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It's here in the Archives section that you will find the news of the last three months.

----- April 29, 2022 -----

** Giallo essentials: Coming to Blu-ray on 7/26 from Arrow Video US/UK. This set will include; SMILE BEFORE DEATH (1972), THE WEAPON, THE HOUR, THE MOTIVE (1972) and THE KILLER RESERVED NINE SEATS (1974).

** A QUIET PLACE DAY ONE: This is the official title for the upcoming prequel, which is expected to deal with the events of the aliens' arrival on Earth as seen in the early flashback scenes of the sequel. Michael Sarnoski is attached to direct the film which will come before a proper third entry in the main franchise. (thanks to

** HELL HIGH: After finding a postcard for the film last year, HELL HIGH (1989) is coming to Blu-ray from Arrow Video on 7/18.

** THE RIGHTEOUS: Coming to Blu-ray on 7/18 from Arrow Video.

** NIGHT GALLERY SEASON 2: Coming on July 26th from Kino Lorber Studio Classics.

----- April 28, 2022 -----

** Dario Argento TENEBRAE 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD on 7/18 from Arrow Video!

** THE NUN 2: Warner Bros. Pictures has officially confirmed a sequel to THE NUN is being developed and was shown as part of a sizzle reel shown during the studio's CinemaCon presentation. No further details were available including who may be returning and who is directing. James Wan will almost certainly return to produce. (thanks to

** Mondo Macabro update: Here's three of the four upcoming titles for the month of May; HORRIBLE SEXY VAMPIRE (1971), OTHER SIDE OF THE MIRROR (1973) and LOVE BRIDES OF THE BLOOD MUMMY (1973).

** SUBURBAN SASQUATCH: Coming to Blu-ray in August from Visual Vengeance. A mystical Sasquatch is on the loose in suburbia and only a Native American warrioress can stop it.

** L.A. AIDS JABBER: Coming to Blu-ray in August from Visual Vengeance. A guy who has been diagnosed with AIDS decides to get his revenge on the world by attacking people with hypodermic needles filled with his blood.

----- April 27, 2022 -----

** THE BLACK PHONE: Director Scott Derrickson returns to his terror roots and partners again with the foremost brand in the genre, Blumhouse, with a new horror thriller.

** BODIES BODIES BODIES: When a group of rich 20-somethings plan a hurricane party at a remote family mansion, a party game goes awry in this fresh and funny look at backstabbing, fake friends, and one party gone very, very wrong.

** HORROR NOIRE: Coming to Blu-ray 6/28 from RLJE Films. Six horror stories from Black directors and screenwriters in a single film.

** ALL THE SOULS... EXCEPT THE DEAD: Here's the artwork for the upcoming 88 Films edition of Pupi Avati's film coming September 12th.

----- April 26, 2022 -----

** MONSTROUS: A terrifying new horror awaits Laura (Christina Ricci) and her seven-year-old son Cody when they flee her abusive ex-husband and try to settle into a new life in an idyllic and remote lakeside farmhouse. Still traumatized, their physical and mental well-being are pushed to the limit as their fragile existence is threatened. In theaters and On Demand May 13th!

** TURBO KID directors next film: Anouk Whissell, Yoann-Karl Whissell and François Simard, the team behind TURBO KID and SUMMER OF 84, are directing WE ARE ZOMBIES, a comedy based on Jerry Frissen and Guy Davis' cult comic book series "The Zombies That Ate the World."

The trio started shooting the movie on March 29 across various locations around Montreal, Canada, with a young cast led by Alexander Nachi, Megan Peta Hill and Derek Johns. Published by Humanoids, "The Zombies That Ate the World" ran in the legendary magazine Métal Hurlant in 2003 and earned praises from horror legends such as George A. Romero, Joe Dante and Tobe Hooper. (thanks to

** THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES: Coming to Blu-ray on 6/8 from Umbrella Entertainment are THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES and DR. PHIBES RISES AGAIN!

** Umbrella Entertainment retro horror double feature vol.2: Coming to Blu-ray on 6/8 from Umbrella Entertainment are CIRCUS OF FEAR and THE BLOODY JUDGE.

----- April 25, 2022 -----

** DOG SOLDIERS 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD on 7/26 from Second Sight Films.

** TARANTULAS THE DEADLY CARGO: Coming July 5th from Kino Lorber Studio Classics.

** TERROR OUT OF THE SKY: Coming July 5th from Kino Lorber Studio Classics.

** 88 Films update: Coming to Blu-ray in July from 88 Films are KNIFE OF ICE, BEWARE MY BREATHREN, HITCHER IN THE DARK and KILLER'S MOON.

----- April 21, 2022 -----

** 4K UHD horror titles: DOG SOLDIERS, THE FUNHOUSE and CAT PEOPLE 4K UHD released have been delayed to July.

** ANTS: Coming July 5th from Kino Lorber Studio Classics.

** WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING: Coming to Blu-ray on 6/14 from IFC Films. Seeking shelter from a storm, a family find themselves trapped for days with no sign of rescue and untold evils lurking just beyond the walls in this wildly fun house-of-horrors thrill ride.

** FRANK & PENELOPE: While on the run from the law, Frank and his stripper girlfriend, Penelope, find themselves miles from civilization while traveling along a deserted stretch of dirt road. As darkness falls, they come upon a small motel and diner and decide to rest for the night. The next day, after robbing the diner, they suddenly become immersed in a hellish nightmare, When the proprietor of the motel and diner, Chisos, a psychotic, cannibalistic Bible thumper along with his sadistic family, take Frank and Penelope on a life and death journey, where escape is just a heart-pounding breath away. It soon becomes apparent that they are not the first to endure this. But these two will either get out together or "go out" together.

----- April 20, 2022 -----

** A WOUNDED FAWN: Shudder, AMC Networks' premium streaming service for horror, thriller and the supernatural, has announced that its newest Shudder Original Film, horror feature A WOUNDED FAWN, will have its world premiere at the 2022 Tribeca Festival. Shudder will release the film, which is written and directed by Travis Stevens, in North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand in late 2022.

** DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW 2: Coming to Blu-ray and DVD May 10th, 2022. On October 24, 1981, television audiences were terrified when they tuned into CBS to catch the premiere of DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW. This little made-for-TV feature developed into a cult icon and sparked an entire scarecrow-centric subgenre of horror films. More than four decades later, the scarecrow returns in an all-new frightening film, DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW 2.

** CHILDREN OF SIN: After being sent to a sinister religious retreat by their stepfather, two siblings fight to escape in order to save their mother from harm's way.

** DR. LAMB: Stephen Biro and Unearthed Films are serving up the CAT III classic, DR. LAMB, just in time to celebrate the films' 30th anniversary! The film will be fully uncut with uncensored audio for the first time ever from the 2K master. Look for DR. LAMB on Blu-ray and DVD 8/9/22.

A mentally disturbed taxi driver lusts for blood every rainy night, and several young women are brutally murdered. He likes to take photos of the victims' dismembered bodies as his special mementos after sex with their corpses and stores their severed breasts in pickle jars. Inspector Lee and his team are called onto the case in this bizarre, nasty, and notorious CAT III film. Check out the trailer!

----- April 19, 2022 -----

** THE SADNESS: Coming to Blu-ray in May from Raven Banner. Bonus features will include Exclusive o-card by Ricardo Ferllen, Director's commentary, Interview with writer/director Rob Jabbaz, Behind The Scene Featurettes, Film Festival Q&As and Trailers.

** CRIMES OF THE FUTURE: The official teaser art for David Cronenberg's CRIMES OF THE FUTURE has been released, courtesy of NEON. The film will have its world premiere at Festival de Cannes this year.

** AMITYVILLE THE EVIL ESCAPES & AMITYVILLE IT'S ABOUT TIME: Coming soon to Blu-ray from Screenbound Entertainment.

** RENFIELD: Universal Pictures has announced that the Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult-led comedy RENFIELD has officially wrapped principal photography, exactly one year out from its release. Chris McKay helms the dark comedy in which Hoult plays the eponymous long-suffering acolyte of Dracula (Cage) who steps out into the modern world. Awkwafina, Ben Schwartz, James Moses, Shohreh Agdashloo, and Bess Rouss co-star. (thanks to

----- April 14, 2022 -----

** David Cronenberg's CRIMES OF THE FUTURE: As the human species adapts to a synthetic environment, the body undergoes new transformations and mutations. With his partner Caprice (Léa Seydoux), Saul Tenser (Viggo Mortensen), celebrity performance artist, publicly showcases the metamorphosis of his organs in avant-garde performances. Timlin (Kristen Stewart), an investigator from the National Organ Registry, obsessively tracks their movements, which is when a mysterious group is revealed… Their mission – to use Saul's notoriety to shed light on the next phase of human evolution.

** THE SADNESS: Shudder, AMC Network's premium streaming service for horror, thriller and the supernatural, has acquired rights to Canadian director Rob Jabbaz's feature debut THE SADNESS following its impressive festival run that began at the prestigious 74th annual Locarno Film Festival and celebrated screenings at the Fantasia International Film Festival and Fantastic Fest, where the film took awards for Best First Feature in Montreal and for Best Horror and Best Direction in Austin. The film will be available exclusively on Shudder in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand on Thursday, May 12. The film is also coming to cinemas across Canada from Raven Banner Entertainment on April 29th and 30th and a physical release in mid-May.

** THE BLANCHEVILLE MONSTER: Another new Arrow Video postcard was discovered, this time for THE BLANCHEVILLE MONSTER (1963). The young daughter of a crazed count fears that she will fall victim to the family curse - to be sacrificed to fulfill an ancient family legend.

** MARDI GRAS MASSACRE: Here's the artwork for the upcoming 88 Films deluxe edition Blu-ray.

----- April 12, 2022 -----

** THE BOXER'S OMEN: Coming soon from Arrow Video. While in Thailand to avenge his brother who was crippled in a fight with a corrupt Thai boxer, a man gets caught up in a web of fate, Buddhism and black magic.

** ROOM 203: Here's the poster for the upcoming film.

** THE DEVIL'S CANDY: Coming to Blu-ray on 5/4 from Umbrella Entertainment.

** THIRST: Coming to Blu-ray on 5/4 from Umbrella Entertainment.

----- April 8, 2022 -----

** DR. LAMB: The upcoming Unearthed Films Blu-ray of DR. LAMB (1992) now has an 8/9 release date attached to it.

** TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD: Coming soon from Synapse Films in a three disc steelbook edition. The first disc will feature the original Spanish-language and English/Spanish hybrid soundtrack versions along with lossless Spanish PCM 2.0 mono soundtrack and lossless "hybrid" English/Spanish PCM 2.0 mono soundtrack.

** CAT'S EYE 4K UHD: Here's the cover of the upcoming STUDIOCANAL edition to be out May 23rd.

----- April 7, 2022 -----

** BODIES BODIES BODIES: A24 has set an August 5th date for the horror-comedy feature BODIES BODIES BODIES. The story follows a group of rich twentysomethings who plan a hurricane party at a remote family mansion. Soon a party game goes awry and things turn lethal. (thanks to

** SLASHER FLESH & BLOOD: Coming to Blu-ray on 5/17 from Shudder and RLJE Films. A wealthy, dysfunctional family gathers for a reunion on a secluded island only to learn they'll be pitted against one another in a cruel game of life and death, all while being stalked by a mysterious masked killer.

** MAL DE OJO: Producer Cinepolis debuted the poster for Isaac Ezban's upcoming horror flick. Nala, a 13-year-old girl from the city, travels with her family to her grandmother´s home in the countryside, to try to find a cure for her little sister´s mysterious illness...But she´ll soon find her granny is not exactly what she seems. (thanks to

** ROOM 203: When best friends Kim and Izzy move into a dark and mysterious apartment, they become convinced their new home is haunted by evil spirits. As they investigate the tortured history, they unearth a terrifying past of disappearances, demonic rituals and possessions that plagued every former tenant of Room 203.

** THE BABY: The new limited series blends horror and comedy in a surrealist study on motherhood. When a controlling baby with violent powers mysteriously lands in Natasha's lap, she must figure out how to wrestle her life back: She doesn't want a baby. The baby wants her. THE BABY premieres April 24th on HBO Max.

----- April 5, 2022 -----

** DOG SOLDIERS 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD in June from Scream Factory!

** THE FUNHOUSE 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD in June from Scream Factory!

** CAT PEOPLE 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD in June from Scream Factory!

** CONFESSIONS OF A SERIAL KILLER: Coming to Blu-ray on 7/22 in Germany. After being arrested, a Texas man begins confessing to the brutal murder of over 200 women. He recounts his random selection of victims and his traveling companions, his friend and friend's sister. But the police can't be sure whether to believe him or not until he locates a body and shows them some polaroids. Based on the true story of Henry Lee Lucas.

** WHAT JOSIAH SAW: Coming soon to Shudder. A family with buried secrets reunite at a farmhouse after two decades to pay for their past sins. A family with buried secrets reunite at a farmhouse after two decades to pay for their past sins. A family with buried secrets reunite at a farmhouse after two decades to pay for their past sins.

----- April 1st, 2022 -----

** BLOODY MUSCLE BODYBUILDER IN HELL: Coming to Blu-ray on 7/19 from Visual Vengeance.

** THE NECRO FILES: Coming to Blu-ray on 7/19 from Visual Vengeance.

** MAD DOG: Shudder has scored the rights to famed animator, VFX guru and filmmaker Phil Tippett's critically acclaimed experimental animated feature MAD DOG. Three decades in the making, the film will hit limited theaters and debut on Shudder on June 16th. In MAD DOG, a corroded diving bell descends amidst a ruined city, with an Assassin emerging from it to explore a labyrinth of bizarre landscapes inhabited by freakish denizens. (thanks to

** BARBARIANS: Opening in theaters and VOD April 1. Four friends come together for a celebratory dinner party at a country house. But as the night progresses dark secrets emerge and unsettling events begin to unfold around them.

** THE WALKING DEAD: Executive producers Angela Kang and Greg Nicotero took to Instagram to confirm that production on the last episodes of the eleventh and final season of THE WALKING DEAD has officially been completed after over a year of filming in Atlanta. The final eight episodes of the series are expected to debut later this year.

The popular horror drama is currently airing the second part of THE WALKING DEAD final season, with its mid-season finale episode set to premiere this Sunday, April 3 on AMC+ and one week later on AMC. (thanks to

----- March 31, 2022 -----

** CHOOSE OR DIE: After firing up a lost 80s survival horror game, a young coder unleashes a hidden curse that tears reality apart, forcing her to make terrifying decisions and face deadly consequences.

** UZUMAKI: The upcoming Discotek Media Blu-ray of UZUMAKI (2000) now has a street date of 6/28.

** VIRUS 32: A virus breaks out and a chilling massacre rages through the streets of Montevideo. The sick become hunters, and only calm their fever by unscrupulously killing all those not yet infected. Unaware of this, Iris and her daughter spend the day in the sports club where Iris works as a security guard. When the night comes a fight without mercy is about to begin. Their only hope of salvation arrives when they discover that after each attack the infected seem to have 32 seconds of peace before charging again.

** THE WITCH: From Second Sight Films. THE WITCH limited edition will now be delayed until June 20th. We're very sorry to report this, however we have decided to work on a new HDR grade with the involvement of Robert Eggers. We believe the end result will be worth the extra time and work involved and hope fans of the film will agree.

** The Eurocrypt of Christopher Lee Collection 2: Coming to Blu-ray in May from Severin Films. This box set will features DARK PLACES (1972), MURDER STORY (1989), UNCLE WAS A VAMPIRE (1959), SECRET OF THE RED ORCHID (1962) and DRACULA AND SON (1976).

----- March 30, 2022 -----

** IT prequel WELCOME TO DERRY: A prequel to IT is in development at HBO Max, according to a recent report from Variety.

The prequel series, which is currently called WELCOME TO DERRY, will reportedly focus on the ongoings of the town of Derry in the 1960s as it leads up to the events of IT, the 2017 film based on the iconic Stephen King novel. The prequel series will reportedly also include the origins of Pennywise the Clown, the mysterious and supernatural figure that haunts Derry.

According to the report, Andy Muschietti, who directed both IT and 2019's IT CHAPTER TWO, will serve as executive producer for the series alongside Barbara Muschietti — his sister — and Jason Fuchs. The report also notes that both Musichiettis and Fuchs developed the story for the show, with Fuchs writing the script. If the project ends up being made into a series, Andy Muschietti is likely to direct the first episode. (thanks to

** Severin Films: Coming in 2022 from Severin Films are Jess Franco's FACELESS (1987) and The Eurocrypt of Christopher Lee Collection 2. We're very excited to announce the first title in this year's Texas Frightmare Weekend film fest! Severin Films presents Jess Franco's FACELESS starring TFW 2022 guest Brigitte Lahaie! Presented for the first time from an all new 4K master. More screenings to be announced soon.

** MALIGANT 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD on 5/24 in the UK.

** X: Amazon confirms a release date of May 24th for X.

----- March 28, 2022 -----

** Lucio Fulci's DEMONIA: Coming to Blu-ray 6/6 from Arrow Video UK. High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation with a deluxe crucifix-style packaging featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Graham Humphreys.

** WYRMWOOD APOCALYPSE: Rhys is a soldier and a hunter, who lives in the zombie infested wasteland. His job is to capture civilians & deliver them to what's left of the military & the brutal Surgeon General. When Rhys captures a half-zombie-half-human named Grace, he comes to believe is the key to ending the apocalypse. Working with her sister, Maxi, he works to free Grace before she is subjected to horrible experiments!

** CHUCKY season 2: According to the Deadline web site, Oscar nominee Jennifer Tilly has finalized negotiations to reprise her role as Tiffany Valentine in the upcoming second season of CHUCKY. This marks the sixth time that Tilly will be playing appearing as the character, which she first portrayed in the 1998 film BRIDE OF CHUCKY.

In addition, it has also been revealed that Don Mancini's horror-comedy series is planning to make its return this upcoming fall on USA Network and Syfy, which might be around the same time as its debut last year. (thanks to

** EDGE OF SANITY: Coming to Blu-ray 6/21 from Arrow Video with a brand new 2K restoration from the original 35mm camera negative by Arrow Films.

----- March 25, 2022 -----

** MANDY's Panos Cosmatos next film: Four years since MANDY kick started a new phase in the career of Nicolas Cage, filmmaker Panos Cosmatos is returning with his next feature. Titled NEKROKOSM, the science fiction fantasy has Maegan Houang (COUNTERPART) writing the script from a story by her and Cosmatos. Cosmatos will direct.

Dubbed a 'phantasmagorical fantasy nightmare,' the story unfolds deep within a strange galaxy where two lovers are torn apart as they try to survive a malevolent invasion. In addition, Cosmatos will reunite with producer XYZ Films for the project which has been set up at A24 who will finance and handle worldwide releasing. Nate Bolotin will produce. (thanks to

** Vinegar Syndrome: Coming to 4K UHD and Blu-ray in May from Vinegar Syndrome!
- CLOAK & DAGGER (VSU) - 4K UHD and Blu-ray
- THRILLER - A CRUEL PICTURE - worldwide UHD and Blu-ray debut of both official versions
- HORROR HIGH / STANLEY - Blu-ray double feature

** GORE IN VENICE: Now available at Full Moon Features. Also known as GIALLO IN VENICE (previously released by Scorpion Releasing).

** UMMA: Coming soon to Blu-ray from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

----- March 24, 2022 -----

** X: According to a Canadian retail listings, Ti West's X (2022) is coming to Blu-ray on 5/24 from VVS.

** MEN: From writer/director Alex Garland, starring Academy Award nominee Jessie Buckley and Rory Kinnear. MEN – in theaters May 20th.

** BONES AND ALL: MGM has successfully acquired the worldwide distribution rights to Luca Guadagnino's forthcoming coming-of-age romance-horror titled BONES AND ALL, starring Taylor Russell and Oscar nominee Timothée Chalamet. The project marks the CALL ME BY YOUR NAME filmmaker's first feature set in the United States.

"I am delighted that MGM, a studio that so clearly loves filmmakers and respects bold vision, is going to bring my movie into the world and that the amazing work of Timothée, Taylor, Mark, and the rest of the cast will be seen in theaters," Guadagnino said in a statement. "BONES AND ALL could not be in better hands with Kevin Ulrich, Mike De Luca, and Pam Abdy at the helm. I am truly proud to be associated with the iconic lion that has roared at the start of so many of my favorite films over the decades." (thanks to

** RENFIELD: Here's a first look at Nicolas Cage as Dracula. (thanks to

----- March 23, 2022 -----

** TRANSMUTATIONS 4K UHD: Coming Soon on 4K UHD from Kino Lorber Studio Classics with a brand new Dolby Vision HDR Master. Also coming to Blu-ray and DVD.

** SCARE PACKAGE II RAD CHAD'S REVENGE: Shudder, AMC Network's premium streaming service for horror, thriller and the supernatural, and Paper Street Pictures announced the cast and director lineups for the horror-comedy SCARE PACKAGE II RAD CHAD'S REVENGE, the anticipated sequel to the popular anthology film SCARE PACKAGE, streaming exclusively on the service later this year.

Co-created by Aaron B. Koontz and Cameron Burns, the comedic sequel brings back many of the first film's most beloved characters, including Rad Chad himself, Jeremy King, Final Girl Jessie, played by Zoe Graham, and Rad Chad's video store foil Sam, played by comedian Byron Brown. Additional cast joining in on the madness include Rich Sommer, Kelli Maroney, Graham Skipper, Maria Olsen, and Shakira Ja'nai Paye.

** MEN: Here's the new poster for A24's MEN, directed by Alex Garland.

----- March 21, 2022 -----

** SCREAM 6: Paramount Pictures has set a March 31st 2023 release date for the sixth entry in the SCREAM franchise – the film following hot on the heels of this January's fifth entry titled simply SCREAM. Paramount and Spyglass Media produced that film which served as a mini-reboot of the series and grossed $139.5 million globally from a $25 million budget. (thanks to

** RESIDENT EVIL: Here's some posters for the upcoming Netflix adaptation.

** RAWHEADREX 4K UHD: Coming Soon on 4K UHD from Kino Lorber Studio Classics with a brand new Dolby Vision HDR Master.

** INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE series: Eric Bogosian has scored the role of investigative journalist Daniel Molloy in AMC's series adaptation of Anne Rice's novel series INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE which is currently in production.

The story follows Louis de Pointe (Jacob Anderson), Lestat De Lioncourt (Sam Reid) and Claudia (Bailey Bass) – three vampires in an epic story of love, blood and the perils of immortality. Bogosian takes on the role Christian Slater played in the 1994 film. (thanks to

----- March 18, 2022 -----

** SCREAM 6: Courteney Cox has confirmed she's reprising her role as Gale Weathers for the upcoming sixth SCREAM film at Paramount and Spyglass. Appearing on an episode of the Just for Variety podcast, the actress confirmed she had just received the script for the next film in the series is "excited" to get to work:

"I got the script yesterday. I haven't read it yet, I just got it… I'm excited to read it, and I know they're going to start filming… I think, in June, in Canada. I don't know if I'm supposed to say anything. Let me tell you the killer!"

Production for the new film is racing ahead following the fifth installment's debut in January. Radio Silence duo Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett are returning to direct while James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick are writing the script. (thanks to

** RESIDENT EVIL: Netflix has finally announced the release date for its upcoming live-action TV adaptation of RESIDENT EVIL, featuring an ensemble cast led by JOHN WICK alum Lance Reddick. The action-horror drama will be available for streaming on Thursday, July 14. (thanks to

** NIGHT'S END: An anxious shut-in unwittingly moves into a haunted apartment and hires a mysterious stranger to perform an exorcism which takes a horrific turn. Starring Geno Walker, Felonious Munk, Kate Arrington, and Michael Shannon. Written by Brett Neveu and directed by Jennifer Reeder (V/H/S/94).

** SEE FOR ME: A blind young woman caught in the crossfire of a home invasion scheme must rely on an Army veteran via an app to survive in this shocking cat-and-mouse thriller. Starring Skyler Davenport, Laura Vandervoort, Kim Coates, and Jessica Parker Kennedy.

** THE BUNKER: The film comes out today on Shudder.

----- March 17, 2022 -----

** UZUMAKI: The 2000 film is coming later this year from Discotek Media under their new Nihon Nights sub-label.

** NANNY: According to the Deadline web site, Blumhouse and Prime Video have successfully won the global rights to Nikyatu Jusu's acclaimed horror-drama film titled NANNY, which won the Grand Jury Prize award when it had its world premiere at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival. The deal reportedly cost Blumhouse and Prime Video around $7 million which includes a theatrical release commitment. (thanks to

** WATCHER: Julia uproots her life in America to accompany her husband to Bucharest, Romania. As she spends more time alone, she notices a shadowy figure staring from the opposite block. Her curiosity turns to fear when she hears of a murderer in the area.

** THE CELLAR: Keira Woods' (Elisha Cuthbert) daughter mysteriously vanishes in the cellar of their new house. She soon discovers there is an ancient and powerful entity controlling their home that she will have to face or risk losing her family's souls forever.

----- March 15, 2022 -----

** THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD on 5/13 from Studio Hamburg Enterprises in Germany.

** X prequel: Filmmaker Ti West and A24 have announced that a prequel to West's new slasher film X is not only on the way, but it has also already been shot.

Filmed in New Zealand but set in Texas, X follows a 1970s film crew planning to shoot an adult film at a secluded farmhouse owned by a reclusive elderly couple. As night falls, said couple's leering interest in the shoot turns violent.

Mia Goth, Martin Henderson, Jenna Ortega, Scott Mescudi, Brittany Snow, Owen Campbell, Stephen Ure and James Gaylyn star. Shot in secret also on location in New Zealand, the prequel is currently in post-production and sees Mia Goth reprising her role. The first film scored a strong crowd reaction at SXSW. (thanks to

** DEBBIE DOES DEMONS: Coming soon to Blu-ray from Culture Shock Releasing.

** ZOMBIE ISLAND MASSACRE: Previously released by Vinegar Syndrome, ZOMBIE ISLAND MASSACRE is getting a Blu-ray release from Troma.

** Rob Zombie's THE MUNSTERS: Elvira herself, actress Cassandra Peterson, has joined the cast. Zombie announced the news in a Twitter post, revealing Peterson is slipping into a pink plaid suit to play the prim and proper Barbara Carr, the top real estate agent in all of Mockingbird Heights.

Peterson joins a cast that includes Jeff Daniel Phillips as father Herman Munster, Sheri Moon Zombie as mother Lily Munster, Daniel Roebuck as Grandpa Munster, Richard Brake as Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang, Sylvester McCoy as Igor, Catherine Schell as Zoya Krupp, and Jorge Garcia as Floop. (thanks to

----- March 14, 2022 -----

** RED TO KILL: Coming soon to Blu-ray from Error_4444. A psychopath, who attacks women that wear red, runs a home for children with learning difficulties, and rapes a girl there who he sees wearing a red dress, leading to a revenge plot by the girl's social worker.

** HAPPY DEATH DAY 4K UHD: Scream Factory has postponed both 4K UHD edition of HAPPY DEATH DAY and its sequel HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U to May 31st, 2022.

** SCANNER COP 4K UHD: Both SCANNER COP and SCANNER COP II are getting standalone 4K UHD edition from Vinegar Syndrome on 4/26.

** HALLOWEEN ENDS: The final film in David Gordon Green's recent legacy sequel trilogy is done. Filming has now wrapped in Savannah, Georgia after having begun in early January. The project marks Jamie Lee Curtis' final bow as Laurie Strode and will arrive in cinemas in October. (thanks to

** DEATH VALLEY: Coming to Blu-ray on 5/17 from Shudder RLJE Films. Mercenaries with nothing to lose are hired to rescue a bioengineer imprisoned in a cold war bunker. Upon entering the ominous facility, they find themselves in a fight for their lives when they come under attack from an unknown and deadly creature.

----- March 10, 2022 -----

** THE MEG sequel: The film has locked in an August 4th 2023 release date.

** THE CURSED: Coming to Blu-ray on 5/10 from DecalReleasing. In rural 19th-century France, a mysterious, possibly supernatural menace threatens a small village. John McBride, a pathologist, comes to town to investigate the danger - and exorcise some of his own demons in the process.

** THE WALKING DEAD spinoff ISLE OF THE DEAD: AMC has greenlit a new series set in THE WALKING DEAD Universe, starring Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, titled ISLE OF THE DEAD. The first season will consist of six episodes and will premiere on AMC+ and AMC in 2023.

"ISLE OF THE DEAD envisions the popular Maggie and Negan characters traveling into a post-apocalyptic Manhattan long ago cut off from the mainland," reads the synopsis. "The crumbling city is filled with the dead and denizens who have made New York City their own world full of anarchy, danger, beauty, and terror."

Eli Jorné, who has been a writer and co-executive producer on THE WALKING DEAD for multiple seasons and has an overall deal with AMC Studios, will serve as showrunner and executive producer on the series, which is overseen by Scott M. Gimple, chief content officer of THE WALKING DEAD Universe. Cohan and Morgan will also serve as executive producers

"This is a very big day for the expanding universe we are building around THE WALKING DEAD," said Dan McDermott, president of entertainment and AMC Studios for AMC Networks. "It not only adds another compelling series to this collection, it extends our storytelling around two unforgettable characters fans have grown to love, hate or hate and then love in Maggie and Negan, brilliantly inhabited by Lauren and Jeffrey. It also lets us explore a corner of this universe located on the island of Manhattan, with an iconic skyline that takes on a very different meaning when viewed through the lens of a zombie apocalypse." (thanks to

----- March 9, 2022 -----

** THE SADNESS 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD and 4K UHD Steelbook on 4/15 from Capelight Pictures in Germany with English subtitles. A young couple trying to reunite amid a city ravaged by a plague that turns its victims into deranged, bloodthirsty sadists.

** CHILD'S PLAY: Coming to Blu-ray in April from Umbrella Entertainment.

** JOHN AND THE HOLE: A desperate game of survival unfolds after 13 year old John traps his family in a hole in the ground in this unsettling psychological thriller.

** Umbrella Entertainment retro horror: ISLAND OF LOST SOULS (1932) and THE BLACK CAT (1934) are coming to Blu-ray in April from Umbrella Entertainment.

----- March 7, 2022 -----

** CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES: Coming to Blu-ray on 4/11 from 101 Films, which will feature 400 minutes of content across two discs.

** BEHIND THE MONSTERS: Coming to Blu-ray on 5/10 from Shudder and RLJE Films. Examines the horror icons who have broken free of the confines of the film from which they were born and become the stuff of legend.

** Wes Craven's CURSED: The upcoming Scream Factory Collectors Edition Blu-ray of CURSED (2005) has been delayed until 5/10 (originally 4/26).

** UNCLE SAM 4K UHD: Blue Underground 25th Anniversary 4K Restoration of UNCLE SAM hits UHD on June 21st!

** SHARKULA: Coming from Wild Eye Releasing in June 2022!

----- March 4, 2022 -----

** BUZZ CUT: Here's the trailer and poster for the upcoming Kiwi slasher.

** FRESH: Here's the poster for the new film coming out today.

** YOU WON'T BE ALONE: Set in an isolated mountain village in 19th century Macedonia, YOU WON'T BE ALONE a young girl who is kidnapped and then transformed into a witch by an ancient spirit. Curious about life as a human, the young witch accidentally kills a peasant in the nearby village and then takes her victim's shape to live life in her skin. Her curiosity ignited, she continues to wield this horrific power in order to understand what it means to be human.

** M. Night Shyamalan's KNOCK AT THE CABIN: Ben Aldridge and Jonathan Groff are set to join Dave Bautista, Rupert Grint and Nikki Amuka-Bird in M. Night Shyamalan's new film at Universal Pictures. Plot specifics are under wraps with the film set to open February 3rd 2023. (thanks to

** Wes Craven's RED EYE: Coming to Blu-ray on 3/9 from Shock Entertainment in Australia.

----- March 3rd, 2022 -----

** VAMPYR: Eureka Entertainment to release a 2K restoration of Carl Th. Dreyer's VAMPYR, one of the finest and most enduringly mysterious of all horror films, in cinemas (UK & Ireland) and on Blu-ray (for the first time in the UK), unveiled for the film's 90th anniversary. To be release in cinemas on May 20th, 2022 and available on Blu-ray from May 30th, 2022 as a part of The Masters of Cinema Series in a Limited Edition set of 3000 copies featuring a Hardbound Slipcase & 100-page Collector's Booklet.

** FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3: Here's a look at the upcoming 40th anniversary steelbook edition.

** Mondo Macabro update: One thing we can absolutely confirm is that our next batch of titles will feature Jess Franco's long MIA on home video masterpiece THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MIRROR! As for the rest of the year we have such obscure genre goodies as the Spanish film THE HORRIBLE SEXY VAMPIRE and the Japanese Gothic horror HOUSE OF TERRORS aka GHOST OF THE HUNCHBACK, among many others.

** LIFEFORCE 4K UHD: Tobe Hooper's LIFEFORCE (1985) is getting a 4K UHD from Scream Factory in the future!

** UMMA: There is nothing scarier than becoming your mother. Watch Sandra Oh live the nightmare in UMMA, exclusively in movie theaters March 18.

----- March 2nd, 2022 -----

** THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD later in 2022 from Second Sight Films.

** NOPE: Here's the new poster for the upcoming Jordan Peel horror film.

** THE WITCH 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD on 4/19 from Second Sight Films.

** CHUCKY Season One Good Guys Edition: Coming to Blu-ray on 5/2. Slipcase, Chucky, Acetate Artcard, 4 x Artcards and 32-page booklet with character biographies and stills.

** THE CRAFT 4K UHD: THE CRAFT is getting a 4K UHD release in the future from Scream Factory!

----- March 1st, 2022 -----

** SCREAM: SCREAM from Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group arrives for purchase on Digital March 1, 2022 with killer bonus content. The terror comes home on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD on April 5 from Paramount Home Entertainment. In addition, fans can own both the new 2022 movie and the original 1996 hit in a SCREAM 2-Movie Collection on 4K Ultra HD or Blu-ray.

** THE CONVENT: After appearing in their catalog for a few years now, Mike Mendez stated on the Best Movies Never Made podcast that THE CONVENT (2000) and KILLERS (1996) are hopefully coming to Blu-ray in 2022 from Synapse Films.

** DR. LAMB: The infamous and legendary CAT III atrocity in its full uncut form from the 2K master, DR. LAMB (1992) is coming from Unearthed Films in 2022!

** THE BABY: When 38-year-old Natasha is unexpectedly landed with a baby, her life of doing what she wants, when she wants, dramatically implodes. Controlling, manipulative and with violent powers, the baby twists Natasha's life into a horror show. Where does it come from? What does it want? And what lengths will Natasha have to go to in order to get her life back? She doesn't want a baby. The baby wants her.

** CANDYMAN 4K UHD Scream Factory: Coming to 4K UHD 5/24 from Scream Factory.

----- February 28, 2022 -----

** CANDYMAN 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD in May from Arrow Video. New 4K restoration from the original negative, supervised and approved by writer-director Bernard Rose and director of photography Anthony B. Richmond. 4K (2160p) UHD Blu-ray presentation in Dolby Vision (HDR10 compatible) of two cuts of the film, the US R-rated version and the original UK theatrical version featuring alternate, more graphic footage, presented via seamless branching.

** CANDYMAN 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD on 5/23 from Turbine. Limited Edition 4K UHD Mediabook - (4K UHD Blu-ray + Blu-ray).

** RENFIELD: Universal Pictures will release the horror-comedy RENFIELD:, starring Nicholas Hoult and Nicolas Cage, on Friday, April 14, 2023. (thanks to

** SATOR: Coming to Blu-ray in May from Cauldron Films.

** BARBARIANS: Opening in theaters and VOD April 1. Four friends come together for a celebratory dinner party at a country house. But as the night progresses dark secrets emerge and unsettling events begin to unfold around them.

----- February 25, 2022 -----

** NOSFERATU: In 1922 one film changed cinema and defined screen terror. 100 years later, it continues to haunt and terrify audiences. 2022 brings the centenary of the most influential horror film of all time. The turning point in the career of legendary director F.W. Murnau, the screen's first, albeit unauthorised adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula (which itself celebrates its 125th Anniversary this year) features Max Schreck's unforgettable performance as the vampire Count Orlok, the most chilling portrayal of cadaverous evil in film history. Although a court order to destroy the film was successfully brought by Stoker's widow, some copies escaped, and subsequently gave the 20th century some of its defining images of supernatural terror and dread. A decades-long search for the best surviving material and a re-recording of the original score by Hans Erdmann now allows us to see the film exactly as it premiered 100 years ago.

In celebration of the centenary, Nosferatu will be returning to cinemas in the UK & Ireland throughout 2022. Screenings will be announced.

** GIRLS NITE OUT: Coming to Blu-ray on 5/17 from Arrow Video. The 1982 film will be presented in a brand new 2K restoration from 35mm vault elements. High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation with original uncompressed mono audio.

** SISSY: Invited away on a bachelorette weekend, Sissy is stuck in a remote cabin with her high school bully.

** OFFSEASON: Upon receiving a mysterious letter that her mother's grave site has been vandalized, Marie quickly returns to the isolated offshore island where her late mother is buried. When she arrives, she discovers that the island is closing for the offseason with the bridges raised until Spring, leaving her stranded. One strange interaction with the local townspeople after another, Marie soon realizes that something is not quite right in this small town. She must unveil the mystery behind her mother's troubled past in order to make it out alive.

** THE MEG sequel: Sienna Guillory (RESIDENT EVIL RETRIBUTION), Skyler Samuels (THE GIFTED) and Sergio Peris-Mencheta (SNOWFALL) have signed on to the sequel to 2018's giant prehistoric shark film THE MEG at Warner Bros. Pictures. Jason Statham, Cliff Curtis, Shuya Sophia Cai and Page Kennedy are reprising their roles of Jonas Taylor, James Mackreides, Meiying and DJ respectively from the first film.

Jon and Erich Hoeber wrote the script for the new film which Gravity Pictures and Di Bonaventura Pictures are producing. Ben Wheatley (FREE FIRE) is helming MEG 2 THE TRENCH which is currently shooting in the UK ahead of a 2023 release. (thanks to

----- February 23, 2022 -----

** THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD Steelbook on 3/22 from Turbine. Remastered Ultra HD Blu-ray with HDR and Dolby Vision - 60-page booklet on the genesis and the franchise - Four audio commentaries with the filmmakers and actors - Documentaries and interviews The chainsaw business, Grandfather's sewing box, The chainsaw cut, The hallowed ground of the Horrors, A Family Portrait, The Shocking Truth, Flesh Wounds and Off the Hook - House tour with Gunnar Hansen - Removed Scenes and Outtakes - Trailer, TV & Radio Spots and more...

** THE CABIN IN THE WOODS 4K UHD: Best Buy Exclusive 4K Steelbook coming on April 19, 2022.

** John Carpenter update: The currently in production HALLOWEEN ENDS marks the third and final film in David Gordon Green's recent trilogy of movies in a franchise that followed on from John Carpenter's original, its seven sequels, and Rob Zombie's two film reboot. That makes it the thirteenth film overall for the franchise that began 44 years ago. However by the title, it does seemingly suggest it marks an endpoint of sorts – certainly for the recent trilogy, but maybe the franchise as well?

74-year-old Carpenter, who executive produced and composed the scores for the recent trilogy, spoke with and says he's uncertain about whether the franchise would continue after this film:

"Let me explain the movie business to you: if you take a dollar sign and attach it to anything, there will be somebody who wants to do a sequel. It will live. If the dollar sign is not big enough, no matter what, it will not live. I don't know, man. I don't know. This time, I do not know. They really want to end. They're going to shut it off, end it. It's what David has in mind. That's fine."

Producer Jason Blum indicated last year there are "currently no plans" for more HALLOWEEN after HALLOWEEN ENDS is released on October 14th this year.

Separately, Carpenter spoke with THR to promote the 4K UHD release of ESCAPE FROM LA and was asked if there was any film of his he'd like to revisit with a new sequel. He says:

"I would like to do a sequel to THE THING or a continuation, something like that. But I don't know. See, there are a lot of things in this world I don't know."

Back in 2020, Carpenter indicated he and Blum are eventually going to get around to something on that front, saying at Fantasia Fest: "We've talked about – I think he's going to be working on THE THING rebooting THE THING. I'm involved with that, maybe. Down the road"

Talk of new versions of Carpenter's ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA have hit the trades in recent years but neither project seems to have made it out of development. (thanks to

** THE BOOGEYMAN: 20th Century Studios has officially announced that production on Hulu's upcoming film adaptation of Stephen King's short horror story THE BOOGEYMAN has begun in New Orleans. The filming start also comes with the addition of four new cast members who will be joining previously confirmed leads Chris Messina and Sophie Thatcher. (thanks to

** YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER: In a North Dublin housing estate Char's mother goes missing. When she returns Char is determined to uncover the truth of her disappearance and unearth the dark secrets of her family.

----- February 22, 2022 -----

** FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3: Here's the upcoming 40th Anniversary Steelbook US to be out on May 10th from Paramount Home Entertainment.

** THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK 4K UHD: In regards to the timeline on THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK 4K 4K UHD, Pamula Pierce Barcelou has stated that they are still "about 6 months out" on the release and work is ongoing. The August date would coincide with the films 50th anniversary. She also stated that she is partnered with a major retailer and is working on their timeline.

** Stephen King's CAT'S EYE: Coming to 4K UHD on 5/25 from STUDIOCANAL in France.

** TALES OF THE WALKING DEAD: Olivia Munn, Danny Ramirez. Loan Chabanol, Embeth Davidtz, and Jessie T. Usher have joined the AMC episodic anthology series TALES OF THE WALKING DEAD which airs this Summer.

The group join already announced Daniella Pineda, Terry Crews, Parker Posey, Poppy Liu, Anthony Edwards, and Jillian Bell in the series which boasts six standalone episodes set in THE WALKING DEAD universe. (thanks to

----- February 21, 2022 -----

** ALIVE: Here's the artwork for the upcoming Media Blasters Blu-ray of Ryuhei Kitamura's ALIVE (2003).

** GLORIOUS: Ryan Kwanten and J.K. Simmons have been revealed as starring in the supernatural horror movie GLORIOUS which has nearly completed filming. Rebekah McKendry directs from a script by Todd Rigney, Joshua Hull and David Ian McKendry.

Kwanten plays a young man who, spiralling out of control after a bad breakup, finds himself locked inside a rest stop bathroom with a mysterious figure (J.K. Simmons) speaking from an adjacent stall. As he tries to escape, he realizes he is an unwilling player in a situation bigger than he could have imagined. (thanks to

** SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET: Terrence Howard and Cuba Gooding Jr. will lead the Lance Kawas-directed horror film SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET which begins filming this week in Las Vegas.

The story is about the spirit of La Llorona granting a costly wish to the parents of a child by curing her of cancer. In saving the child, the mother loses her beloved husband while the father spirals down the path of self-destruction after borrowing hard money from a ruthless mobster to pay the hospital bills for his daughter. (thanks to

** VIRUS 32: Shudder has acquired the rights to Gustavo Hernández's VIRUS 32. It will be streamed in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the U.K. A rapidly spreading virus transforms people into intelligent, ultra-violent, extra-fast zombie hunters. However, after each wave of attack by the monsters, they're left incapacitated for 32 seconds while they recover their strength. (thanks to

----- February 18, 2022 -----

** Night Shyamalan's KNOCK AT THE CABIN: Rupert Grint and Nikki Amuka-Bird have joined Dave Bautista in M. Night Shyamalan's next film, KNOCK AT THE CABIN for Universal Pictures. Plot specifics are under wraps but Shyamalan will write, direct and produce the film which Universal Pictures will release theatrically on February 3rd 2023. Both actors have worked with the director before on the series SERVANT and the film OLD respectively. (thanks to

** CARRIER: Kate Bosworth is in advanced talks while Ron Perlman and Lin Shaye are attached to star in Renny Harlin's horror-thriller CARRIER. Filming is slated to commence in Fall 2022. The story begins when a mysterious phenomenon leads to mass chaos, a splintering family escapes to a small island…but their troubles are only beginning. Josh Campbell and Matt Stuecken (10 CLOVERFIELD LANE) penned the script. (thanks to

** THE CURSE: In the late 1800s, a man arrives in a remote country village to investigate an attack by a wild animal but discovers a much deeper and sinister force that has the manor and its townspeople in its grip.

** SHE FREAK: Coming to Blu-ray on 3/14 from 101 Films in the UK.

** THE ZODIAC KILLER: Coming to Blu-ray on 3/14 from 101 Films in the UK.

----- February 17, 2022 -----

** V/H/S/94: Here's the artwork for the upcoming Shudder RLJE Films Blu-ray of V/H/S/94, which comes out April 19th.

** SPANISH DRACULA: Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz will co-write and co-direct SPANISH DRACULA, a true story biopic about silent film star and Mexican actress Lupita Tovar who starred in Spanish-language versions of old Universal films like DRACULA. The Weitz brothers are her grandsons and will produce with Andrew Miano and Pancho Kohner. (thanks to

** THE PASSENGER (LA PASAJERA): Here's the trailer for the upcoming Spanish horror film. A shared van in which a man and three women are traveling hits a tourist who is walking in the dark on a secondary road. After getting her into the vehicle to take her to the nearest hospital, the occupants of the old van begin to notice that the new passenger is behaving strangely. They will soon understand that to save their lives they must follow a clear rule: do not sit next to him.

** CROSS OF SEVEN JEWELS: Marco Antonio Andolfi's 1987 horror film is coming to Blu-ray via TetroVideo. Marco Sartori (Marco Antonio Andolfi) becomes a sadistic werewolf after being cursed by a black magic society. Only a jeweled necklace he wears can stop the transformations taking place but one day the precious amulet is stolen while taking a trip from Naples to Rome. (thanks to

----- February 16, 2022 -----

** A QUIET PLACE PART III: John Krasinski revealed that the third main entry in the A QUIET PLACE franchise is now in development and set to debut in 2025. It's not clear what Krasinski's involvement with the project will be outside of producing, but this project is separate from the previously announced spinoff film which is already slated for late 2023. (thanks to

** R.I.P. Alfred Sole: Filmmaker Dante Tomaselli announced that his cousin Alfred Sole, the director of the 1976 horror classic ALICE, SWEET ALICE has unexpectedly passed away at the age of 78.

** FRESH: The film follows Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones), who meets the alluring Steve (Sebastian Stan) at a grocery store and – given her frustration with dating apps – takes a chance and gives him her number. After their first date, Noa is smitten and accepts Steve's invitation to a romantic weekend getaway. Only to find that her new paramour has been hiding some unusual appetites.

** WITHOUT WARNING: Coming May 17th from Kino Lorber Studio Classics.

** THE LONG NIGHT: Coming to Blu-ray on 4/5 from WELL GO USA. A devoted couple's quiet weekend takes a bizarre turn when a nightmarish cult and their maniacal leader come to fulfill an apocalyptic prophecy.

----- February 15, 2022 -----

** NOPE: Oscar winner Jordan Peele disrupted and redefined modern horror with GET OUT and then US. Now, he reimagines the summer movie with a new pop nightmare: the expansive horror epic, NOPE.

** GOOD MADAM (MLUNGU WAM): Shudder have announced that they have picked up Jenna Cato Bass' South African psychological horror GOOD MADAM (MLUNGU WAM). They will stream exclusively on Shudder in late 2022 in all their territories

Tsidi, a single mother, is forced to move in with her estranged mother Mavis, a live-in domestic worker caring obsessively for her catatonic white 'Madam' in an affluent Cape Town suburb. As Tsidi tries to heal her family however, a sinister specter begins to stir. (thanks to

** THE BUNKER GAME: Here's the trailer for the upcoming film.

** Rob Zombie's THE MUNSTERS: The first photo has been released of LOST actor Jorge Garcia's character Floop, the hunchback assistant of Dr. Wolfgang and best friend to Herman Munster, in Rob Zombie's new THE MUNSTERS movie. Sheri Moon Zombie, Daniel Roebuck, Richard Brake and Catherine Schell co-star in the film for Universal Home Entertainment. (thanks to

----- February 14, 2022 -----

** Dario Argento's OCCHIALI NERI: Shudder has acquired Dario Argento's new film, ahead of the film's world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival.

** EVIL DEAD TRAP 2 HIDEKI: From the scriptwriter of AKIRA and director of LUCKY SKY DIAMOND, Izô Hashimoto, EVIL DEAD TRAP 2 HIDEKI is coming to blu-ray in 2022 from Unearthed Films!

A killer is on the loose in Japan. Young women are being horribly mutilated. Aki, a young woman who works as a film projectionist, is haunted by a childlike ghost. Her girlfriend Emi is a TV news reporter covering the horrible mutilations. Emi introduces Aki to Kurahashi, a married man with a haunted past. Everyone involved has a dark secret and something evil is taking control of them. They are pawns in a game being played by forces beyond their understanding. This eerie descent into madness takes us on a journey into the abyss and the terrible truth is finally revealed!

** BLOOD COUNT: Oscar-winning SPIDER-MAN INTO THE SPIDER_VERSE co-director Peter Ramsey is headed to live-action as he will take the helm of the period vampire thriller BLOOD COUNT at Paramount Pictures and SpringHill.

The project is dubbed a film noir social thriller set in 1950s Los Angles with supernatural elements. The project is also loosely inspired by the life of Ramsey's jazz musician father. Ramsey reportedly wrote the script as a spec and will direct the feature which is in the early development stage. LeBron James, Jamal Henderson and Spencer Beighley will produce. (thanks to

** CHRISTMAS CRUELTY!: Coming to Blu-ray Christmas 2022 from Unearthed Films. We follow a serial killer and his victims as they all prepare for Christmas in their own ways. This year it doesn't matter if you have been naughty or nice, Santa is coming to town no matter what, and he knows where you live.

----- February 11, 2022 -----

** Vinegar Syndrome update: Here's the new releases from Vinegar Syndrome including two new 4K UHD titles.

** THRILLER A CRUEL PICTURE 4K UHD: From Vinegar Syndrome. Just a quick update on the status of our filmmaker authorized and special features loaded 4K UHD/Blu-ray edition of THRILLER.

Work is well underway on our exclusive new restoration of THRILLER, in preparation for its world premier UHD/BD release this May! The completely uncut and uncensored 16mm AB Roll Camera Negative (which has never before been accessed) is currently being scanned in 4K and will be graded under the supervision of director Bo Arne Vibenius, who will also be participating in the bountiful special features planned for the disc.

As there has lately been some confusion over the status of the film, we'd also like to confirm that ours is the only current and planned release which has been licensed from and authorized by its original copyright holder, BAV Film AB, via its successor, Channel 1 Home Video AB.

** FIRESTARTER: Here's the trailer and poster for the new adaptation of Stephen King's classic thriller from the producers of THE INVISIBLE MAN.

** SHAPELESS: Ivy has everything a woman would want. She's beautiful and has an incredible singing voice that has allowed her dream of being a jazz singer in New Orleans become a reality. However, at home, the line between nightmares and reality fracture as her personal demons threaten to turn her to something monstrous.

----- February 10, 2022 -----

** CHUCKY Season one: Here's the front and back cover for the upcoming Blu-ray edition to be out April 12th.

** MEN: Check out the A24 Men trailer for the upcoming film starring Jessie Buckley, Rory Kinnear, and Paapa Essiedu.

** THE SEED: This blacky comic supernatural horror film - written and directed by Sam Walker - sees the desert getaway of longtime pals Deidre (Lucy Martin), Heather (Sophie Vavasseur), and Charlotte (Chelsea Edge) go horribly awry when a meteor shower ushers in an alien invasion. A battle to the death with galaxy-wide implications ensues in THE SEED, debuting exclusively on Shudder on Thursday, March 10.

** NIGHT'S END: Shudder, AMC Networks' premium streaming service for horror, thriller and the supernatural announced the release for Jennifer Reeder's upcoming film NIGHT'S END starring Geno Walker, Kate Arrington, Felonious Munk and Michael Shannon. A Shudder Original Film, NIGHT'S END is set for release in North America, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Ireland on Thursday, March 31.

----- February 9, 2022 -----

** NOPE: Only in theaters 7.22.22. Universal Pictures has not revealed anything about the movie's storyline at this time beyond a single poster depicting a mysterious cloud hovering over a small town.

** MEN: A24 has released the first poster for Alex Garland's MEN, starring Academy Award nominee Jessie Buckley. The film begins when a young woman goes on a solo vacation in the English countryside after the death of her ex-husband.

** FLUX GOURMET: A sonic collective who can't decide on a name takes up a residency at an institute devoted to culinary and alimentary performance. The members Elle di Elle, Billy Rubin and Lamina Propria are caught up in their own power struggles, only their dysfunctional dynamic is furthermore exacerbated when they have to answer to the institute's head, Jan Stevens. With the various rivalries unfolding, Stones, the Institute's 'dossierge' has to privately endure increasingly fraught stomach problems whilst documenting the collective's activities.

** MARDI GRASS MASSACRE: Coming to Blu-ray in June from 88 Films.

** Bloody 70's horror double feature: Coming to Blu-ray 6/7 from VCI Horror Movies. René Cardona's BLOODFEAST (1972) and MARY, MARY, BLOODY MARY.

----- February 8, 2022 -----

** Dario Argento's new film: Coming February 24th in Italy is OCCHIALI NERI (BLACK GLASSES). Diana, a young woman who lost her sight, finds a guide in a Chinese boy named Chin. Together they will track down a dangerous killer through the darkness of Italy.

** X: Here's the first posters for the upcoming horror film.

** BEYOND EVIL: Coming to Blu-ray on 6/7 from Troma.

** Sion Sono's WHY DON'T YOU PLAY IN HELL?: Coming to Blu-ray on 6/7 from Giant Pictures.

** INSIDIOUS 5: In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Patrick Wilson confirmed that production on Blumhouse's forthcoming fifth installment to the horror franchise INSIDIOUS is expected to begin sometime this spring. It has been over a year since the project was first announced, and now Wilson has finally opened up about his directorial debut's pre-production process.

"It's something that I'm super passionate about, and there hasn't been a day since they pitched me the idea that I haven't been all in," Wilson shared. "It's been a lot of work by Scott Teems, the writer, and me. And Leigh Whannell has helped out obviously a ton, and of course Blumhouse is a great partner. I've done a bunch of stuff with them, so I couldn't be happier to have my first experience with a very helpful and comfortable group of people that, for some reason, trust me. So, we'll see." (thanks to

** RENFIELD: Filming on the project has just begun in New Orleans according to this Instagram post. Ryan Ridley penned the script which centers on Renfield, the deranged acolyte who has grown sick and tired of his centuries as Dracula's lackey.

----- February 7, 2022 -----

** MEG 2 THE TRENCH: Filming has officially begun in the UK on the sequel to the Jason Statham-led prehistoric shark film THE MEG. MEG 2 THE TRENCH is filming at Warner Bros. owned Leavesden Studios outside London, the same place where the Harry Potter and Batman franchises were shot.

Ben Wheatley takes over from Jon Turteltaub as director of the follow-up to the first film which made $530 million worldwide. Statham and Bingbing Li are expected to reprise their roles while screenwriters Dean Georgaris, Erich Hoeber and Jon Hoeber are also returning. (thanks to

** COMBAT SHOCK: Coming to Blu-ray on 6/7 from Troma.

** THE CELLAR: Shudder have just announced that they have acquired Brendan Muldowney's horror flick, THE CELLAR. Starring Elisha Cuthbert and Eoin Macken, THE CELLAR will have its world premiere at SXSW in March.

Keira Woods' daughter mysteriously vanishes in the cellar of their new house. She soon discovers there is an ancient and powerful entity controlling their home that she will have to face or risk losing her family's souls forever. (thanks to

** GORE IN VENICE: Coming to Blu-ray on 6/7 from Full Moon Features. Director Mario Landi's notorious 1979 Italian thriller GORE IN VENICE (aka GIALLO IN VENICE) remains one of the most harrowing examples of the European horror film, a shocker filled with sex, violence and graphic gore galore!

** MONSTER MAN: Coming to Blu-ray on 3/7 from 101 Films.

----- February 4, 2022 -----

** THE BOY BEHIND THE DOOR: Coming to Blu-ray on 3/15 from RLJE Films Shudder.

** VICIOUS FUN: Here's the cover for the upcoming Blu-ray release.

** SCREAM 6: Having made over $100 million worldwide in theaters since it opened last month, the recent fifth SCREAM film is set to get a follow-up. SCREAM 6 has officially been ordered by Paramount and Spyglass with shooting to kick off this Summer. No plot details are available at present.

The Radio Silence team of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett are returning to direct, while James Vanderbilt & Guy Busick are also back to write the script. All worked in those capacities on the most recent film. Creator Kevin Williamson, Chad Villella, Gary Barber and Peter Oillataguerre are executive producing. (thanks to

** ALONE WITH YOU: Available On Demand February 4th, 2022.

** ZEDER: Coming to Blu-ray on 4/25 from 88 Films is ZEDER (REVENGE OF THE DEAD - 1983).

----- February 3rd, 2022 -----

** STARVE ACRE: Former DOCTOR WHO star Matt Smith and SAINT MAUD actress Morfydd Clark are set to star in Daniel Kokotajlo's stylistic supernatural horror film STARVE ACRE. Filming begins this Spring in the UK.

The film is based on Andrew Michael Hurley's novel and explores inherited trauma and loss within a world ruled by supernatural folklore. The actors play a disconnected couple in 1970s England who are worried about their son's strange behaviour. (thanks to

** DEATH GAME: From Grindhouse Releasing. Due to a manufacturing issue, there will be a slight delay in the release of the DEATH GAME Blu-ray. We expect to ship the limited edition Blu-ray to our customers in March.

While this is extremely frustrating for all of us, we made the decision to reprint the slipcovers, outer wrap and booklet rather than compromise the presentation of this long-awaited release.

** THE EXORCISM OF GOD: Here's the trailer for the upcoming film.

** UNCLE SAM 4K UHD: Here's the artwork reveal for the upcoming Blue Underground 4K UHD of Bill Lustig's UNCLE SAM (1996). This release will feature a limited edition lenticular slipcover.

----- February 2nd, 2022 -----

** THE LIVING DEAD IN MANCHESTER MORGUE: The film will get a standard edition (wide-release) Blu-ray from Synapse Films on 6/7. This comes from an exclusive new 4K restoration from the original 35mm camera negative.

** Wes Craven's CURSED: Coming to Blu-ray on 4/26 from Scream Factory, which will contains both 97/99 minutes cuts according to the listing.

** NIGHT CREATURES: Coming to Blu-ray on 4/19 from Scream Factory.

** Vinegar Syndrome: Here's a look at some of their upcoming releases.

----- February 1st, 2022 -----

** TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: After nearly 50 years of hiding, Leatherface returns to terrorize a group of idealistic young friends who accidentally disrupt his carefully shielded world in a remote Texas town.

** TENTACLES: Coming to Blu-ray on 4/12 from Kino Lorber Studio Classics.

** HAPPY DEATH DAY 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD on 4/26 from Scream Factory.

** Dr. Phibes double feature: Coming out April 12th from Kino Lorber Studio Classics are both THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES and DR. PHIBES RISES AGAIN!

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