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----- February 7, 2023 -----

** I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER requel: In the wake of the success of last year's SCREAM revival, Sony Pictures is dusting off its horror franchise from the same period with plans for a new entry in the I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER franchise. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddie Prinze Jr. are reportedly in talks to reprise their roles in the project which is still in the early development phase but will be a legacy sequel that passes the torch.

The 1997 film follows four young friends bound by a tragic car accident and the cover-up of the body of a fisherman. They are reunited when they find themselves being stalked by a hook-wielding maniac, the thought dead fissherman, in their small seaside town. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, Bridgette Wilson, Anne Heche, Johnny Galecki and Muse Watson co-starred in the original which was a smash hit, generating $125 million in box-office off a $17 million budget, and led to a less well-received direct sequel, a barely known about standalone third film and a poorly received Amazon series adaptation.

Neal H. Moritz is in talks to return as producer, with Leah McKendrick on board to write the script and Jennifer Kaytin Robinson set to direct the project. Robinson and McKendrick reportedly blew away studio executives with their pitch for a sequel, and Robinson was coming off the success of the Netflix film DO REVENGE. (thanks to

** A QUIET PLACE DAY ONE: Filming is officially underway on A QUIET PLACE DAY ONE, the upcoming spin-off of John Krasinski's hit horror franchise at Paramount Pictures. Based on an original idea by John Krasinski, and written by Michael Sarnoski and Jeff Nichols, the film will not deal with the Abbott family storyline and instead unfold against the larger backdrop of the universe of the two prior films.

By the title, it's expected to likely deal with the first day in the wake of the sonic-targeting beasties arriving on Earth, much like the opening segment of "A QUIET PLACE PART II. However actual plot specifics are under wraps. Lupita Nyong'o, Joseph Quinn, and Alex Wolff star in the project which hails from PIG director Michael Sarnoski.

Krasinski took to Twitter to share behind the scenes shots from the set of the project which is slated to arrive in cinemas on March 8th 2024. Krasinski, Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller will produce. The Abbott family storyline meanwhile is expected to continue with a third film in the main series planned, but nothing has been written or set dates as yet. (thanks to

** THE CURSE OF ROSALIE: Determined to find peace for Rosalie, their troubled young daughter, Daniel and Theresa Snyder move their family to a small Midwestern town. However, soon after they arrive, their neighbours begin to die in mysterious and seemingly paranormal circumstances. Fearing an evil entity has pursued them and possessed Rosalie, the desperate parents visit a Native American seer, willing to do whatever it takes to free her soul.

** #FLOAT: Young, beautiful and full of life, vlogger Kali and her friends are heading to the river for their annual float, but it's the first time since their friend ODed and drowned last year. Their partying turns deadly as a sinister paranormal force plunges them into a life and death struggle forcing them to face their own fears as they turn on each other and proceed to die one by one.

----- February 6, 2023 -----

** SCARE PACKAGE II: Coming to Blu-ray on 4/11 from Shudder RLJE Films. When horror guru Rad Chad Buckley's funeral turns into an elaborate series of hilarious death traps, the guests must band together and use the rules of horror to survive the bloody game.

** FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S: Appearing on the WeeklyMTG podcast, SCOOBY DOO and SCREAM actor Matthew Lillard reveals that he has signed a three-picture deal with Universal and Blumhouse as part of his role in FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S.

Filming officially commenced under the code name "Bad Cupcake" this week in New Orleans on the adaptation of the survival video game and will see Lillard co-starring with Josh Hutcherson, Mary Stuart Masterson, Piper Rubio and Elizabeth Lail. It has been speculated already that this means Blumhouse is setting up a connected universe style deal and so Lillard's character and his company are that connecting elements. (thanks to

** CONSECRATION: In CONSECRATION, after the suspicious death of her brother, a priest, Grace (Jena Malone) goes to the Mount Saviour Convent in Scotland to find out what really happened. Once there, she uncovers murder, sacrilege and a disturbing truth about her own past.

** GHOST TOWN: A drifter takes a job in a small town in 1877 Arizona. After a series of bizarre and horrifying deaths, he becomes the target of suspicion. Desperate to escape the noose, he is soon at the center of a supernatural mystery that plagues this town.

----- February 3rd, 2023 -----

** FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S: Filming has officially commenced on Blumhouse's FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S, the film adaptation of the survival video game which is shooting in New Orleans. Josh Hutcherson, Matthew Lillard and Mary Stuart Masterson star.

The story follows a troubled security guard as he begins working at the family-friendly Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. While spending his first night on the job, he realizes the night shift at Freddy's won't be so easy to make it through as the giant animatronic creatures turn deadly and can move when not being looked at. Emma Tammi (THE WIND) is directing the film while Jim Henson's Creature Shop will work alongside Blumhouse to bring the game's killer animatronics to life. Tammi co-wrote the script with Seth Cuddeback and the game's creator Scott Cawthon. Cawthon and Jason Blum will produce. (thanks to

** DISQUIET: Jonathan Rhys Meyers stars in the terrifying, edge-of-your-seat thriller. After a near-fatal car accident, Sam (Meyers) wakes to discover he is trapped in an abandoned hospital by mysterious and sinister forces that have no intention of letting him leave.

** SOUND OF SILENCE: When her father is gravely injured, Emma returns to her family home in Italy. Alone in the house while her father recovers, she encounters a haunted radio and the evil entity behind it. With the supernatural force growing stronger by the hour, Emma must reveal the dark secret behind the radio's curse to survive the night.

** WOLF GARDEN: A man who has gone into isolated hiding is haunted by visions in the frightening WOLF GARDEN, premiering On Demand this February from Gravitas Ventures.

Written and Directed by Wayne David, WOLF GARDEN tells the blood-curdling story of William (Wayne David, Containment), a young man who disappears upon experiencing haunting visions of the woman he loves and a mysterious creature in the nearby woods. You can't escape fear. Wayne David, Sian Altman, Grant Masters, and Jake Wood star in a provocative and unique new horror film, out Feb 28.

----- February 2nd, 2023 -----

** WINNIE THE POOH 2: More blood. More honey.

** COMPANION: BARBARIAN filmmaker Zach Cregger is set to produce a mysterious horror-thriller feature project titled COMPANION at New Line. The project's announcement follows in the wake of Cregger's second directorial effort WEAPONS which New Line bought the script for in a heated auction the other day. COMPANION will mark the directorial debut of Drew Hancock who also penned the script with BARBARIAN producers Cregger, Roy Lee, Raphael Margules and J.D. Lifshitz through their BoulderLight label.

Like with WEAPONS, the plot details of COMPANION are under wraps, but the film is being fast-tracked for production this year. New Line president and chief creative officer Richard Brener said in a statement: "Zach proved with BARBARIAN that he can create a visceral theatrical experience for audiences and that he commands every tool in the filmmaker toolbelt. We couldn't be happier that he, Roy and Miri, and J.D. and Rafi chose New Line to be the home of his next film, and hope it is the first of many to come." (thanks to

** CALVAIRE: Yellow Veil Pictures has unveiled a new trailer for the new HD remaster of Fabrice du Welz's CALVAIRE ahead of re-release next month. The 2004 New French Extremity classic will open in theaters beginning February 24th followed by arriving on Digital Platforms on March 3, 2023. Yellow Veil Pictures will also release CALVAIRE on a collector's edition Blu-ray available soon.

** JETHICA: In this darkly comedic SXSW oddity, Jessica lives in fear of a man named Kevin who follows her everywhere she goes. While on a road trip, she reconnects with Elena, an old friend she hasn't seen since high school. Elena has been hiding out at her deceased grandmother's ranch in New Mexico. When Kevin mysteriously appears again, Jessica and Elena seek help from beyond the grave to get rid of him for good... but Kevin is different from other stalkers and won't move on so easily.

----- February 1st, 2023 -----

** BLESS THE CHILD: Coming to Blu-ray on 4/25 from Scream Factory.

** THE DEVIL CONSPIRACY: Here's the trailer for the upcoming film.

** NIGHTMARE AT PRECINCT 84: Here's the trailer for the upcoming film.

** HUESERA THE BONE WOMAN: Here's the poster for the upcoming film.

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