----- September 24, 2018 -----

** CHILD'S PLAY remake: Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures (MGM) announced that its contemporary reboot of the horror franchise CHILD'S PLAY, featuring everyone's favorite evil doll Chucky, has just begun principal photography. And here's the first look at the new Chucky! (thanks to ComingSoon.net)

** Robert Englund back as Freddy: The sixth season of ABC's The Goldbergs will feature an amazing guest appearance from none other than horror icon Robert Englund, who will don the Freddy Krueger mantle once more in the show's Halloween episode in October.

The episode fittingly titled "Nightmare on Elk Avenue" centers on the fears of the show's teenage protagonist, Adam, after seeing A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET when it premiered way back in 1984. Enter Englund, who will reprise his iconic role for what he calls "a spooky valentine to the fans." (thanks to ComingSoon.net)

** MILK: The Collider web site reports that director James Wan will produce a feature-length adaption of Santiago Menghini's horror short MILK. The acclaimed short, about a teen with an overbearing mother who starts to realize reality might not be what it seems, did well on the festival circuit earlier this year, even winning the Midnight Shorts Jury Award at SXSW earlier this year.

Menghini will direct the feature-length movie, with Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski penning the script. Menghini will retain a "story by" credit in the final film. Wan's Atomic Monster partner, Michael Clear, will produce alongside Roy Lee of Vertigo Entertainment. Judson Scott will oversee the project on behalf of Atomic Monster. (thanks to ComingSoon.net)

** INTO THE DARK: The year of fear begins Oct. 5. 12 months. 12 tales.

----- September 21, 2018 -----

** LIGHT AS A FEATHER: An innocent game of "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board" goes wrong when the five teen girls who played start dying off in the exact way that was predicted, forcing the survivors to figure out why they're being targeted – and whether the evil force hunting them down is one of their own. From Hulu, AwesomenessTV and Wattpad, all 10 episodes of LIGHT AS A FEATHER streaming October 12, on Hulu.

** IN FABRIC: Variety brings word that A24 has bought the North American distribution rights to IN FABRIC, a horror-thriller film that premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and is part of the second wave of programming at this year's Fantastic Fest, making its U.S. debut on September 21. (thanks to ComingSoon.net)

** CAROUSHELL: Based on a script by Rudzinski and Aleen Isley, the horror/comedy tells of a sentient carousel unicorn that gets pushed too far by a brat. The unicorn breaks free of his spinning prison to go on a revenge-driven murder spree on his way to kill the kid. Steve Rimpici, Sé Marie and Haley Madison star.

----- September 20, 2018 -----

** HALLOWEEN: Listen to John Carpenter "The Shape Returns" song from the soundtrack to the upcoming film.

** CHILD'S PLAY remake: Aubrey Plaza (LEGION) and Emmy nominee Brian Tyree Henry are in talks to star as the leads in the remake of the classic killer doll story, CHILD'S PLAY, the Collider web site has confirmed.

The remake from MGM and director Lars Klevberg (POLAROID) will completely redo the killer doll's origin. The new version of the killer doll won't be a doll possessed by a serial killer but will be a defective Buddy doll whose programming code was hacked so that he has no limitations to learning and also violence. (thanks to ComingSoon.net)

** SUSPIRIA remake: Here's another poster for the upcoming film, which debuts in theaters on November 2nd.

** THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE: On October 12th, you're expected. THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE is a modern reimagining of the iconic novel, about 5 siblings who grew up in the most famous haunted house in America.

----- September 19, 2018 -----

** Netflix's APOSTLE: The promise of the divine is but an illusion. From Gareth Evans, writer and director of THE RAID franchise, comes APOSTLE. A Netflix film starring Dan Stevens and Michael Sheen — premieres October 12.

** BRUTAL RELAX: Raúl, a professional expert in audio-visual scams, receives a singular assignment: he has to verify the authenticity of a video that shows the shocking disappearance of three members of a family. The life of the protagonist will break down as he approaches the disturbing reality of what happened.

** HALLOWEEN: Here's another trailer for the upcoming film.

----- September 18, 2018 -----

** HATCHET sequels: The Horror Channel UK reports that Victor Crowley will return for future HATCHET sequels, despite the fact the character was torn to shreds by an airplane engine in the most recent film. But, if horror movies have taught us anything, it's that you can never count a murderous villain out, even in death.

"A major reason why the HATCHET sequels have succeeded is that they were planned out from the very start," Green said. "In the first film, I actually showed some of the weapons that Victor Crowley wouldn't actually use until the later films and I held back crucial elements of his mythology to be revealed later on down the road. Of course, it was also a risky move given that there was no way of knowing if I'd ever get to make the sequels."

He continued, "Originally I had only planned for HATCHET to be a trilogy, but when I decided to bring 'Victor Crowley' back for more I planned out another complete roadmap for where it could all go. With the success of VICTOR CROWLEY it looks like I'll once again be able to make the sequels I have planned. I've been able to stay in love with Victor Crowley because I only head back into his swamp when I'm ready to do so. Given that HATCHET is a cult franchise and not a studio property, my crew and I have always been able to make each film only when we want to. The "Hatchet Army" has always been willing to patiently wait until I'm ready. Not every filmmaker has such a luxury and I have never taken it for granted." (thanks to ComingSoon.net)

** ABRAKADABRA: Dante, The Great", a prestigious magician, accidentally dies during a risky magic trick. Thirty-five years later his son Lorenzo, also a magician, presents a magic show in one of the most important theatres in the city. From then on, a series of murders begins to take place that will seek to incriminate him. Lorenzo must discover who and why seeks to involve him before it is too late…

** UNDERWORLD: It made her an action star, but British actress Kate Beckinsale says she's done with the UNDERWORLD franchise and won't be suiting up as the vampire Selene again. Speaking with Variety, she was asked straight up if she'd do another UNDERWORLD film. Her response was equally straight and blunt: "I wouldn't return. I've done plenty of those."

Beckinsale played the role five times in the six-film franchise, starting with 2003's first film and ending with last year's UNDERWORLD BLOOD WARS. In fact, Beckinsale is done with blockbuster filmmaking it would seem, calling working on some of those big films the worst experiences in her life:

"I've done indie movies where I'm sitting on a piece of folded carpet and it was wonderful. I've done great big movies that were the worst misery of my life. It all depends. At university, I studied Russian and French. I never studied drama, so I always felt like from the beginning of my career that it was an apprenticeship. That freed me up to try a lot of things. It gave me a lot of latitude. I started out in the indie space. I never anticipated doing one of those heavy-weight, very physical franchise things. It was scary to see myself on movie posters on the side of every single bus."

The UNDERWORLD franchise's creator and director Len Wiseman, also Beckinsale's ex-husband, stated last year that he is currently developing a TV series spin-off.

** THE COLOUR OUT OF SPACE: Three years ago came word that SpectreVision, an indie horror production company, planned to produce a film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's famed short story THE COLOUR OUT OF SPACE.

Set in the wild hills west of Arkham in Massachusetts, the story follows a narrator who pieces together the story of a 'blasted heath', an area where many years ago a meteorite crashed. As a result, the life force of anything living nearby is drained. Yet at the same time flora grows huge and strange, whilst animals are deformed and humans either go insane or die.

At the time Richard Stanley, who hadn't helmed a film since the disastrous production that was 1996's "The Island of Dr. Moreau," was slated to direct and pen the screenplay with plans to shoot in early 2016. That didn't happen and now, in an interview this week with Birth.Movies.Death, SpectreVision's co-founder Josh C. Waller says they are still moving forward with it:

"It's moving along. We announced that we were going to be doing it, what, three years ago? Let's just say that we're getting a lot closer. Significantly closer. Like, it's coming up, so I will be busy with Richard on set with that sometime in the near future." (thanks to DarkHorizons.com)

----- September 17, 2018 -----

** HALLOWEEN re-release: John Carpenter's original 1978 slasher classic HALLOWEEN is returning to cinemas beginning September 27th with plans for a release on over 1,000 screens three weeks before the 2018 reboot arrives on October 19th.

Spotlight Cinema Networks, Compass International Pictures and Trancas International Films are teaming for the re-release which includes the film restored and remastered digitally under the supervision of original cinematographer Dean Cundey.

Carpenter says in a statement: "I'm thrilled to have the original make its way back into theaters, as we prepare for the release of the sequel. Having both back in theaters this fall is remarkable." (thanks to DarkHorizons.com)

** ZOMBIELAND sequel: With the release of VENOM only a few weeks away, the film's director Ruben Fleischer has begun doing early press for the film and once his media commitments are finished he'll turn his attention towards the long in the works ZOMBIELAND sequel.

That film, set to arrive a decade after the original post-apocalyptic horror comedy, got the green light back in July and Fleischer has given an update to Fandango on where things are right now – barely containing his excitement that it is finally set to happen at last:

"I'm thrilled. We're already actually starting ZOMBIELAND. I've been scouting and storyboarding and getting it going, and to get to work with that cast again is just an absolute dream come true. It's been really exciting starting to think about that movie, and to get to work with Emma, Jesse, Woody and Abigail once again is truly a dream come true. Yeah, we're just at the very early stages, but we have an amazing script, and we're going to start shooting in Georgia in January."

Fleischer helms from a script from original writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese and the project is slated to open October 11th next year. (thanks to DarkHorizons.com)

** ASH VS EVIL DEAD The Complete Collection: All three seasons of the critically acclaimed series arrives in one groovy package to Blu-ray (plus Digital) and DVD on October 16.

Season 1 Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Special features:
- "Inside the World of Ash" Featurette
- "How to Kill a Deadite" Featurette
- "Best of Ash" Featurette
- Audio Commentaries

Season 2 Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Special features:
- "Season 2 First Look" Featurette
- "Inside the World of Ash vs Evil Dead" Featurette
- "Up Your Ash" Featurette
- "Women Who Kick Ash" Featurette
- "Puppets Are Cute" Featurette
- "Dawn of the Spawn" Featurette
- "Bringing Henrietta Back" Featurette
- "The Delta" Featurette
- "How to Kill a Deadite" Featurette
- "Fatality Mash-Up" Featurette
- Audio Commentaries

Season 3 Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Special features:
- "Season Overview" Featurette
- "Inside the World of Ash vs Evil Dead" Featurette
- Audio Commentaries

** OVERLORD: Here's a second poster. The film will debut in theaters on November 9.

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