bay. Joined by Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers, they discover the trail of clues from their separate cases all converge on the same location, Alcatraz Island, where a new evil has taken residence and awaits their arrival.

----- June 6, 2023 -----

** GHOULIES 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD on 9/12 from MVD Rewind Collection.

** GHOULIES II: Coming to Blu-ray for the MVD Rewind Collection on 9/12/23.

** CRACKCOON: When a synthetically-altered street drug is discarded in the woods by a drug dealer during a car chase with police, the fallout proves nothing less than horrific when an innocent raccoon eats it, transforming it into a nightmarish killing machine straight from the bowels of hell. With unsuspecting campers, tourists, and residents of a mountain community all in close proximity to the epicenter, no one is safe from the monster's unrelenting rampage.

** RENFIELD: Nearly two months since its theatrical release, the RENFIELD release date on Peacock has finally been revealed for the streaming debut of Universal Pictures' latest horror comedy. The Nicholas Hoult-led movie will be available for streaming on next week, June 9. Despite its all-star cast, RENFIELD had an underwhelming box office performance, as it only earned a worldwide gross of $25 million against a reported budget of $65 million. (thanks to

----- June 1st, 2023 -----

** THE THING 2: John Carpenter himself has teased the possibility of a follow-up at a Q&A at last weekend's Texas Frightmare Weekend. The film's iconic ending sees Keith David's character Childs and Kurt Russell's MacReady sit facing each other in the snow, sharing a bottle of whiskey, each unsure if the other has been assimilated by the creature.

A fan asked Carpenter if Childs has been turned. Carpenter has always dodged the question in the past, but this time though he came up with an answer no-one expected: "I have been sworn to secrecy, okay, because there may be, I don't know if there will be, there may be a THE THING 2."

In recent years there have been reports Blumhouse was developing FROZEN HELL, an adaptation of the expanded and never-before-seen novel-length version of the original WHO GOES THERE? novella by John W. Campbell Jr. upon which the Carpenter film (and the original Howard Hawks film) is based. (thanks to

** TERRIFIER 3: French distributor The Coven has launched world sales on TERRIFIER 3, follow-up to last year's unlikely breakout box office success TERRIFIER 2. Made for just $250,000, the film ended up earning more than $15 million at the global box office and scored very positive reviews from both critics and audiences.

Writer-director Damien Leone and producer Phil Falcone will return to oversee this continuation of the franchise. Also expected back are David Howard Thornton as Art The Clown and Lauren LaVera as Sienna, whilst the budget is set to score a significant increase into the low-mid seven figure range – the aim being to "give the filmmakers more creative freedom". (thanks to

** MY BEST FRIEND IS A VAMPIRE: Coming to Blu-ray on 7/25 from Vestron Video.

** SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE: Coming to Blu-ray in July from Terror Vision.

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