----- October 18, 2017 -----

** JIGSAW: Lionsgate has released a new featurette and two TV spots from the upcoming JIGSAW, the eighth film in the SAW horror franchise. Featuring the return of Tobin Bell, the new film will arrive just ahead of Halloween on October 27.

** SPAWN: Todd McFarlane's SPAWN reboot is gearing up to head into production soon, a reportedly $10 million Blumhouse production that will both avoid origin story elements and go light on showcasing much of its titular soldier of hell on screen. In the comics Al Simmons was a Special Ops soldier who was murdered in the line of duty because he was growing a conscience. In exchange for seeing his wife again on Earth, he was turned into the disfigured Hellspawn (a general in the Devil's army) and sent back to the surface.

McFarlane, who is putting some of his own money into the film, is keeping costs tight to ensure he gets to direct it, and it gets to have a hard R-rating which suits the material it is based on. In terms of avoiding the origin story elements he tells Yahoo: "I always come back to JAWS — not that I have a shark in Spawn! But that shark was enormous. And at anytime in the movie, did they tell me why the shark was so damn big? No! Did it matter to me? No!

All that mattered was that it was big and in the same vicinity as humans. Or John Carpenter's THE THING: where do the aliens come from? I don't know! What was its reason for taking over bodies? I don't know! It just was. I'm OK without an origin. Just give me a compelling story, scare the shit out of me from time to time, and I'm along for the ride."

The film is currently in pre-production with the budgeting phase about to begin. McFarlane says they're also trying to sell it as a pre-distribution deal that would guarantee a solid theatrical release and an opening date likely sometime in late 2018 or more likely 2019. He also says the plan is to do 85-90% of the film with practical effects. (thanks to DarkHorizons.com)

----- October 17, 2017 -----

** STRANGER THINGS: Here's the final trailer for the highly anticipated second season. The world turns Upside Down on October 27.

** Box Office: HAPPY DEATH DAY easily topped the weekend box office with an estimated $26.5 million from 3,149 theaters, an average of $8,415 per location. In fourth place, New Line Cinema's IT brought in another $6 million its sixth weekend in theaters and has now collected $314.9 million in North America. Overseas, the horror hit added $10.4 million from 5,185 screens in 65 markets. The international total is now $315.7 million and worldwide total is now up to $630.6 million. (thanks to ComingSoon.net)

** HAPPY DEATH DAY sequel: With the movie exceeding expectations at the box-office, it comes as little surprise that this weekend's HAPPY DEATH DAY could be getting a follow-up. Director Christopher Landon, out doing press for the film, tells Cinema Blend that he's already planned out a sequel to the movie and one which would tackle one key question that first doesn't resolve – namely why is this "Groundhog Day"-style time loop happening to the protagonist in the film:

"It's more than a discussion. I know what it is. I know what it is. But I can't talk about it. And that's not a cop out! It's a genuine 'If.' If we have the amazing fortune of getting to make another one of these, that's what that movie is about. I felt that often, when I think it's the origin story, the first movie, that often the answer to the question is less interesting than the question itself. And I think that's a principle that happens a lot in these kinds of movies.

So rather than getting bogged down in a bunch of exposition that nobody really wants to care about or wants to hear, I was more interested in just sort of seeing how she approaches her dilemma, and how she tries to not only solve her own murder, but also how she changes as a person. That's where I wanted to spend my time." (thanks to DarkHorizons.com)

----- October 16, 2017 -----

** John Carpenter to score HALLOWEEN: With his greater involvement in the new chapter of his iconic classic, it comes as little surprise that filmmaker John Carpenter has confirmed he will be providing the score for the upcoming new HALLOWEEN film. As previously reported, the film will ignore the events of all the sequels, including potentially the second film, to serve as a direct follow-up to the first. Jamie Lee Curtis is returning as Laurie Strode in the new film set forty years after the events in Haddonfield in 1978.

Carpenter is serving as both an executive producer and advisor on the new film which David Gordon Green is directing and co-wrote with Danny McBride. Carpenter has indicated the pair have been keeping him very involved in the new film, and in a new interview with Billboard (via Syfy) this week he lets slip he's likely returning to score: "I am an executive producer and it looks clear to me that I've made a deal to do the music…There are many options. I'll be consulting with the director to see what he feels. I could create a new score, we could update the old score and amplify it, or we could combine those two things. I'll have to see the movie to see what it requires." (thanks to DarkHorizons.com)

** RED CHRISTMAS: A mother must protect her family on Christmas Day from a demented stranger who is hell-bent on tearing them apart.

** KEEP WATCHING: Sony Pictures, Screen Gems and Voltage Pictures have released the new trailer and poster for the horror thriller Keep Watching, which will debut in theaters for one night only this Halloween, October 31 at 10pm!

A family imprisoned by intruders is forced to play a terrifying game. As the night unfolds, the game's mysterious rules become clear, and the family realizes their nightmare is being streamed live to riveted viewers all over the world, who are compelled to KEEP WATCHING…not knowing if what they're seeing is real, or staged.

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