It's here in the Archives section that you will find the news of the last three months.

----- April 30, 2019 -----

** DRACULA: The upcoming three-part DRACULA series from BBC and Netflix is finally heading into production after adding six new stars to the cast, including SHERLOCK's Jonathan Aris, and enlisting three directors to helm each part, according to Variety. The series is inspired by Bram Stroker's classic novel and was written and created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. The 90-minute episodes will re-introduce the world to Dracula in 1897 Transylvania where the blood drinking Count is drawing his plans against Victoria London. (thanks to

** LUZ: A German stylish demonic possesion movie.

** YOU MIGHT BE THE KILLER: As Sam flees from a masked killer at camp, it slowly dawns on him that HE might be the killer. With the help of his film buff friend Chuck, Sam navigates through horror movie tropes to try and make it out of this plot alive.

----- April 29, 2019 -----

** 3 FROM HELL: The third film in director Rob Zombie's horror trilogy, now has an R-Rating courtesy of the MPAA, a decision that should shock exactly zero people. Zombie announced the news on his Instagram page. (thanks to

** CHILD'S PLAY remake: The MPAA hasn't yet handed out an official rating for the upcoming remake of 1988 horror classic, but producer Seth Grahame-Smith has spoken with the Cinema Blend web site and wants to assure horror fans it will earn an R-rating.

Mark Hamill will voice the killer Buddi doll 'Chucky' who in this version has had his programming code hacked so that he has no limitations to learning and also violence. Aubrey Plaza stars as a mother who gives her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman) the toy doll for his birthday, unaware of its more sinister nature.

According to Grahame-Smith, there's plenty of gore and intensity to go around in the new film: "[This] Chucky… is driven by something different than he is in the original series, when he's Charles Lee Ray and he's just a truly psychopathic killer in the body of a doll… Then, above all that, there's just the intensity, the gore, the fact that the [remake] movie is rated R, that it really does go there when it goes there. I think the movie looks big, is much bigger than a lot of movies that are our size – very affordable movie, we are. But we had big ambitions. Those are, I'd say, the primary things we're going for."

One change according to Grahame-Smith is the film puts more focus on the younger characters with Andy much more proactive in this one: "We knew that one of the differences we wanted to do here was to ultimately put more pressure on kids having to do this than in the original movie where it's Karen and Detective Mike, primarily Detective Mike, hunting this [doll] down."

Brian Tyree Henry, Beatrice Kitsos, Ty Consiglio and Carlease Burke also star in the new CHILD'S PLAY which opens June 21st. (thanks to

** THE CONJURING 3: Director Michael Chaves, who also helmed the James Wan-produced THE CURSE OF LLORONA, is currently hard at work at on the third installment of the horror franchise, and to prove it he posted some art from the upcoming horror sequel on his own website.

While it doesn't reveal much about the story, it does include a quote from Patrick Wilson's Ed Warren, which reads: "Diabolical forces are formidable. These forces are eternal, and they exist today. The fairy tale is true. The devil exists. God exists. And for us, as people, our very destiny hinges upon which one we elect to follow." (thanks to

** PLAY OR DIE (PUZZLE): Here's the teaser for the film directed by Jacques Kluger.

PLAY OR DIE (PUZZLE) Directed by Jacques Kluger - OFFICIAL TEASER 2019 from BOBURST Productions on Vimeo.

----- April 25, 2019 -----

** SALEM'S LOT remake: According to the Deadline web site, James Wan and IT writer Gary Dauberman are set to adapt SALEM'S LOT, King's 1975 horror novel. In the text, Author Ben Mears returns to 'Salem's Lot to write a book about a house that has haunted him since childhood only to find his isolated hometown infested with vampires. While the vampires claim more victims, Mears convinces a small group of believers to combat the undead. (thanks to

** NIGHTMARE ALLEY: Variety is reporting that Oscar winners Leonardo DiCaprio and Guillermo del Toro are teaming up for the horror film NIGHTMARE ALLEY from Fox Searchlight. The film would mark Del Toro's first directorial effort since his Academy-Award winning THE SHAPE OF WATER.

The story, written by Del Toro and Kim Morgan, will be based on the novel of the same name by William Lindsay Gresham, previously adapted into a movie by Fox in 1947. The novel "follows the exploits of Stanton Carlisle, a ruthless hustler who learns the tricks of the carny trade and uses them to establish himself as a spiritual guru, preying on the wealthy and the weak." (thanks to

** DON'T CLICK: Vortex Words + Pictures is proud to announce that principal photography on their new production DON'T CLICK has commenced in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Shooting is expected to be completed in May 2019 with the film being released later this year. DON'T CLICK is a supernatural thriller directed by Centennial College Film Graduate G-Hey Kim, with the premise being adapted from Kim's award-winning short student film of the same name.

** Black Fawn VOD: – Black Fawn Distribution has announced the launch of their new Canadian Video on Demand service entitled Black Fawn VOD (Black Fawn Video on Demand). The site officially launched last week to coincide with National Canadian Film Day and can be visited at the following link:

Black Fawn VOD launches with ten titles. Fans can now digitally rent films via their credit card for a 72 hour period. New releases and additional catalog titles will be added each month while a membership option is expected to arrive in the near future.

----- April 22, 2019 -----

** CHILD'S PLAY remake: Aubrey Plaza stars as a mother who gives her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman) a toy doll for his birthday, unaware of its more sinister nature. Brian Tyree Henry, Beatrice Kitsos, Ty Consiglio and Carlease Burke also star. Lars Klevberg helms from a script by Tyler Burton Smith. The film opens June 21st.

** THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA: The film outpaced expectations and snagged $26.5 million in its opening bow in the United States, dominating a terrible weekend overall where the total U.S. box-office ticket sales came in at a combined $112 million – the worst Easter weekend showing since 2005. It also opened internationally and collected a further $30 million for a global opening weekend haul of $56.5 million – well above its $9 million production budget. (thanks to

** Stephen King's REST STOP: The Deadline web site is reporting that Stephen King's short story is being developed into a film adaptation for Legendary Entertainment. The story is described as a propulsive cat and mouse thriller, following the twisted journey of two women after a fateful encounter at a highway rest stop. (thanks to

** THE VELOCIPASTOR: A man of the cloth turns Jurassic in Wild Eye Releasing's THE VELOCIPASTOR – coming later this year from the reputable genre label!

----- April 19, 2019 -----

** CHILD'S PLAY remake: Time to play. The full trailer is finally here. From the producers of IT comes a modern reimagining of the horror classic. CHILD'S PLAY hits theaters June 21.

** THE LODGE: The slow burn horror tale follows a young woman and her reticent new stepchildren who find themselves isolated in the family's remote winter cabin, locked away to dredge up the mysteries of her dark past and the losses that seem to haunt them all. Riley Keough, Jaeden Martell, Richard Armitage and Alicia Silverstone co-star in the film which is slated to open later this year States-side. Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz direct. (thanks to

** Albanian Extreme Horror THE OBSESSED: THE OBSESSED and is a movie inspired by the real case of Ricardo Lopez, Bjork's stalker. THE OBSESSED is a psychedelic journey filled by practical FX recalling the 80's and 90's vibes.

----- April 18, 2019 -----

** CHILD'S PLAY remake: Here's a new poster for the upcoming film.

** THE HORROR OF DOLORES ROACH: Blumhouse Television has acquired the rights to Gimlet Pictures' hit horror podcast THE HORROR OF DOLORES ROACH with plans to develop it as a scripted TV series. Aaron Mark, who wrote the fictional podcast, pens and directs the series adaptation and will co-executive produce alongside Chris Giliberti, Justin McGoldrick, Jason Blum, Marci Wiseman and Jeremy Gold.

The story follows the titular Dolores who returns to a New York City neighborhood that has changed drastically during the sixteen years she has been in prison. Recognized only by an old stoner friend who lets her give massages for cash in the basement apartment under his dilapidated empanada shop, she is soon driven to extremes to survive – leaving in her wake a string of strangled massage clients. (thanks to

** FEAR STREET: The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Gillian Jacobs has joined the cast of the film adaptation of R.L. Stine's bestselling book series. The intended trilogy will be set in three different time periods, 1994, 1978, 1666, with Jacobs set to play a character in each. In the 1994 setting, she'll play a summer camp maintenance worker. (thanks to

----- April 17, 2019 -----

** CHILD'S PLAY remake: Here' our very first look at the new Chucky, voiced by Mark Hamill.

** Sam Raimi untitled horror film: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Screen Gems is developing a new horror film with THE EVIL DEAD creator Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert producing through their Ghost House Pictures (DRAG ME TO HELL) banner. Set to be written by HELL FEST and POLAROID writer Blair Butler, the untitled project is being described as a supernatural thriller that will follow the story of a young woman who is invited to a lavish destination wedding, unaware of the horrors that await. Further details about the film is still being kept under wraps. (thanks to

** THE NUN sequel: Screenwriter Akela Cooper (HELL FEST) has been set to pen the script for a follow-up to 2017's THE NUN, a spin-off film in Warners' ever-growing THE CONJURING universe. To date, the various films of the series have pulled in $1.57 billion at the global box office, and THE NUN is the highest grossing entry to date with more than $365 million worldwide. The yet-to-be-titled THE NUN sequel will be produced by James Wan and Peter Safran. (thanks to

** THE WIND: An unseen evil haunts the homestead in this chilling, folkloric tale of madness, paranoia, and otherworldly terror. Lizzy (Caitlin Gerard) is a tough, resourceful frontierswoman settling a remote stretch of land on the 19th-century American frontier. Isolated from civilization in a desolate wilderness where the wind never stops howling, she begins to sense a sinister presence that seems to be borne of the land itself, an overwhelming dread that her husband (Ashley Zukerman) dismisses as superstition. When a newlywed couple arrives on a nearby homestead, their presence amplifies Lizzy's fears, setting into motion a shocking chain of events. Masterfully blending haunting visuals with pulse-pounding sound design, director Emma Tammi evokes a godforsaken world in which the forces of nature come alive with quivering menace.

----- April 16, 2019 -----

** CHILD'S PLAY remake: Orion Pictures and MGM have confirmed that Emmy Award-winning composer Bear McCreary (THE WALKING DEAD) has been set to compose the score for the upcoming CHILD'S PLAY remake opening in June.

** MONSTER PROBLEMS: According to the Collider web site, Australian actor Dan Ewing has been tapped to join Dylan O'Brien in Paramount Players' upcoming post-apocalyptic film MONSTER PROBLEMS. Ewing is set to portray the role of Cap, who is described as as a perfect human specimen liken to Thor and Bear Grylls. (thanks to

** THE PERFECTION: A troubled musical prodigy (Allison Williams) seeks out the new star pupil of her former school (Logan Browning) with shocking consequences in this elegant and terrifying suspense ride, the most buzzed-about movie at last year's Fantastic Fest.

** DEAD TEENAGER SEANCE: A group of dead teenagers spending their after-lives in Limbo decides to wreak vengeance upon their killer by summoning him to the world of the dead.

"Dead Teenager Séance" (2018) | Official Trailer from Dante Vescio on Vimeo.

----- April 11, 2019 -----

** POLTERGEIST remake: MGM and filmmakers Anthony & Joe Russo's AGBO Films label, are teaming up. The brothers are set to serve as 'spiritual creative architects' and will co-develop, co-produce and co-finance a number of projects reviving properties in the MGM library. One of the is yet another POLTERGEIST. (thanks to

** CHAMBERS: Netflix has released the official CHAMBERS trailer for the series' first season starring Uma Thurman. CHAMBERS centers on a young heart attack survivor who becomes consumed by the mystery surrounding the heart that saved her life. However, the closer she gets to uncovering the truth about her donor's sudden death, the more she starts taking on the characteristics of the deceased — some of which are troublingly sinister. Thurman will play Nancy, the mother of the heart donor who forges a hesitant relationship with the young recipient only to find her daughter may not be as dead as she thought.

** KUWARESMA: Filipino star Sharon Cuneta stars as the matriarch of a rural family whose son returns home from school following the death by suicide of his twin sister. Is there abuse in the home? Oh, almost certainly. But there's a whole lot more lurking there as well. (thanks to

----- April 10, 2019 -----

** THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA: Have you heard her crying? Have you felt the sting of her tears? Experience THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA as she searches for children to replace her own, in cinemas May 3.

** BOO!: In select theaters and On-Demand, April 12, 2019. A torn suburban family refuses to heed the warning delivered by an innocent prank, causing an unknown supernatural force to wreak havoc.

** BOYFRIEND: Indie media company Oakhurst Entertainment has acquired the horror thriller BOYFRIEND, written by a Seth Sherwood, who co-scripted HELL FEST for CBS Films. Sherwood will also direct the film under the newly formed BloodList banner. Oakhurst is financing the project, which aims to begin shooting this summer, and will produce alongside Brillstein Entertainment.

The pic follows a bullied teen girl who creates an imaginary perfect boyfriend to impress others… but her dream turns to a nightmare when he becomes real. "This is a story I've been dying to tell for ages. Our teenage years make up such a tiny fraction of our life, and yet somehow, tend to define and shape the decades that follow," said Sherwood. "Being a teenager is a horror story in and of itself— so taking all those teen insecurities and neuroses and manifesting them in the form of a literal monster is something I find both endlessly fun and terrifying." (thanks to

** EIGHT FOR SILVER: Boyd Holbrook, Kelly Reilly, and Alistair Petrie are set to star in ANTHROPOID director Sean Ellis' 19th-century horror feature for LD Entertainment. Set in the French countryside, the period spooker has Holbrook playing pathologist John McBride who is assigned to determine if the body of a fourteen-year-old boy found in the woods is the work of a man or a beast.

McBride is then welcomed as a guest into the family home of a local wealthy landowner, Seamus Laurent (Petrie), and his wife Isabelle (Reilly), who share that their own son, a friend of the victim, has been missing for two weeks. Distraught and determined to keep her daughter safe, Isabelle finds comfort in the arrival of John while he is forced to confront the horrors of his own dark past. (thanks to

** ONE CUT OF THE DEAD: The Japanese zombie comedy is heading to Shudder. Variety reports that the AMC-owned horror streaming service has acquired the North American rights to the low-budget horror flick, with plans to launch in Australia and New Zealand later this year. The film comes from writer/director Shin'ichirô Ueda, who made the film for a mere $27,000. So far, it's played at over 100 film festivals around the globe, and raked in more than $30 million at the box office. (thanks to

----- April 9, 2019 -----

** THE WALKING DEAD: AMC has announced they're launching a brand new THE WALKING DEAD spin-off series centered around two young female protagonists. Set to debut in 2020, the untitled project will be the third installment in THE WALKING DEAD TV franchise. Production will commence this summer in Virginia. (thanks to

** PET SEMETARY remake: Paramount's release of PET SEMETARY delivered an estimated $25 million at the box office, which is in line with studio expectations for the $21 million production. The performance ranks as the second largest opening for a Stephen King adaptation, behind only 2017's monster hit IT. The film received a "C+" CinemaScore with 52% of the opening weekend crowd coming in female while 58% of the audience was aged 25 years or older.

Internationally, PET SEMETARY opened in the first 46 international markets, representing 73% of the marketplace, and grossed $17.3 million. The performance was led by a $3.1 million opening in Russia followed by the UK ($2m), Mexico ($2m) and Germany ($1.5m). The film will open in France and Korea next weekend followed by a May 9 release in Brazil. (thanks to

** MIDSOMMAR: The Deadline web site has brought word that MIDSOMMAR, Ari Aster's upcoming follow-up to his acclaimed psychological horror film HEREDITARY from A24, has been moved up by the indie studio a whole month from its original August 9 release date to its new July 3 release. (thanks to

** THE MENU: Emma Stone and Ralph Fiennes are being sought to star in Alexander Payne's new comedic horror-thriller THE MENU. Will Tracy and Seth Reiss penned the script while Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Betsy Koch.

Set in the world of high-end culinary culture, the story follows a young couple who travel to a remote island to attend an exclusive restaurant where the acclaimed chef (Fiennes) has prepared a lavish tasting menu, along with some shocking surprises. (thanks to

----- April 8, 2019 -----

** ARMY OF THE DEAD: The Deadline web site reports that Dave Bautista will star in Zack Snyder's ARMY OF THE DEAD. Bautsita marks the first cast member for the long-in-development movie from Snyder. The plot, which was conceived by Snyder and written by Joby Harold, follows a man who recruits a group of mercenaries to pull off the ultimate heist amidst a zombie apocalypse. (thanks to

** THE MEG sequel: According to an interview with Lorenzo di Bonaventura, a sequel is being worked on.

** EXTREMELY WICKED, SHOCKINGLY EVIL AND VILE: A chronicle of the crimes of Ted Bundy from the perspective of Liz, his longtime girlfriend, who refused to believe the truth about him for years. Directed by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Joe Berlinger and starring Zac Efron, Lily Collins, Kaya Scodelario, Jeffrey Donovan, Angela Sarafyan, Dylan Baker, Brian Geraghty, Terry Kinney, Haley Joel Osment, James Hetfield, Grace Victoria Cox with Jim Parsons and John Malkovich. The film launches on Netflix May 3, 2019.

** DEAD TRIGGER: When a mysterious virus kills billions and turns many others into bloodthirsty zombies, Captain Walker (Dolph Lundgren) leads an elite team to destroy them and save the world. Saban Films will release DEAD TRIGGER in theaters and On Demand on May 3rd.

** MA: Here's the poster for the upcoming film, which stars Academy Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer.

----- April 5, 2019 -----

** THE CONJURING 3: New Line Cinema has set the release date for producer James Wan's forthcoming THE CONJURING 3, the eighth installment in THE CONJURING Universe. Led by returning cast members Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson, the horror film is scheduled to hit theaters next year on September 11, 2020. (thanks to

** CREEPSHOW TV series: The upcoming series at Shudder is pulling influences all the way back from the original film. Adrienne Barbeau, who starred in the original 1982 film, has joined the cast of the new series. She'll be joined by Giancarlo Esposito and Tobin Bell for the series' first episode, GRAY MATTER, based on a 1973 story by Stephen King. The episode will be adapted by Byron Willinger and Philip de Blasi and directed by THE WALKING DEAD's effects wizard Greg Nicotero.

"I was thrilled when Greg asked me to join the CREEPSHOW world once again," Barbeau said. "And then working with Tobin and Giancarlo, with Greg as our director, well, that was the icing on the cake — no, not that cake. Oh, you know what I mean." (thanks to

** THE DEAD DON'T DIE: Here's the poster for the upcoming film.

** AURORA: Netflix has acquired Yam Laranas' Philippines horror thrillerAURORA with plans to release the film on the service on April 25th. Anne Curtis, Phoebe Villamor and Mercedes Cabral star. The story follows two sisters whose lives change when a passenger ship runs aground on the rocks off their island home. The pair find missing bodies for a bounty, but soon the dead themselves come looking for shelter. (thanks to

** LORD OF CHAOS: Unobstructed View and MVD Entertainment Group are pleased to announce the release of LORD OF CHAOS on Blu-ray / DVD combo and DVD on May 28th in the US and May 21st in Canada. Inspired by a true story, LORD OF CHAO made its debut at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival before going on to impress audiences at Fantastic Fest, Beyond Fest, Fantasia Festival, and more...

Oslo, 1987: Seventeen-year-old Euronymous (Rory Culkin) is determined to escape his idyllic Scandinavian hometown and create "true Norwegian black metal" with his band, MAYHEM. He's joined by equally fanatical youths - Dead (Jack Kilmer) and Varg (Emory Cohen). Believing that they're on the cusp of a musical revolution, the group gets even darker, driven by the black metal dogma to spread evil.

They begin burning down churches throughout the countryside and stealing tombstones for their record store. But when the press catches up with them and Euronymous takes more credit than he's earned for the group's violent acts, Varg, fresh out of jail, arranges a dark encounter to settle the score and ultimately determine who the darkest black metal musician is...

The Blu-ray / DVD combo contains the unrated version of the film (118 min) and bonus features (11 directors teasers and trailers). The single DVD includes the rated version (116 min) and no bonus features.

----- April 4, 2019 -----

** THE DEAD DON'T DIE: Jim Jarmusch's take on the Zombie movie-genre.

** THE SILENCE: Stanley Tucci, Kiernan Shipka, Miranda Otto and John Corbett lead the apocalyptic thriller is set in a world where creatures hunt their prey by sound, and a family must seek refuge in a remote location only to find a sinister cult that wants to exploit the daughter's heightened senses.

** BLACK SUMMER: Set in the dark, early days of a zombie apocalypse, Black Summer stars Jaime King as Rose, a mother torn from her daughter who embarks upon a harrowing journey to find her. Thrust alongside a small group of American refugees, these complete strangers must find the strength they need to fight their way back to loved ones. But in order for Rose and her team to brave this hostile new world, they will need to make brutal decisions to contend with zombies – and each other. Season 1 of BLACK SUMMER premieres April 11 on Netflix!

** DEAD BY DAYLIGHT - ASH VS EVIL DEAD: Ash J. Williams from THE EVIL DEAD series joins the DEAD BY DAYLIGHT video game!

** PET SEMATARY remake prequel: Following strong reviews out of SXSW, there's already talk of a possible follow-up to the newest adaptation of Stephen King's iconic novel PET SEMATARY.

In the books, the Creed family moves to the country town of Ludlow, Maine in a house surrounded by woods. In those woods likes a pet cemetery and beyond that an ancient burial ground that has the power to raise the dead.

King never wrote a follow-up, but the previous 1989 film adaptation scored a sequel in 1992. Lorenzo di Bonaventura, the producer of the new version, spoke with Consequence of Sound recently and said this take won't be like its predecessor and make a sequel. There is, however, the possibility of a prequel:

"I think if there's anything here, there's a prequel. I think if you look at the book, we didn't cover all that stuff that happens before the Creed family moves in. So, I think there's a movie there, and I think I'd be particularly interested in doing that, because, again, it's the source material and you are going toward something that also has a lot of crazy, creepy feelings about it." (thanks to

----- April 3rd, 2019 -----

** Lucio Fulci's THE NEW YORK RIPPER: Exclusive Limited Collector's Edition includes Blu-ray, DVD, Soundtrack CD, collectible booklet, reversible sleeve, and 3D lenticular slipcover (First Pressing Only) coming from Blue Underground. New 4K restoration from its original camera negative, completely uncut and uncensored, and fully loaded with exclusive new extras! To be released on June 25th.

A blade-wielding psychopath is on the loose, turning The Big Apple bright red with the blood of beautiful young women. As NYPD detective Fred Williams (Jack Hedley) follows the trail of butchery from the decks of the Staten Island Ferry to the sex shows of Times Square, each brutal murder becomes a sadistic taunt. In the city that never sleeps, the hunt is on for the killer that can't be stopped!

- Audio Commentary with Troy Howarth, Author of Splintered Visions: Lucio Fulci and His Films
- The Art Of Killing - Interview with Co-Writer Dardano Sacchetti
- Three Fingers Of Violence - Interview with Star Howard Ross
- The Second Victim - Interview with Co-Star Cinzia de Ponti
- The Broken Bottle Murder - Interview with Co-Star Zora Kerova
- "I'm an Actress!" - 2009 Interview with Co-Star Zora Kerova
- The Beauty Killer - Interview with Stephen Thrower, Author of Beyond Terror: The Films of Lucio Fulci
- Paint Me Blood Red - Interview with Poster Artist Enzo Sciotti
- NYC Locations Then and Now
- Theatrical Trailer
- Poster & Still Gallery
- BONUS! THE NEW YORK RIPPER Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD by Francesco De Masi
- BONUS! Collectable Booklet with new essay by Travis Crawford

** LEPRECHAUN RETURNS: Be careful what you wish for when LEPRECHAUN RETURNS arrives on Blu-ray (plus Digital) and DVD June 11 from Lionsgate. This film is currently available on Digital and On Demand. The devious and deadly wisecracking Leprechaun that we all know (and love to hate) returns to reclaim his pot of gold from a sorority house property…all while gleefully going on a Leprechaun-style killing spree. LEPRECHAUN RETURNS stars Linden Porco as The Leprechaun with his signature hat and shiny shoes, Taylor Spreitler, and Mark Holton, who returns to the series for the first time since the original 1993 film. The LEPRECHAUN RETURNS Blu-ray and DVD will include a making-of featurette, behind-the-scenes footage, and still gallery, and will be available for the suggested retail price of $14.99 and $14.98, respectively.

The deadly, wisecracking Leprechaun is back in all his gory glory. When the sorority sisters of the Alpha Upsilon house decide to go green and use an old well as their water source, they unwittingly awaken a pint-sized, green-clad monster. The Leprechaun wants a pot of gold buried near the sorority house, but first he must recover his powers with a killing spree—and only the girls of AU can stop him.

** ANNABELLE COMES HOME: Here's the poster for the upcoming film, which is slated to hit theaters on June 28.

** PET SEMATARY remake: Sometimes dead is better. Watch the final trailer, in theatres starting Thursday night.

** FEAR STREET: The Deadline web site is reporting that STRANGER THINGS star Sadie Sink is joining the film trilogy. FEAR STREET will be based off of R.L. Stine's novel series of the same name. The series first hit shelves back in 1989. It featured a group teenagers who dealt with supernatural—and often violent—threats to their small town of Shadyside. As well as Sink, the series of films will also feature Benjamin Flores Jr., Kiana Madeira and Olivia Welch. All three films will be directed by Leigh Janiak, a relative newcomer whose most noteworthy credits are two episodes of MTV's SCREAM series and an indie horror film called HONEYMOON, which starred GAME OF THRONES star Rose Leslie. (thanks to

----- April 2nd, 2019 -----

** ANNABELLE COMES HOME: Determined to keep Annabelle from wreaking more havoc, demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren bring the possessed doll to the locked artifacts room in their home, placing her "safely" behind sacred glass and enlisting a priest's holy blessing. But an unholy night of horror awaits as Annabelle awakens the evil spirits in the room, who all set their sights on a new target—the Warrens' ten-year-old daughter, Judy, and her friends.

** CHILD'S PLAY remake: Mark Hamill has played Luke Skywalker on the big screen, Amadeus on stage and voiced The Joker on TV. Now the actor can add Chucky to his list as he will replace Brad Dourif as the new voice of Chucky. (thanks to

** NOS4A2: His evil. Her gift. A fight for their souls. Don't miss the series premiere, Sunday, June 2 at 9/8c on AMC.

** MERCY BLACK: Netflix has not only picked up the Blumhouse Productions horror film but they've launched it on their streaming service. Fifteen years after stabbing a classmate to conjure an imaginary phantom known as Mercy Black, Marina Hess (Daniella Pineda) is leaving psychiatric care and coming home. In that time the myth of Mercy Black has gone viral inspiring internet rumors, stories, and even copycat crimes.

Haunted by what she has done and the phantom she imagined, she would rather leave the past buried but soon discovers a very real and very deadly horror that will stop at nothing to claim her and her nephew. Owen Egerton penned and directs the film loosely inspired by both Slenderman and the Mary Bell child killer case. Austin Amelio, Elle LaMont, Lee Eddy and Janeane Garofalo co-star. (thanks to

** I TRAPPED THE DEVIL: Christmas is supposed to be a time for peace and joyful family reunions. But when Matt (AJ Bowen) and his wife Karen (Susan Burke) show up unannounced at the home of his estranged brother Steve (Scott Poythress) to celebrate the holidays, they are instead greeted with a horrifying surprise: trapped in the basement is a man. But not just any man. Steve believes that his hostage is none other than the devil himself. As shock and skepticism turn to fear and paranoia, Matt and Karen find themselves facing a terrifying quandary: is Steve dangerously unhinged? Or could the mysterious stranger really be evil incarnate? Either way, the stage is set for a true Christmas from hell.

----- April 1st, 2019 -----

** A QUIET PLACE sequel: The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Cillian Murphy (28 DAYS LATER) has entered talks to join the cast of the sequel to A QUIET PLACE . Murphy joins Emily Blunt and stars Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe for the sequel, described as "a man with mysterious intentions who joins the family unit." (thanks to

** BRIGHTBURN: What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister? Here's the extended trailer and cool new poster!

** SOUL TO KEEP: In this taut and unsettling horror/thriller, Beelzebub, an ancient demon hell-bent on consuming and possessing souls, preys on Millennials at a rundown country house. With an agenda that spans thousands of years to bring Hell to Earth, this Prince of Darkness has finally arrived.

Following a successful film festival run, SOUL TO KEEP will be released across all digital rental and download platforms, on DVD and Blu-ray, and On-Demand everywhere. The scary and surprising indie film starring Deaf Actress Sandra Mae Frank in a stellar ensemble cast is available in the U.S. on April 2nd, 2019, with closed-captioning (CC) where available for the hearing impaired.

** FALSE POSITIVE: BROAD CITY co-creator Ilana Glazer has selected the horror film FALSE POSITIVE, which she co-wrote, as her next project. The actress will star alongside Justin Theroux and Pierce Brosnan in the film, which is being set up at A24, and directed by John Lee. (thanks to

** PROM NIGHT Original 1980 Motion Picture Soundtrack: Perseverance Records presents the long awaited official release of the 1980 cult classic PROM NIGHT Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Perseverance worked closely with Carl Zittrer and Paul Zaza to locate and unearth the original masters and all music recorded for the film including unreleased disco songs and score not used in the final production, never heard before anywhere.

This marks the first official and complete CD release of the Prom Night soundtrack. While the songs themselves have made appearances on a notorious Japanese LP and eventual bootleg recordings sourced from it, there was no official release of the songs - partially because the movie was made in the waning days of the disco fever.

This soundtrack features four different aspects of the music. First it opens with a re-creation of the score as it appears in the film - or as close to it as it could be assembled from the separate elements. Next is the score that wasn't used in the picture. Then come the disco songs in approximate order - but omitting the Blue Bazaar songs that were not featured in the movie and were used only as filler for the bootleg Japanese LP. The last portion of the album is dedicated to the songs that don't appear in the picture yet are as intrinsic to the sound of PROM NIGHT as the songs that made it.

"I remember seeing Prom Night during its release in 1980, when disco was still the craze. I was determined to obtain a copy of the soundtrack and to play the theme song at my senior prom only to find that it was never released. I spent years looking at the audiophile catalog at Tower Records hoping to find a release date but no luck. Now, after almost 40 years, my dream has now become a reality! Fans alike are now able to enjoy the soundtrack!" - Silvio Barretta, Producer

----- March 29, 2019 -----

** US sequel: In less than a week, filmmaker Jordan Peele's US has already proven a critical and commercial hit, even as arguments rage over the ending and the film's issues including its mythology and backstory which only answers some of the questions they raise. Actress Lupita Nyong'o has previously indicated she's not interested in returning for a follow-up, but Peele himself is keeping the possibility open for another entry in the series. Speaking with Polygon recently, Peele said he made the detailed mythology for this cinematic world because it was a requirement for the story. When asked if he would ever return to the US-verse he said:

"Sure! It's a fun one. There's a lot going on there. The 'US-verse' … I like that. I have the entire mythology of this world because the audience can tell if you don't. The choice becomes how much of that mythology do you reveal. The line that I'm exploring in this movie is a very difficult line. Some people might want less explanation. Some people might want more explanation. I'm trying to serve whatever your appetite is, but ultimately I'm trying to give enough context to be able to discuss and hypothesize about more. When it's all wrapped up neatly and perfectly, it alleviates the fear. I don't want to do it." (thanks to

** THE DEAD DON'T DIE: Focus Features has announced that Jim Jarmusch's new zombie comedy will be released this summer! The film will debut this summer on June 14. Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Tilda Swinton, Chloe Sevigny, Steve Buscemi, Danny Glover, Caleb Landry Jones, Rosie Perez, Iggy Pop, Sara Driver, RZA, Selena Gomez, Carol Kane and Tom Waits all star in the release.

** HEAD COUNT: Samuel Goldwyn Films have acquired Elle Callahan's horror film. They will release the film in U.S. cinemas and on digital on June 14th. Newcomer Evan joins a group of teens on a getaway in Joshua Tree. While exchanging ghost stories around the campfire, Evan reads aloud a mysterious chant from an internet site. From that moment, someone--or something--is among them. As unsettling, inexplicable events become more frequent, Evan realizes this summoned shape-shifting creature is targeting them to fulfill a deadly ritual.

** SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK: Here's the teaser trailer and a new poster!

----- March 28, 2019 -----

** THE CRAFT remake: Actress-turned-filmmaker Zoe Lister-Jones will replace Leigh Janiak at the helm of the upcoming THE CRAFT reboot that has long been in the works at Sony Pictures. Neve Campbell, Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk and Rachel True starred in the 1996 film about a quartet of teenage girl outsiders who dabbled with black magic and end up suffering the consequences.

Blumhouse Productions have come onboard to produce the project which Lister-Jones will also adapt the script for. Jason Blum, Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher will produce. (thanks to

** THE CONVENT: Vertical Entertainment has acquired North American distribution rights to Paul Hyett's horror film starring Michael Ironside and Rosie Day. Set during the 17th century, a young woman is saved from execution and led to a priory to repent her sins but discovers a greater evil lies within. No date is yet set. (thanks to

** ROOM FOR RENT: The upcoming film starring veteran actress Lin Shaye will be released in theaters and on digital this May. Lonely widow Joyce rents out a room to make easy money. She meets mysterious drifter Bob and takes him in as a long-term tenant. She becomes obsessed with her much younger guest, making him the object of her deepest romantic fantasies. When a friend's betrayal derails Joyce's fantasy world, she seizes control of her own destiny with a deadly mission to finally get what she deserves.

** THE MAN WHO KILLED HITLER AND THEN THE BIGFOOT: RLJE Films will release the film on DVD and Blu-ray on April 2, 2019. The story follows the epic adventures of an American legend that no one has ever heard of. Since WWII, Calvin Barr (Sam Elliott) has lived with the secret that he was responsible for the assassination of Adolf Hitler.

Now, decades later, the US government has called on him again for a new top-secret mission. Bigfoot has been living deep in the Canadian wilderness and is carrying a deadly plague that is now threatening to spread to the general population. Relying on the same skills that he honed during the war, Calvin must set out to save the free world yet again.

----- March 27, 2019 -----

** MEGA TIME SQUAD: From the FX Creator of DEATHGASM. A low-level criminal steals an ancient Chinese time-travel device, but he may not survive the demonic consequences of tampering with time.

** THE NIGHTINGALE: IFC Films has set an August 2nd U.S. release date for THE BABADOOK director Jennifer Kent's second feature. Screened both in Venice and Adelaide last year and again at Sundance in January, the 1825 Tasmania-set story follows a young remake Irish convict (Aisling Franciosi) who enlists the help of an Aboriginal tracker (Baykali Ganambarr) to chase the abusive Lieutenant Hawkins (Sam Claflin) through the island's wilderness following his brutal attack on her family. (thanks to

** ANNABELLE COMES HOME: Here's the first image for the upcoming film, which is slated to hit theaters on June 28.

** SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK: It's 1968 in America. Change is blowing in the wind...but seemingly far removed from the unrest in the cities is the small town of Mill Valley where for generations, the shadow of the Bellows family has loomed large. It is in their mansion on the edge of town that Sarah, a young girl with horrible secrets, turned her tortured life into a series of scary stories, written in a book that has transcended time—stories that have a way of becoming all too real for a group of teenagers who discover Sarah's terrifying home.

----- March 26, 2019 -----

** R.I.P. Joseph Pilato: Captain Rhodes from George A. Romero's DAY OF THE DEAD has passed away. The late actor died in his sleep two days ago at 70 years old.

** Jordan Peel's US: Universal's release dominated the domestic box office, not only out-performing the opening weekends for several recent horror hits, but delivering the second largest opening ever for a live-action, original picture, topping the weekend box office with over $70 million. As a result, the 2019 box office continues to improve over the month of March after struggling to begin the year. Overall, this weekend was the third straight to outperform the same weekend last year.

At #1, with an estimated $70.25 million (~49.6% of all tickets sold among the top 12 films), US topped the weekend box office with the third largest opening of all-time for an R-rated horror film, blowing away 2018's THE NUN ($53.8m opening) and placing behind Universal's own HALLOWEEN, which opened with $76.2 million last October. The film also decimated the opening for Peele's previous film GET OUT, which was a massive hit back in 2017 following a $33.3 million debut. GET OUT would go on to gross over $176 million domestically, ranking as the third largest horror film of all-time domestically. (thanks to

** MIDSOMMAR: After the massive critical success and strong commercial success of HEREDITARY, a lot of people are keeping an eye on filmmaker Ari Aster's next project MIDSOMMAR. In a new interview with the Vulture web site, Aster says those expected HEREDITARY 2 will be disappointed as this isn't as much an outright horror film even if it gets unsettling and macabre at points.

The project has previously been dubbed 'Scandinavian folk horror' focusing on a 'pagan cult' and, combined with the vague first trailer, has led to obvious THE WICKER MAN comparisons. Appearing at the Metrograph Anniversary Party this week, he was asked how it compares to HEREDITARY he replied:

"It's a breakup movie, in the same way that HEREDITARY is a family tragedy. It's less overtly a horror movie, but it's still working in that same space. It's very macabre. But people shouldn't go in expecting HEREDITARY."

Then asked "Is it your MAMMA MIA?" to which he laughingly replied: "Yeah, sure, I'd say so. It's a WIZARD OF OZ for perverts." Aster also agreed that Toni Collette should have won an Oscar for her HEREDITARY performance, but understands the snub: "Of course, she was snubbed. It's a horror film – and those are kind of traditionally maligned by the industry." (thanks to

----- March 25, 2019 -----

** R.I.P. Larry Cohen: The maverick B-movie director of cult horror films such as IT's LIVE and GOD TOLD ME TO, has died. He was 77. Cohen's friend and spokesman, the actor Shade Rupe, said Cohen passed away Saturday in Los Angeles surrounded by loved ones.

** THE TOXIC AVENGER remake: Actor-turned-filmmaker Macon Blair has been set to write and direct the reboot of the cult classic for Legendary Entertainment. Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz produced the original 1984 low-budget B-movie comedy. The film series told the story of a mild-mannered janitor at a health club who becomes a disfigured radioactive hulking mess after falling into a vat of toxic waste. He then uses his newfound form to fight bullies and corruption.

The original film generated three film sequels, a stage musical production, a video game and a children's TV cartoon. Legendary acquired the rights in December and have made the project a high priority. (thanks to

** TERROR 5: Playfully based on urban legends and featuring a group of young people all coming face-to-face with their inner demons, TERROR 5 is far from your typical indie horror. First-time directors Sebastian and Federico Rotstein use a local political crisis in Argentina as the backdrop to the five stories that unfold to horrific conclusions. Artsploitation Films will release the film this April 2nd on DVD and on several VOD platforms.

Terror 5 - Trailer from artsploitation on Vimeo.

----- March 21, 2019 -----

** SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK: Wild Eye Releasing has set the release date for director Cody Meirick's upcoming documentary film, which centers on the book series that frightened a generation. The film is scheduled to be released on July 16. (thanks to

** ONE CUT OF THE DEAD remake: Following the surprise success of the 2017 zombie comedy, Variety reports that the Japanese film is officially being adapted in an English-language remake with Patrick Cunningham to serve as producer. In partnership with creators Enbu Seminar, Shinichiro Ueda and Ryoichi Wada, Cunningham has successfully acquired the rights to film. (thanks to

** THE CREEPS: According to the Deadline web site, Universal Pictures has acquired the rights to the horror film The Creeps from a pitch by Game Night directors Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley. Further details on the film's plot is being kept under wraps but is being described as a coming-of-age horror comedy. (thanks to

** MA: Everybody's welcome at Ma's. But good luck getting home safe. Check out the new trailer.

----- March 19, 2019 -----

** R.I.P. John Carl Buechler: John Carl Buechler died after a battle with Stage IV prostate cancer on Sunday, March 17. He created the GHOULIES monsters, and made his directorial debut in 1986 with TROLL. He also directed one of my favourite Jason flick, FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 7 THE NEW BLOOD.

** COUNTDOWN: Variety has brought word that Elizabeth Lail, the breakout star of the acclaimed Lifetime-turned-Netflix thriller YOU, has signed on to star in the lead role of the upcoming STX Films horror flick COUNTDOWN. The film, written and directed by Justin Dec, centers on a young nurse who after downloading an app that predicts exactly when a person is going to die and discovers she is supposed to die in three days must figure out why her time is running out and who or what is the mysterious figure following her. (thanks to

** THE HEAD HUNTER: A medieval warrior's gruesome collection of heads is missing only one - the monster that killed his daughter years ago.

** PET SEMATARY remake: Here's a clip for the upcoming remake.

** US: Here's a featurette for the upcoming film.

----- March 18, 2019 -----

** ANNABELLE COMES HOME: New Line Cinema has announced the official title, teasing the titular figurine's return to the Warrens' museum. The third ANNABELLE film will once again center around the titular demon doll but this time she is already under the possession of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Mckenna Grace will play the role of Judy Warren, daughter of the paranormal investigating couple who is targeted alongside her two teen babysitters by the demonic doll after they bring it home into their artifact room. Madison Iseman and Katie Sarife are set to play Judy Warren's babysitters. (thanks to

** GREEN DOOR: Following its debut last month on Taiwan's Public Television Service, the Deadline web site reports that Netflix has successfully acquired the global rights to the Taiwanese horror drama. The streaming service released the series last weekend, launching it in more than 190 countries. (thanks to

** DEPRAVED: Here's the First Festival Teaser for Larry Fessenden's Frankenstein-themed feature DEPRAVED.

** THERE'S SOMEONE INSIDE YOUR HOUSE: Netflix has locked in CREEP helmer Patrick Brice to direct their film adaptation of Stephanie Perkins' novel. The project is dubbed a blend of 80 & 90s slasher and coming of age film classics. Henry Gayden will pen the adaptation while Shawn Levy's 21 Laps and James Wan's Atomic Monster produce. Filming aims to begin this Fall. (thanks to

** THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA: New Line Cinema has released the Dolby Cinema poster for the upcoming film, featuring the titular Mexican horror legend as she weeps in pain. The film is scheduled to hit theaters on April 19.

It's been a topic of discussion amongst fans of the James Wan horror franchise whether it was a mere coincidence or an actual connection, but following THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA's premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival, it appears Tony Amendola's Father Perez has officially crossed over from THE CONJURING universe. (thanks to

----- March 14, 2019 -----

** THE TALISMAN: The Collider web site is reporting that Mike Barker (THE HANDMAID'S TALE) will be directing THE TALISMAN feature film adaptation based on Stephen King and Peter Straub's 1984 bestselling fantasy novel. The story follows Jack Sawyer, a young boy in possession of a powerful talisman that can save his mother's life, who is forced to go on the run from the inhabitants of a magical parallel universe who have discovered how to travel between worlds. (thanks to

** HAGAZUSSA: Here's the trailer for the feature film debut for director Lukas Feigelfeld. The horror film will open in limited theaters on April 19 before arriving on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD on April 23.

----- March 8, 2019 -----

** BRIGHTBURN: Here's the new trailer for this comic book-style horror film.

** Blumhouse Productions update: While the Blumhouse Productions label was built on franchises and sequels like INSIDIOUS, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and THE PURGE, they and the company's head Jason Blum have been gradually steering away from that in favour of original productions and revivals like last year's HALLOWEEN. That might be why Blum, in recent tweets, said they have no plans to continue either their SINISTER and HAPPY DEATH DAY franchises beyond their already released second entries.

HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U opened last month and seemingly laid the groundwork for another entry, but when asked by a fan about the likelihood of a third film he said: "Not very, but not impossible." Though still quite profitable, the recent sequel cost $9 million to make and grossed $54 million – whereas the first cost $4.5 million and made $125 million.

In addition, Blum was asked about the possibility of a third movie in the SINISTER franchise to which he said: "Nope :(". He later suggested the film's monster Bughuul, if he were to be brought back, it "maybe" could be in the form of a series. The first SINISTER grossed $77.7 million from a $3 million budget, but the follow-up made only $52.8 million from a $10 million budget. If there was one silver lining to his Q&A, it was his response of "Yes" to the question: "Anything happening in the UPGRADE universe soon?." (thanks to

** THE CONJURING 3: The JoBlo web site is reporting that THE CONJURING 3 will begin filming in Atlanta this June. The outlet notes there are rumors the third installment in the trilogy will be taking on Bill Ramsey, also known as The Southend Werewolf, but that has not been confirmed. (thanks to

** IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS: A Journey Into Iconic '80s Horror. This documentary is currently in post-production for release this coming summer!

----- March 6, 2019 -----

** MIDSOMMAR: From writer/director Ari Aster and starring Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, and Will Poulter. MIDSOMMAR — In Theaters Summer 2019.

** NOS4A2: Someone bad is coming. Don't miss the series premiere, coming this summer on AMC.

** BLOOD CRAFT: Vertical Entertainment has acquired Dominique Swain and Michael Welch-fronted feature BLOOD CRAFT and is set to release the witchcraft-centric horror film in the U.S. in April.

** THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA: Here's an international poster for the upcoming film.

----- March 4, 2019 -----

** CRITTERS reboot: Syfy is secretly making a CRITTERS movie based on director Stephen Herek's 1986 sci-fi horror comedy of the same name. The project has reportedly finished its production in South Africa with Bobby Miller as the film's director.

In addition, the original film's lead actress Dee Wallace (E.T.) might also star in the new film due to a recent interview with Bionic Buzz where she hinted about her involvement in the upcoming film. (thanks to

** US: After sending shockwaves across contemporary culture and setting a new standard for provocative, socially-conscious horror films with his directorial debut, GET OUT, Academy Award-winning visionary Jordan Peele returns with another original nightmare that he has written, directed and produced.

** MASTER OF DARK SHADOWS: Narrated by Ian McShane, MASTER OF DARK SHADOWS reveals the fascinating impact of the ground-breaking Gothic drama DARK SHADOWS with a compelling blend of rare footage and behind-the-scenes stories exploring the diverse talents of creator-producer-director Dan Curtis. Known as the "King of TV Horror," the filmmaker created iconic genre favorites including TRILOGY OF TERROR and BURNT OFFERINGS.

----- March 1st, 2019 -----

** CRITTERS A NEW BINGE: Pursued by intergalactic bounty hunters, the Critters return to Earth on a secret mission and encounter Christopher, a lovelorn high-schooler, his best friend Charlie, his crush Dana, and his mom Veronica - whose past will come back to bite them. Who will survive? And who will be eaten? Coming to Shudder March 21.

** IT CHAPTER 2: Jessica Chastain, who plays the adult version of Beverly in the film, appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and teased her role in the horror sequel. While she couldn't say much, she did offer this tease:

"Okay, I'm going to say something, and I think I'm going to be in trouble, but I'm going to do it. It might be a spoiler. But in the movie, there's a scene that someone said on set that it's the most blood that's ever been in a horror film in a scene. And I'll tell you, the next day I was like pulling blood out of my eyeballs."

Andy Muschietti returns to helm the new film which also stars Bill Hader, James McAvoy, Jay Ryan and Bill Skarsgard. Pennywise returns to soak everyone in blood when IT CHAPTER 2 hits September 6th. (thanks to

----- February 28, 2019 -----

** CANDYMAN reboot: Variety is reporting that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will star in Jordan Peele's upcoming sequel as the new Candyman. Abdul-Mateen recently starred in AQUAMAN as Manta and will next be seen on the big screen in Peele's US. Production is expected to begin this spring. Universal Pictures will release CANDYMAN theatrically in the U.S. on June 12, 2020. (thanks to

** US: Here's the international trailer for the upcoming film.

** Arrow Video US - March 2019 Release Schedule: Here's two highly anticipated releases from Arrow Video.

A spate of highly sexualized murders is rocking a prestigious Milanese fashion house. Ambitious photographer Magda and her on-off boyfriend, love rat Carlo, team up to crack the case. But, with the motorcycle helmet-wearing killer clearing bearing a grudge against the agency's employees, it's surely only a matter of time before they too end up feeling the force of his wrath...

- Brand new 2K restoration from the original camera negative - High definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation
- Original lossless mono Italian and English soundtracks
- English subtitles for the Italian soundtrack
- Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing for the English soundtrack
- New audio commentary by's Adrian J. Smith and David Flint
- Sex and Death with a Smile, a new video essay by author and critic Kat Ellinger on giallo and sex comedy icon Edwige Fenech
- A Good Man for the Murders, a newly edited video interview with actor Nino Castelnuovo
- The Blonde Salamander, a new video interview with actress Erna Schurer
- The Art of Helping, a new video interview with assistant director Daniele Sangiorgi
- Jack of All Trades, a new video interview with actor and production manager Tino Polenghi
- Two versions of the opening scene: tinted and untinted viewing options
- Original Italian and English theatrical trailers
- Image gallery
- Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Graham Humphreys
- FIRST PRESSING ONLY: Illustrated collector's booklet featuring new writing on the film by critic Rachael Nisbet

A super-smart, super-gory - and, sadly, super-overlooked - late '90s slasher effort from filmmakers Daniel Liatowitsch and David Todd Ocvirk, released in the midst of the post-SCREAM slice-and-dice revival.

- Brand new 2K restoration from the original negative
- Original Stereo and 5.1 audio options
- Audio commentary with co-writers and co-directors Daniel Liatowitsch and David Todd Ocvirk
- Real World Massacre: The Making of Kolobos - brand new featurette on the making-of Kolobos including interviews with Daniel Liatowitsch, David Todd Ocvirk and co-writer/producer Nne Ebong
- Face to Faceless - a brand new Interview with "Faceless" actor Ilia Volok
- Slice & Dice: The Music of Kolobos - a brand new interview with composer William Kidd
- Behind-the-Scenes Image Gallery
- Super 8 short film by Daniel Liatowitsch with commentary
- Original Trailer

----- February 26, 2019 -----

** Netflix's THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE: The series has been renewed at Netflix, but the follow-up season will take place in a new location with a new haunting when the anthology series returns. TVLine has confirmed that Season 2 will feature a new story with all new characters. The renewal is part of Netflix's multi-year overall television deal with creator Mike Flanagan and executive producer Trevor Macy.

"Mike and Trevor are masterful at creating authentically frightening stories that leave audiences on the edge of their seats but unable to look away. We're excited to continue our partnership with them on The Haunting series and future projects to come," said Cindy Holland, VP of Original Content at Netflix. (thanks to

** ESCAPE ROOM 2: In the wake of Columbia Pictures amassing close to $119 million at the worldwide box office off the $9M horror feature ESCAPE ROOM, the studio is moving forward on the development of a sequel.

The studio has set an April 17, 2020 release date for the sequel, which Adam Robitel will return to direct along with returning writer Bragi F. Schut and producer Neal H. Moritz. (thanks to

** A QUIET PLACE sequel: Following yesterday's news that the film would arrive in 2020 and John Krasinski will return to direct, The Hollywood Reporter has brought word that A QUIET PLACE stars Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe will reprise their roles in the upcoming sequel. (thanks to

** PENNYWISE THE STORY OF IT: An extended six-minute trailer has been released for the feature-length documentary featuring over 40 interviews with the cast and crew (including Tim Curry) of the 1990 mini-series adaptation of Stephen King's iconic novel IT.

The documentary will explore the legacy of the show as well as the cultural impact that Pennywise, and Curry's performance in the role, has had on a generation of fans. It also offers hours of never-before-seen behind the scenes footage and exclusive photos.

Curry has mostly remained out of the public eye after suffering a stroke in 2012 and will appear here alongside Seth Green, Richard Thomas, Emily Perkins, Bart Mixon, director Tommy Lee Wallace, and more. The clip also confirms one thing – everyone hates the giant spider. (thanks to

----- February 25, 2019 -----

** A QUIET PLACE sequel: Writer/director/star John Krasinski took to Twitter to announce the release date for the highly-anticipated follow up to his acclaimed 2018 horror hit, A QUIET PLACE, which is slated for a May 15, 2020 release.

** ZOMBIELAND DOUBLE TAP: Variety reports that Luke Wilson has joined the Zombieland sequel. There are no details about his role as of yet, but he'll be joining the previously announced Thomas Middleditch, Zoey Deutch and Rosario Dawson. (thanks to

** THE BONE COLLECTOR: NBC has tapped Seth Gordon to helm Lincoln, a TV pilot based on the best-selling book series THE BONE COLLECTOR by author Jeffery Deaver, according to the Deadline web site. THE BONE COLLECTOR was previously adapted into the Angelina Jolie, Denzel Washington thriller of the same name.

The story revolves around Lincoln Rhyme, an incredible forensic criminologist who suffers a horrible accident while hunting for the titular Bone Collector. Due to his bed-ridden condition, Lincoln teams up with a young beat cop in order to track down the serial killer, along with a slew of other high-profile cases. (thanks to

** CORPORATE ANIMALS: Screen Media has acquired North American rights to CORPORATE ANIMALS, the horror comedy from Patrick Brice that bowed in January in the Midnight section of the Sundance Film Festival. Demi Moore, Jessica Williams, Karan Soni, Isiah Whitlock Jr, Dan Bakkedahl, Calum Worthy, Nasim Pedrad, Martha Kelly, Jennifer Kim and Ed Helms (and the voice of Britney Spears) topline the film, which is now getting a summer day-and-date theatrical release.

Moore plays Lucy, the egotistical, megalomaniac CEO of Incredible Edible Cutlery, America's premier provider of edible cutlery. In her infinite wisdom, she leads her staff, including her long-suffering assistants Freddie (Soni) and Jess (Williams), on a corporate team-building spelunking weekend in New Mexico. When disaster strikes, not even their useless guide Brandon (Helms) can save them. Trapped underground by a cave-in, this mismatched and disgruntled group must pull together in order to survive. Sam Bain wrote the script. (thanks to

----- February 20, 2019 -----

** SCREAM and HELLRAISER reboots: Having happily revived the HALLOWEEN franchise and planning for more sequels, horror film mega producer Jason Blum previously hinted last year in several interviews that he had a strong personal desire to also revive the FRIDAY THE 13TH film series.

Now, speaking with Cinema Blend, he has indicated that Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees aren't the only classic horror icon he could resurrect as the success of HALLOWEEN and his collaboration with Miramax CEO and producer Bill Block means other properties could also find new life at Blumhouse Productions.

Asked specifically if there's interest in new chapters for both the SCREAM and HELLRAISER franchises, Blum confirmed there have been talks but nothing is currently in active development: "Yes, we definitely have [discussed it]. We're looking – there's nothing happening with either one of those things – but we're definitely looking at it, and it's definitely something I'd be open to." (thanks to

** THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA: Here's the poster for the upcoming film.

----- February 18, 2019 -----

** HAPPY DEATH DAY 2 U: The sequel came in fifth at the box office with $9.8 million over the three day – around half of what tracking services estimated heading into the weekend and a steep drop from the $26 million opening of its predecessor.

** US: A family's serenity turns to chaos when a group of doppelgängers begin to terrorize them.

** THE UNSEEN: A man, who years earlier mysteriously abandoned his family and isolated himself in a small northern town, returns for one last chance to reconnect with his troubled daughter. When she goes missing, he risks everything to find her, including exposing the fact that he is becoming invisible.

** STARFISH: With reality rapidly fraying at the edges, Aubrey (Virginia Gardner) finds herself following a string of clues left by her friend. Clues that will unlock the secrets of The Signal and could end up either saving the world… or condemning it.

Starfish Trailer from Yellow Veil Pictures on Vimeo.

** Stephen King's CUJO: Eureka Entertainment to release CUJO, the terrifyingly effective 80s cult horror based on the best-selling novel from Stephen King, on Blu-ray for the first time ever in the UK in a Special Limited Two-Disc Edition as part of the Eureka Classics range from 29 April 2019. Featuring a Limited Edition Hardbound Slipcase, with artwork designed by Graham Humphreys, a Limited Edition Collector's Booklet and Bonus Blu-ray disc [4000 units ONLY].

Special Limited Edition:
- Hardbound Slipcase, featuring newly commissioned artwork by iconic British illustrator Graham Humphreys
- Reversible sleeve featuring artwork by Justin Osbourn and original poster artwork
- Plus: A Limited Edition 60-page Collector's booklet featuring new writing on the film by Lee Gambin, author Scott Harrison, and Craig Ian Mann; illustrated with archival imagery from the film's production.

Disc One
- 1080p presentation of the film, on Blu-ray for the first time ever in the UK
- Uncompressed LPCM mono soundtrack
- Optional English SDH subtitles
- New feature length audio commentary by Lee Gambin, author of Nope, Nothing Wrong Here: The Making of CUJO
- New interview with Dee Wallace [40 mins]
- New interview with composer Charles Bernstein [35 mins]
- New interview with stuntman Gary Morgan [25 mins]
- New interview with stuntwoman Jean Coulter [21 mins]
- New interview with casting director Marcia Ross. [20 mins]
- New interview with visual effects artist Kathie Lawrence [13 mins]
- New interview with special effects designer Robert Clark [12 mins]
- New interview with dog trainer Teresa Miller [28 mins]
- Dog Days: The Making of Cujo – archival documentary on the film's production [42 mins]

Disc Two [Limited Edition Only]
- Q&A with Dee Wallace from "Cinemaniacs & Monster Fest 2015", moderated by Lee Gambin [96 mins]
- New interview with critic and author Kim Newman [25 mins]

----- February 14, 2019 -----

** NOS4A2: Based on Joe Hill's bestselling novel of the same name, it tells the story of Charlie Manx, a seductive immortal who feeds off the souls of children, then deposits what remains of them into Christmasland – an icy, twisted Christmas village of Manx's imagination where every day is Christmas Day and unhappiness is against the law. Manx finds his whole world threatened when a young woman in New England discovers she has a dangerous gift.

** MA: One day, she is asked by Maggie, a new teenager in town, to buy some booze for her and her friends, and Sue Ann sees the chance to make some unsuspecting, if younger, friends of her own. She offers the kids the chance to avoid drinking and driving by hanging out in the basement of her home. But there are some house rules: One of the kids has to stay sober. Don't curse. Never go upstairs. And call her "Ma." But as Ma's hospitality starts to curdle into obsession, what began as a teenage dream turns into a terrorizing nightmare, and Ma's place goes from the best place in town to the worst place on earth.

** THE INVISIBLE MAN remake: With Univeral Pictures' failed Dark Universe experiment behind them, the studio is moving in a new direction when it comes to breathing new cinematic life into its classic roster of monsters. Enter Jason Blum, who spoke with the Collider web site about his take on THE INVISIBLE MAN, and how writer/director Leigh Whannell (INSIDIOUS) helped push it forward.

"I don't believe in saying 'We're going to do movies about this' and then trying to find a movie about it," Blum explained. "So, I didn't believe in going and saying 'I want to do all these movies'' and then try to find directors to do them. We have a director we've also done six or seven movies with, pitched us this spectacular idea about Invisible Man. We told him to write it, he wrote it, then we took it to the studio and said 'We'd love to do this and this is what we would do with it,' and they said yes.

"It was like the Blumhouse version of THE INVISIBLE MAN, it's a lower-budget movie. It's not dependent on special effects, CGI, stunts. It's super character-driven, it's really compelling, it's thrilling, it's edgy, it feels new. Those were all things that felt like they fit with what our company does. And it happened to be an Invisible Man story, so it checked both boxes. And we responded to it because I think Leigh is just an A+ director." (thanks to

----- February 13, 2019 -----

** THE MAN WHO KILLED HITLER AND THEN THE BIG FOOT: Since WWII, Calvin Barr has lived with the secret that he was responsible for the assassination of Adolf Hitler. Now, decades later, the US government has called on him again for a new top-secret mission. Bigfoot has been living deep in the Canadian wilderness and carrying a deadly plague that is now threatening to spread to the general population. Relying on the same skills that he honed during the war, Calvin must set out to save the free world yet again. Starring Sam Elliott, Aidan Turner, Caitlin FitzGerald and Ron Livingston, THE MAN WHO KILLED HITLER AND THEN THE BIGFOOT follows the epic adventures of an American legend that no one has ever heard of.

** GRUDGE reboot: Originally slated for this year and pushed to January next year, the film's main selling point is the return of the franchise and its "reimagining" by impressive rising filmmaker Nicolas Pesce (PIERCING). Pesce recently spoke with EW about the project, offering some new details and saying this one is less spook story and more gritty police thriller with a real SE7EN style vibe:

"It's a very different take on THE GRUDGE than you know it from the past. We see what's doing well now and it is these kind of smarter, more nuanced horror stories, and that's what this is going to be. We're trying to update it for contemporary sensibilities, and we have an unbelievable cast, and I think it's going to be something very different.

There's a thousand GRUDGE movies out there, and we wanted to figure out a way to kind of put a new, fresh spin on it, and it's going to be exciting. The movie is set up a lot more like SE7EN, that sort of movie. There's a cop drama that drives the whole thing, and Andrea [Riseborough] is the lead detective on this new case that they've come upon and is the driving force through the movie. She's incredible. She's in absolutely everything and, when you see her act, you know why."

Betty Gilpin, Lin Shaye, Jackie Weaver, John Cho, William Sadler, Demian Bichir and Frankie Faison co-star in the new GRUDGE which opens January 3rd 2020. (thanks to

** SLAUGHTERHOUSE RULEZ: The British horror comedy, starring SHAUN OF THE DEAD's Simon Pegg and Nick Frost is getting a UK Blu-ray release on March 11, 2019. Welcome to Slaughterhouse, an elite boarding school where boys and girls are groomed for power and greatness…and they're about to meet their match.

This ancient and ordered world is about to be shaken to its foundations – literally – when a controversial frack site on prized school woodland causes seismic tremors, a mysterious sinkhole, and an unspeakable horror to be unleashed. Soon a new pecking order will be established as the pupils and teachers alike become locked in a bloody battle for survival.

** THE HOUSE: Artsploitation Films will release Norwegian director Reinert Kiil's horror film THE HOUSE (original language title, HUSET) March 5th. Artsploitaiton Films' president Raymond Murray said, "It may have taken a few years for the film to get to American audiences but I am sure horror fans as well as arthouse film-lovers will enjoy this creepy, thought-provoking ghost story."

Set in the frozen wilderness of Norway during WWII, 2 German soldiers escort a Norwegian soldier and prisoner of war but the weather is taking a toll on them. They find an empty house near the forest where they finally can get some rest. However, what seems to be a warm and welcoming shelter turns much more sinister and deadly. They begin to wonder if they have somehow have stepped into a sort of psychological hell from which there may be no escape.

----- February 12, 2019 -----

** Stephen King's CREEPSHOW TV series: Greg Nicotero, whose work has most famously appeared on AMC's THE WALKING DEAD, is finally getting his CREEPSHOW series off the ground. The six-episode season, which will eventually air on Shudder, has kicked off production in Atlanta, Georgia. (thanks to

** THE GOLDEN GLOVE: Here's the trailer for the upcoming serial killer flick.

** THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA: La Llorona. The Weeping Woman. A horrifying apparition, caught between Heaven and Hell, trapped in a terrible fate sealed by her own hand. The mere mention of her name has struck terror around the world for generations. In life, she drowned her children in a jealous rage, throwing herself in the churning river after them as she wept in pain.

Now her tears are eternal. They are lethal, and those who hear her death call in the night are doomed. La Llorona creeps in the shadows and preys on the children, desperate to replace her own. As the centuries have passed, her desire has grown more voracious ... and her methods more terrifying.

** Jordan Peel's US: In an interview with Rolling Stone, Academy Award winner Jordan Peele revealed that his forthcoming social thriller film US is actually inspired by one of his favorite THE TWILIGHT ZONE episodes titled MIRROR IMAGE. Starring veteran actress Vera Miles, MIRROR IMAGE tells the story of a young career woman named Miss Barnes, who suddenly encounters her doppelganger while waiting for the bus. She later becomes convinced that the her look-alike is an evil entity from a parallel universe who's out to eliminate and replace her.

"It's terrifying, beautiful, really elegant storytelling, and it opens up a world. It opens up your imagination," Peele said about the episode. Peele is set to executive produce and host CBS All Access' upcoming reboot of THE TWILIGHT ZONE which is currently on production.

Set in present day along the iconic Northern California coastline, US stars Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o as Adelaide Wilson, a woman returning to her beachside childhood home with her husband Gabe, and their two children for an idyllic summer getaway. Haunted by an unexplainable and unresolved trauma from her past and compounded by a string of eerie coincidences, Adelaide feels her paranoia elevate to high-alert as she grows increasingly certain that something bad is about to befall her family.

After spending a tense beach day with their friends, the Tylers, Adelaide and her family return to their vacation home to discover the silhouettes of four figures standing in their driveway. US pits an ordinary American family against a terrifying and uncanny opponent: doppelgängers of themselves. (thanks to

----- February 11, 2019 -----

** CHILD'S PLAY remake: The wait is over, your best friend has arrived. From the producers of IT comes CHILD'S PLAY, in theaters June 21.

** RABID remake: Film Mode Entertainment racked up sales at the European Film Market in Berlin for RABID, the Soska Sisters' reimagining of David Cronenberg's 1977 namesake cult classic. RABID stars Laura Vandervoort and Ben Hollingsworth and is the latest feature directed by the "Twisted Twins" — aka the Soska Sisters.

The cast includes former pro wrestler CM Punk, the sixth longest reigning WWE champion of all time, as well as a cameo by his wife AJ Lee, a WWE superstar in her own right as well as a New York Times bestselling author. The remake was written by Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska and John Serge, and led by the sibling horror directors who established a following with their 2012 slasher AMERICAN MARY. (thanks to

** THE WALKING DEAD: The Hollywood Reporter has brought word that Danai Gurira (BLACK PANTHER), the acclaimed star who has portrayed Michonne on the AMC apocalypse series THE WALKING DEAD since the second season, will be exiting the series after seven seasons.

The actress has signed a new deal to appear in a more limited capacity for the recently ordered tenth season, reportedly set only to appear in a handful of episodes before exiting one of the network's flagship franchises and transitioning to the upcoming trilogy movie spin-offs featuring Andrew Lincoln in the lead role as Rick Grimes. The 40-year-old actress' character has been romantically linked with Grimes since season six. (thanks to

** THE BOY 2: STXfilms has released a first look teaser photo of the horror sequel THE BOY 2, starring Katie Holmes. Unaware of the terrifying history of Heelshire Mansion, a young family moves into the estate, where their young son soon makes an unsettling new friend, an eerily life-like doll he calls Brahms. (thanks to

** SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK: It's l968 in America. Change is blowing in the wind...but seemingly far removed from the unrest in the cities is the small town of Mill Valley where for generations, the shadow of the Bellows family has loomed large. It is in their mansion on the edge of town that Sarah, a young girl with horrible secrets, turned her tortured life into a series of scary stories, written in a book that has transcended time—stories that have a way of becoming all too real for a group of teenagers who discover Sarah's terrifying tome.

----- February 9, 2019 -----


A small group of American soldiers drop into Nazi-occupied France to carry out a mission that's crucial to the invasion's success. But what they find is unlike anything the world has ever seen.

A surprisingly fun and effective World War II zombie flick. Lots of action and some gore. Featuring the beautiful Mathilde Ollivier. This was originally rumoured to be part of the CLOVERFIELD universe.

The Blu-ray edition comes with a digital code (available in the US only). It feature a 2.40:1 (16x9) 1080p high definition transfer using a MPEG-4 AVC codec. The film was shot digitally and looks stunning. It has deep rich black and perfect color saturation. We get a thunderous, loud, crisp and clear English Dolby Atmos audio track along with a Dolby TrueHD 7.1 (48kHz, 24-bit). The audio separation is amazing and delivers the perfect sonic mayhem for such film. There are also German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese Dolby Digital 5.1. audio tracks along with multiples subtitles such as English, English SDH, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish. This is the total package!

This edition has two discs. As for the extras, they are featured on the second disc. The Horrors of War has many subjects such as; Creation, Death Above, Death on the Ground, Death Below, Death No More, Brothers in Arms. It comes with a slipcover case.

Our copy was provided by Paramount Pictures.

----- February 8, 2019 -----

** HALLOWEEN reboot sequel: The Collider web site reports that screenwriter Scott Teems is in talks to pen the script for a sequel to 2018's HALLOWEEN movie for Blumhouse. Teems previous credits include the TV shows RECTIFY and NARCOS MEXICO, on the feature side he's penned the FIRESTARTER reboot for Blumhouse as well.

Released last October to critical acclaim and huge box office success, 2018's HALLOWEEN brought in over $250 million at the worldwide box office, making it the highest grossing slasher film of all time. It was voted Best Horror Film of 2018 by the readers of GOREZONE.

** PET SEMATARY remake: They don't come back the same. Based on Stephen King's terrifying novel. In theatres April 5, 2019.

** HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U: Here's a clip from the upcoming sequel.

** THE WALKING DEAD: Showrunner Angela Kang posted a video on her Instagram announcing that THE WALKING DEAD has been renewed for Season 10.

----- February 7, 2019 -----

** WORLD WAR Z sequel no more: David Fincher's upcoming sequel has reportedly been scrapped by Paramount Pictures, the studio reportedly pulling the plug on the project last night says The Playlist web site.

The Brad Pitt-led project has been in development for some time with Fincher promising he and his team would make the film for less than the $190 million budget of the original 2013 film (and that was before its costly reshoots).

However the studio dragged its heels on the project, reluctant to commit fully even as the project began staffing up for the project to be shot in five different countries along with a six-month shoot in Atlanta. (thanks to

** EXTREMELY WICKED: Netflix has reportedly paid $9 million to score the rights to the biopic of serial killer Ted Bundy starring Zac Efron in the role. The film, which premiered last week at Sundance, was the subject of a bidding war that involved other studios including STX and Lionsgate. Lily Collins, Kaya Scodelario, Jim Parsons, John Malkovich and Haley Joel Osment co-star.

The streamer is expected to release the film in the Fall to compete in the awards race. The film's director Joe Berlinger also helmed the Bundy documentary CONVERSATIONS WITH A KILLER which recently began streaming on Netflix and has reportedly been a hit. (thanks to

** CHILD'S PLAY remake: Ahead of the trailer premiere later this week, MGM and Orion have released a new teaser image for the CHILD'S PLAY remake. (thanks to

** THE NIGHT HOUSE: Rebecca Hall is set to star in THE NIGHT HOUSE, an independent horror thriller from producer David S. Goyer, Variety has confirmed. The film follows a widow who begins to uncover her recently deceased husband's disturbing secrets. David Bruckner (THE RITUAL) will direct from a script penned by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski. (thanks to

** US: Here's the new poster. In the film, a mother (Lupita Nyong'o) and a father (Winston Duke) take their kids to their beach house expecting to unplug and unwind with friends (including Elizabeth Moss). But as night descends, their serenity turns to tension and chaos when some shocking visitors arrive uninvited." The film is scheduled to hit theaters on March 22.

----- February 6, 2019 -----

** CHILD'S PLAY remake: Here's a cool viral video for the upcoming film.

** ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK remake: UPGRADE writer/director Leigh Whannell has set to pen the upcoming remake. The original was set in a future where the U.S. had become a totalitarian theocratic police state and the island of Manhattan is now a walled-off maximum security prison. Imprisoned former Special Forces officer Robert 'Snake' Plissken (Kurt Russell) has twenty-four hours to go in, rescue the U.S. President who is being held by the city prison's most dangerous crook, and get out again. There's no plan in place for Whannell to direct at this point. Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman will produce. (thanks to

** SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK: Here's the trailer for the Guillermo del Toro-produced horror film helmed by Andre Ovredal and based on the children's book series of same name by Alvin Schwartz. Dan and Kevin Hageman penned the script and the film is on track for an August 9th release.

Zoe Colletti, Michael Garza, Austin Abrams and Gabriel Rush star in the film about a group of young people attempt to solve a mystery that involves a series of spectacularly horrific deaths in their small hometown.

** ANGEL OF DUST: The Wu-Tang Clan's RZA and Ghostface Killah are teaming up to produce the suspense/horror film ANGEL OF DUST, per a report from the Deadline web site. RZA, the ringleader of the global hip-hop group, will also direct the picture.

"The creative collaboration of RZA and Ghostface has stood the test of time through our music. Now the opportunity to put our creative energies together onto the silver screen has arisen and I'm turbo charged," said RZA, before adding "Bong Bong!"

"It's a blessing to partner with Oscar-nominated producer Shaun Redick and Impossible Dream Entertainment, and to be doing business with my brother, RZA directing is a dream come true. Putting all these great minds to work together will be legendary," Ghostface Killah said. (thanks to

----- February 5, 2019 -----

** Stephen King's THE STAND TV series: Long in-development as a feature film, the Deadline web site reports that CBS All Access has given a 10 episode order to THE STAND, based on Stephen King's novel. Josh Boone, who has been developing the project for years, will team up with SEAL Team EP Ben Cavell for the adaptation, which he will also direct.

"I'm excited and so very pleased that THE STAND is going to have a new life on this exciting new platform," said King. "The people involved are men and women who know exactly what they're doing; the scripts are dynamite. The result bids to be something memorable and thrilling. I believe it will take viewers away to a world they hope will never happen."

"I read THE STAND under my bed when I was 12, and my Baptist parents burned it in our fireplace upon discovery," added Boone. "Incensed, I stole my Dad's FedEx account number and mailed King a letter professing my love for his work. Several weeks later, I came home to find a box had arrived from Maine, and inside were several books, each inscribed with a beautiful note from god himself, who encouraged me in my writing and thanked me for being a fan. My parents, genuinely moved by King's kindness and generosity, lifted the ban on his books that very day. I wrote King a cameo as himself in my first film and have been working to bring THE STAND to the screen for five years. I've found incredible partners in CBS All Access and Ben Cavell. Together with Stephen King, Owen King, my longtime producing partners Knate Lee and Jill Killington, we plan to bring you the ultimate version of King's masterwork." (thanks to

** SHADOW IN THE CLOUD: The beautiful Chloe Grace Moretz (LET ME IN) has joined the WW2-set action horror film SHADOW IN THE CLOUD from Chinese-New Zealand director Roseanne Liang. Moretz will play Captain Maude Gardner, who boards a B-17 Flying Fortress clutching a black radio bag with top-secret contents and orders authorizing her transport.

As she puts up with jeers from the leery, all-male crew, strange happenings begin to occur and they realize that something is lurking within the shadows. Crushed between an oncoming Japanese ambush and an evil prowling within, Maude must push her limits to save the hapless crew and to protect her mysterious cargo.

Max Landis (BRIGHT) penned the script and the project is being introduced to buyers at the European Film Market by Endeavor Content. Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Fred Berger, Kelly McCormick and Tom Hern will produce. (thanks to

** THE TURNING: Universal Pictures has announced that THE TURNING, the upcoming adaptation of the horror novella of a similar name by Henry James, will be hitting the big screen on January 24, 2020 after it was removed from its original February 22 release date.

Based on Henry James's famous novella The Turn of the Screw (a source of several movie adaptations, including THE INNOCENTS), the story revolves around a young woman who becomes the nanny of two orphans who live in a haunted country mansion. Wolfhard will play one of the orphans. (thanks to

** PIERCING: From the director of THE EYES OF MY MOTHER, PIERCING marks another visceral chapter in Nicolas Pesce's filmmaking career. A man kisses his wife and baby goodbye and seemingly heads away on business, with a plan to check into a hotel, call an escort service, and kill an unsuspecting prostitute.

----- February 4, 2019 -----

** THE BABADOOK's director next horror film: Following her break out with THE BABADOOK, filmmaker Jennifer Kent returns this year with the colonial Tasmania-set revenge thriller THE NIGHTINGALE which has just screened at Sundance and has caused quite a stir with its shocking violence.

Kent is already looking towards the future though and, speaking with the Bloody Disgusting web site, she confirmed that she is working on something with Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro:

"Look, we've got something on the boil. I'm not being secretive but I'm not sure I can talk about it. It's something scary and I really admire him and his work. I think he's a true artist so I'm excited to know more. We're in [the] early stages of that."

What form that project will take, be it for film or television, isn't clear. Del Toro is currently working on his stop-motion PINOCCHIO film for Netflix. Kent's THE NIGHTINGALE will be released by IFC Films in cinemas and on VOD this year. (thanks to

** Jordan Peele's US: Coming to cinemas on March 15th. A mother and father take their kids to their beach house, expecting to enjoy time with friends, but their serenity turns to tension and chaos when some visitors arrive uninvited.

** THE BOY 2: Following the box office success of its predecessor, STX Films and Lakeshore Entertainment have announced that the sequel to the 2016 horror film THE BOY officially began production in Vancouver, British Columbia on Monday, January 28, with William Brent Bell returning to helm and Stacey Menear returning to pen the script.

Unaware of the terrifying history of Heelshire Mansion, a young family moves into the estate, where their young son soon makes an unsettling new friend, an eerily life-like doll he calls Brahms. (thanks to

** DEEPER: The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Golden Globe winner Idris Elba is in talks to star in DEEPER, a supernatural sci-thriller from MGM written by Max Landis (BRIGHT) and directed by Baltasar Kormakur (ADRIFT). The story centers on a disgraced astronaut, to be played by Elba, who is on a deep-sea dive exploring a newly discovered trench but soon finds himself confronted by a sinister and dangerous force. (thanks to

** SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK: CBS Films and Lionsgate will release SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK in theaters AUGUST 9, 2019. Directed by André Øvredal. Inspired by one of the most terrifying children's book series of all time, SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK follows a group of young teens who must solve the mystery surrounding sudden and macabre deaths in their small town.

----- February 1st, 2019 -----

** Warner Bros. upcoming horror films: Warner Bros. announced a whole batch of release dates, including two high profile films; Robert Zemeckis' THE WITCHES remake, which will open October 16, 2020, and THE SHINNING sequel DOCTOR SLEEP, which has jumped from its original January 24, 2020 release to the more promising slot of November 8 of this year. (thanks to

** CANDYMAN remake: Tony Todd, the original 1992 Candyman, hasn't been approached by Jordan Peele to appear in his new re-imagining of the franchise. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Todd said that "I know he's a fan. We're waiting just like the rest of the world. I'm hoping I will appear in the film in some form of fashion. Wouldn't that make sense? But it's Hollywood, so I won't take it personally if for some reason it doesn't work out."

Todd seems like he's keeping a positive attitude towards his potential cameo, adding "If this new one is successful, it will shed light back on the original. I think the subject matter is more important than any individuals. And I mean that."

The actor reprised the role in the original film's two sequels as well: 1995's CANDYMAN FAREWELL TO THE FLESH (directed by future Oscar-winner Bill Condon) and 1999's direct-to-DVD CANDYMAN DAY OF THE DEAD. (thanks to

** AMONG THE SHADOWS: Kristy Wolfe (Charlotte Beckett) is a Brussels private eye descended from werewolves who must go to work when her uncle Harry Goldtsone is murdered in a politically-motivated attack. Patricia Sherman (Lindsay Lohan), the wife of European Federation President Richard Sherman, hires Wolfe to investigate Goldstone's killing, as he was her husband's campaign manager. Wolfe finds bodies falling all over city and must use her innate instincts to unravel the case and stay alive long enough unmask the conspiracy." The film is directed by Tiago Mesquita, and co-stars Gianni Capaldi and Dominik Madani. (thanks to

** LIFECHANGER: A murderous shapeshifter sets out on a blood-soaked mission to make things right with the woman he loves. Directed by Justin McConnell. Premiering July 20th, Fantasia Film Festival, International Premiere Frightfest London in August.

** CANNIBAL CLUB: Otavio and Gilda are a very wealthy couple of the Brazilian elite who have the habit of eating their employees. Otavio owns a private security company and is a notable member of The Cannibal Club. When Gilda accidentally discovers a secret from Borges, a powerful congressman and the Club's leader, her and her husband's lives are in grave danger. The film hits theaters March 1st and will be available On Demand March 5th.

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