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----- May 17, 2024 -----

** 28 YEARS LATER: Danny Boyle's 28 YEARS LATER film has reportedly set a June 20th 2025 release date. That's 22 years after it premiered in the U.S. in June 2003. Jodie Comer, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Ralph Fiennes are set to star in this sequel to 28 DAYS LATER and 28 WEEKS LATER with plot specifics under wraps.

Alex Garland is penning the film which serves as the first of a new trilogy of movies with Nia DaCosta in talks to direct the second film. Boyle and Garland are producing, as is Bernie Bellew, Andrew Macdonald and Peter Rice. Garland is expected to pen the two sequels. Filming on the project began in Northumberland on May 7th. (thanks to

** KEEPER: Osgood Perkins will follow up on Nicolas Cage's serial killer thriller LONGLEGS with KEEPER, starring Tatiana Maslany. Neon, who is distributing LONGLEGS, has acquired the rights to KEEPER, who will also star POSSESSOR's Rossif Sutherland.

KEEPER follows a couple as they escape for a romantic anniversary weekend at a secluded cabin. When Malcolm (Sutherland) suddenly returns to the city, Liz (Maslany) finds herself isolated and in the presence of an unspeakable evil that unveils the cabin's horrifying secrets. (thanks to

** YOU LOOSE YOU DIE: WWE superstar Charlotte Flair is set to make her acting debut in the horror movie YOU LOOSE YOU DIE, starring alongside Emmy-nominated SIX FEET UNDER actor Freddy Rodriguez, in the project which will be directed by Carlos Suarez in his directorial debut.

According to the Deadline web site, the movie centers on the sociopathic tech expert Mr. Fantastik (played by Rodriguez). Mr. Fantastik runs a popular series on the dark web with two other unhinged techies, Ms. Perfect (played by Flair) and Mr. Creep (Anthony Alvarez). As part of this show, thousands of viewers vote on the games and challenges that prisoners participate in. If the prisoners are unlucky enough to lose, those viewers vote on the weapons that the sociopaths use to kill them. (thanks to

** THE HERMIT: Los Angeles-based Scatena & Rosner Films has acquired worldwide rights to horror film THE HERMIT starring Lou Ferrigno as a cannibalistic pig farmer. They will be launching sales on the chiller, which is now in post, at the Cannes Marché du Film.

THE HERMIT is directed by U.S. based Italian helmer Salvatore Sclafani and produced by Los Angeles and New York based Gerry Pass via his Chrome Entertainment shingle in tandem with Sclafani's First Child Prods.

Dragged on a vacation to the woods, two self-absorbed teens named Lisa and Eric, played by Malina Weissman and Anthony Turpel, venture off trail, stumble across a farm, go in, see animal heads hanging from the wall and "fight for their lives against an unstoppable cannibal pig farmer," the synopsis says. (thanks to

** THE MOOR: Chris Cronin's acclaimed British horror THE MOOR will be heading to UK Cinemas 14th June and on Digital HD 1st July.

----- May 16, 2024 -----

** BLACK CAB: SHAUN OF THE DEAD star Nick Frost play an erratic cab driver, with Synnøve Karlsen and. Luke Norris playing couple who find their jovial black cab driver is not taking them home. Trapped on a desolate, supposedly haunted road, they are faced with their captor's true intentions. Shudder plans to debut BLACK CAB on the platform in North America, UK-Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, later this year. (thanks to

** IN A VIOLENT NATURE: IFC Films and Shudder have revealed Chris Nash's unconventional slasher IN A VIOLENT NATURE will officially be unrated, which means viewers are likely to be treated to a brutal, gruesome ride. (thanks to

** 7 METERS DOWN THE WRECK: A third installment in the shark horror series, is in the works from veteran horror director Patrick Lussier according to the Deadline web site. Series creator Johannes Roberts has co-written 47 METERS DOWN THE WRECK alongside Ernest Riera, having written the previous two entries. FilmNation is looking to launch worldwide sales at Cannes next week.

The story will follow a father who is determined to rebuild his relationship with his daughter as they bond during a scuba dive in beautiful tropical waters while exploring a famous shipwreck. Soon after their descent, their master diver had an accident, leaving them alone and unprotected inside the labyrinth of the wreck. As tensions rise and oxygen dwindles, the pair must use their newfound bond to escape the wreck and the relentless barrage of bloodthirsty great white sharks. (thanks to

** EYES OF THE ABYSS: Variety is reporting that it has sold to Uncork'd Entertainment ahead of its market screening at Cannes during the Blood Window Showcase.

The film follows the journey of a soldier who awakens aboard a warship. Surrounded by corpses and haunted by fragmented memories, she navigates a perilous journey, confronting adversaries and fighting for survival. (thanks to

** WEAPONS: BARBARIAN director Zach Cregger's new horror film WEAPONS will launch in cinemas on January 16th 2026. Josh Brolin, Julia Garner, Alden Ehrenreich, Austin Abrams and Benedict Wong star with story details under wraps. (thanks to

----- May 15, 2024 -----

** STREET TRASH: According to a follow up on a publication from Gorezone on X (Twitter), director Ryan Kruger confirmed that the upcoming STREET TRASH is more of a sequel than a remake.

** Ti West's NIGHT BUSINESS: Zac Efron is reportedly in talks to star in Ti West's NIGHT BUSINESS based on the cult classic graphic novel. Nathaniel Halpern is adapting the script.

Dubbed a 1980s-trash-culture homage, the project is set at a time when an extremely violent knife-wielding killer is on the loose and targeting exotic dancers. Only one man is determined enough to stop this psychopath: Johnny Timothy. Can he stop the killer before more innocent victims have to die? (thanks to

** FRANKIE FREAKO: Raven Banner will launch International sales at the Cannes Market for Steven Kostanski's latest feature, FRANKIE FREAKO. Kostanski's previous feature PG: PSYCHO GOREMAN premiered at SXSW and gathered a cult following worldwide. Shout! Studios has acquired all U.S. distribution rights to FRANKIE FREAKO with Raven Banner Releasing handling Canadian distribution.

FRANKIE FREAKO is Kostanki's homage to the practical-FX-driven little monster horror-comedies of the 80's such as GREMLINS 2 and GHOULIES 3. It tells the story of workaholic yuppie Conor Sweeney (star of THE EDITOR) whose perfect life is turned upside down when he accidentally unleashes a trio of tiny trouble-makers into his home, led by the maniacal rock-n-roll party monster FRANKIE FREAKO. It's a race against time as Conor must defeat the rambunctious ruffians and clean up their trail of destruction before his wife returns from her weekend work trip, all while going on an unexpected journey of self-discovery. (thanks to

** THE FIST OMEN: The film will be available to rent or own on digital platforms, such as Prime Video, Apple TV and Fandango at Home, starting on May 28. It will then be followed by the horror prequel's exclusive streaming debut on Hulu on May 30. As for its physical release, the R-rated movie will officially be arriving on Blu-ray and DVD on July 30. (thanks to

** PINOCCHIO CARVED IN DARKNESS: Oceana Studios (TERRIFIER 2) has revealed the fairy tale horror movie PINOCCHIO CARVED IN DARKNESS, which it is presenting to the Cannes Film Market, according to Variety. The movie will be directed by Joona Tena and written by Paulie Siegel.

The film sees woodcarver Geppetto carve a puppet resembling his recently deceased son from a block of wood discarded at a crime scene and cursed by Agatha, the priestess of a dark cult. As Pinocchio turns into a vengeful killer, a teen named Charlie and his mother Nancy arrive in the town looking for a fresh start. Meanwhile, a detective named Georgina starts investigating Agatha's crimes. The characters intertwine with some tragic consequences. (thanks to

----- May 14, 2024 -----

** R.I.P. Roger Corman: The legendary independent filmmaker and renowned "King of the B-movies," has died at the age of 98. Corman passed away on Thursday at his home in Santa Monica, surrounded by family. Over time he directed 55 films and produced around 385 films over a career spanning nearly sixty years.

** FRIDAY THE 13th series CRYSTAL LAKE: Bryan Fuller revealed on Instagram to reveal he was no longer involved with the project.

"Adapting classic horror is something I have some experience with," wrote Fuller. "These shows require a vision that elevates and transforms, as well as delivers what audiences have come to expect, which is an ambitious and risky endeavor. It requires people to take the leap with me."

"When it works, as with HANNIBAL, the results can be powerful for the storytellers and the audience. I couldn't be more proud of the work my co-showrunner Jim Danger Gray and I were able to accomplish with our brilliant writing staff despite the challenges we faced."

"For reasons beyond our control, A24 has elected to go a different way with the material. We hope the final product will be something FRIDAY THE 13th fans all over the world will enjoy."

Despite the prequel premise of the show, Fuller claimed it was "Less of a prequel series and more of "a pre-remake-uel series," which suggested a reimaging of the franchise beyond Jason's origins.

Bryan Fuller was involved as writer, showrunner, and executive producer, with original FRIDAY THE 13th writer Victor Miller producing with Marc Toberoff, Rob Barsamian, and A24. Original star Adrienne King had signed up for a recurring role in the series. (thanks to

** THE SUBSTANCE: Ahead of Coralie Fargeat's THE SUBSTANCE debuting at Cannes, Mubi has picked the body horror movie. Mubi is a distributor, production banner, and streamer for arthouse films and has the rights for North America, the U.K., Ireland, Germany, Austria, Turkey, India, Latin America, and Benelux, where it will be released theatrically this year. Mubi's The Match Factory will handle all other territories.

The film stars Demi Moore, Margaret Qualley, and Dennis Quaid. The film is set to premiere at Cannes Film Festival, and the Cannes website offers up some details on what to expect from the movie.

"Have you ever dreamed of a better version of yourself? You should try this new product: The Substance. It changed my life. With The Substance, you can generate another version of yourself, younger, more beautiful, more perfect… Just share the time. One week for one, one week for the other. A perfect balance of seven days. Easy, isn't it?

"If you follow the instructions, what could go wrong?" (thanks to

** QUIET PLACE DAY ONE: Here's the second trailer for the upcoming film.

** THE PROFANE EXHIBIT: Coming to Blu-ray on 9/24 from Unearthed Films.

----- May 13, 2024 -----

** HUMANIST VAMPIRE SEEKING CONSENTING SUICIDAL PERSON: Drafthouse Films has announced it will bring horror comedy to theaters next month. The film is directed by Ariane Louis-Seize from a script she wrote with Christine Doyon. It's set to hit theaters in New York and LA starting June 21, 2024, then will be followed by a nationwide rollout. (thanks to

** CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE 4K UHD: Coming July 16th on 4K UHD from Kino Lorber Studio Classics.

** POPPY PLAYTIME: Legendary has reportedly closed an aggressive deal with Mob Entertainment to develop and produce a live-action film adaptation of the horror video game POPPY PLAYTIME. Legendary beat out several others to develop and produce the film along with Mob Entertainment and Angry Films' Don Murphy and Susan Montford.

The first person video game has the player starring as a former employee of a faded toy brand who, thanks to a cryptic letter, is drawn back to an abandoned facility only to quickly discover it has become home to a host of toys that have taken on a life of their own. Players have to decipher clues, solve puzzles and use gadgets to unravel the mystery and get out alive before the toys like Huggy Wuggy, Mommy Long Legs, and CatNap catch up to them.

The first chapter of the game hit Steam in 2021 and snagged over 12 million players across PC and mobile. The game became a merchandising phenomenon with Huggy Wuggy plushies everywhere. (thanks to

** THE LOOMING: A24, Square Peg and Causeway Films will team up with debut filmmaker Masha Ko to adapt her horror short THE LOOMING, which premiered at Sundance this year. Ko will write and direct the movie. A24 will produce alongside Square Peg's Ari Aster, Lars Knudsen, and Tyler Campellone and Causeway Films' Samantha Jennings and Kristina Ceyton. A24 is to finance and handle worldwide releases.

When a virtual home assistant speaker, Luna, picks up the strange noise Chester has heard in his house, he realizes that it may not be a symptom of dementia. (thanks to

** THE BREED remake: The 2006 horror film THE BREED is getting a remake, with SHAZAM! actress Grace Caroline Currey set to star. According to Variety, Currey will be headlining the project, which will be directed by brothers Sean and Bryan Furst. The original Nicholas Mastandrea-directed film, which Wes Craven co-produced, will be receiving an "unconventional reimagining," per Variety's report. The filmmaking brothers will also serve as the remake's producers through their Curmudgeon Films company. (thanks to

----- May 10, 2024 -----

** David Cronenberg's THE SHROUDS: Here's the poster for the highly anticipated film.

** HANDLING THE UNDEAD: On a hot summer day in Oslo, the dead mysteriously awaken, and three families are thrown into chaos when their deceased loved ones come back to them. Who are they, and what do they want? A family is faced with the mother's reawakening before they have even mourned her death after a car accident; an elderly woman gets the love of her life back the same day she has buried her; a grandfather rescues his grandchild from the gravesite in a desperate attempt to get his daughter out of her depression. Handling the Undead is a drama with elements of horror about three families, a story about grief and loss, but also about hope and understanding of what we can't comprehend or control.

** THE CARPENTER'S SON: Nicolas Cage, FKA Twigs, Noah Jupe and Souheila Yacoub are all set to star in Egyptian-American filmmaker Lotfy Nathan's horror-tinged young Jesus film THE CARPENTER'S SON.

The dark story follows a family hiding out in Roman Egypt. The son (Jupe), known only as 'the Boy', is driven to doubt by another mysterious child and rebels against his guardian, the Carpenter (Cage), revealing inherent powers and a fate beyond his comprehension. As he exercises his own power, the Boy and his family become the target of horrors, natural and divine. The work has reportedly taken inspiration from the apocryphal Infancy Gospel of Thomas which recounts the childhood of Jesus and dates back to 2 A.D. (thanks to

** BEZEL: Over six tumultuous decades, three unwitting guests of a cursed New England home stumble upon a sinister secret dwelling beneath its floors - an eternal witch with an insatiable thirst for the souls of the living.

----- May 9, 2024 -----

** THE BLACK BELLY OF THE TARANTULA 4K UHD: Coming soon to 4K UHD and Blu-ray from Celluloid Dreams.

** George A. Romero's DIARY OF THE DEAD: The film is getting a Blu-ray SteelBook release from Lionsgate. The release date has been set for July 2, 2024. The SteelBook will be released exclusively through Walmart, and will retail for $24.99 when it releases in July. (thanks to

** DANGEROUS ANIMALS: Sean Byrne, director of cult horror gems THE DEVIL'S CANDY and THE LOVED ONES, is back with an unusual spin on the slasher movie titled DANGEROUS ANIMALS. The film features Hassie Harrison, Jai Courtney, and Josh Heuston. Byrne looks to continue with a playful attitude to horror tropes by giving us a serial killer movie with a twist.

In DANGEROUS ANIMALS, Zephyr (Harrison), described as a savvy and free-spirited surfer, is abducted by a shark-obsessed serial killer (Courtney). Held captive on his boat, she must figure out how to escape before he carries out a ritualistic feeding to the sharks below. The only person who realizes she is missing is new love interest Moses (Hueston), who goes looking for Zephyr, only to be caught by the deranged murderer as well. (thanks to

** THE HANGMAN: Here's the trailer for the new horror film.

** WILD EYED AND WICKED: In her attempt to strike back at the medieval creature that's haunted her family for generations. She must reconnect with her estranged father, a disgraced history professor, and learn how to draw upon a time of steel and blade when armor-clad knights rode out and dueled monsters to the death.

----- May 8, 2024 -----

** A24 out of FRIDAY THE 13th series: First announced in 2022, CRYSTAL LAKE was set to take place before the events of the film series and was being executive-produced by HANNIBAL's Brian Fuller and being made for Peacock. However, Jeff Sneider reported that A24 had pulled the plug on the show. The only upside is that it's unclear whether this is permanent or temporary.

"I'm hearing that A24 has pulled the plug on RYSTAL LAKE, its planned Peacock series based on the FRIDAY THE 13th franchise featuring masked killer Jason Voorhees," Wrote Sneider for his The InSneider blog.

"It's unclear whether this is a permanent decision or a temporary one, as A24 had no comment. Perhaps Peacock will help the trades shed more light on this project, which was announced back in 2022." (thanks to

** 11817: French filmmaker Louis Leterrier, who is best known for his work on action movies such as TRANSPORTER and FAST X, has officially signed on to direct the upcoming sci-fi horror movie titled 11817.

"Directing projects where the audience gets behind the characters has always been my focus," Leterrier said in a statement. "However complex, flawed, and heroic, we identify with them as we live through their journey. It's what excites me about 11817's wholly original concept and the family at the heart of our story. This is an experience that movie audiences won't forget." (thanks to

** WEAPONS: According to the Deadline web site, Marvel vet Benedict Wong, Oscar nominee Amy Madigan, and Austin Abrams have been cast in the upcoming horror thriller WEAPONS, which hails from New Line Cinema. (thanks to

** BROOKLYN 45: Vinegar Syndrome is releasing Ted Geoghegan's supernatural post-war chiller on Blu-ray. This special limited edition slipcover (designed by Chris Barnes) is limited to 1,000 units and is only available on Vinegar Syndrome's website and at select indie retailers. Absolutely no major retailers will be stocking them. (thanks to

** NEW LIFE: A mysterious woman on the run, and the resourceful fixer assigned to bring her in. Their two unique stories inextricably link, as the stakes of the pursuit rise to apocalyptic proportions.

----- May 7, 2024 -----

** M3GAN 2.0: Actress Ivanna Sakhno has landed a leading role in M3GAN 2.0 at Atomic Monster and Blumhouse. Akela Cooper and Gerard Johnstone developed the story for the follow-up. Sakhno will star alongside Allison Williams and Violet McGraw, who will both be reprising their roles as Gemma and Cady, respectively. The film has already set a May 2025 release. (thanks to

** THE STRANGERS reboot: Filmmaker Renny Harlin has confirmed to Variety that THE STRANGERS CHAPTER 2 is set to be released in September or October this year. The date announcement comes less than two weeks ahead of THE STRANGERS CHAPTER 1 hitting United States theaters on May 17th. Harlin adds the trilogy's concluding entry will be released at "the beginning of next year".

Madelaine Petsch, Froy Gutierrez, Rachel Shenton, and Gabriel Basso star in the first film which reimagines Bryan Bertino's 2008 home invasion horror film. That starred Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman as a couple terrorised by three psychopathic masked strangers. Harlin tells the trade this reconception of the original into a new trilogy of three 90-minute films was part of the appeal:

"If it had been a straight remake or a sequel, I wouldn't have done it at this point of my life. I have such respect for the original film and am somewhat intimidated by the quality of it. Simply doing a sequel or remake didn't appeal to me, but this was such an opportunity to have four and a half hours of a case study of victims of a violent crime and the perpetrators and what makes them tick and how it affects a person who goes through this."

He adds that a 4.5-hour single film supercut of the entire new trilogy is being discussed as a possibility to be released after all three films have come out:

"It's in our heads. This is definitely what we want to do. We want to cut together the full arc. We know exactly how to do it, then we'll create a movie and see who are those diehard fans who will come to the movie theater for four and a half hours. I don't know if we need to have an intermission so people can get some food and go to the bathroom, but I definitely want to have that event and see if people take four and a half hours of dread and fear and terror and despair." (thanks to

** INSANE LIKE ME?: The upcoming film debuts on Cable and Digital VOD June 4, 2024, including Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Fandango At Home, Comcast, Dish, and DirecTV. The film is a supernatural thriller about a combat veteran who returns home after a tour of duty overseas. He becomes the lead suspect in his girlfriend's disappearance and is subsequently wrongly convicted and incarcerated. Nine years later he is released from the mental asylum, he returns home to find the truth and settle the score.

** THE HANGMAN: From Epic Pictures' specialty horror label DREAD comes THE HANGMAN, a terrifying tale of the sinister secrets hiding in the hills of rural Appalachia. THE HANGMAN will have a limited theatrical run beginning May 31, and on June 4 the film will be available to rent or purchase on video-on-demand (VOD). The film will be available to pre-order on Apple iTunes beginning May 10.

** ABIGAIL: The horror-fan-favorite director duo, Radio Silence, returns to deliver a new vision of vampires in ABIGAIL, available for the first time exclusively on digital platforms where you can buy or rent beginning tomorrow, May 7, 2024, from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. Certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillet elevate the vampire genre challenging expectations at every blood-stained corner.

----- May 6, 2024 -----

** A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4K UHD: Coming soon to 4K UHD/4K UHD Steelbook from Warner Brothers.

** Julia Ducournau's next film: RAW and TITANE director Julia Ducournau's next film is titled ALPHA. She'll direct and write the project. Details on the film are scarce, but we do know that it will star Golshifteh Farahani and Tahar Rahim. In a statement from FilmNation Entertainment and Charades, we learned that this will be Ducournau's "Most personal, profound work yet" (thanks to

** SCREAM VII: Actress Neve Campbell famously dropped out of appearing in SCREAM VI over a pay dispute with the studio. The actress, who played Sidney Prescott across the five previous films, says she wasn't being properly compensated to return and so the filmmakers just didn't include her character. In a new interview with People, she explains the offer she got and why she walked away from the sixth film:

"I honestly don't believe that if I were a man and had done five installments of a huge blockbuster franchise over 25 years that the number that I was offered would be the number that would be offered to a man. I'm really grateful that the studio heard me when I talked about pay discrepancy and when I talked about [SCREAM VI negotiations] not feeling respectful.

When they first approached me [for SCREAM VII], I thought, 'I don't know what respectful looks like to them. We might be in very different places.' But they started out in a strong place, so that was lovely. It feels nice to have put that out into the world and to have been listened to and to have made a difference in that way. I hope other people get that opportunity too." (thanks to

** THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: Put on the mask and rev the chainsaw - Leatherface returns to slaughter in pinball form! Aim your shots and use all your skills to take out your victims in one of the most brutal pinball tables ever created.

----- May 3rd, 2024 -----

** FLESH OF THE GODS from MANDY director: Kristen Stewart and Oscar Isaac are set to star in the vampire film FLESH OF THE GODS. The project hails from celebrated MANDY director Panos Cosmatos who will helm, while Adam McKay and Betsy Koch are producing this new feature.

Set in Los Angeles during the 1980s, the story follows a married couple, Raoul (Isaac) and Alex (Stewart), who descend each evening from their luxury skyscraper condo and head into an electric nighttime realm of LA. When they cross paths with a mysterious and enigmatic woman and her hard-partying cabal, Raoul and Alex are seduced into a glamorous, surrealistic world of hedonism, thrills, and violence.

Cosmatos says in a statement: "Like Los Angeles itself FLESH OF THE GODS inhabits the liminal realm between fantasy and nightmare. Both propulsive and hypnotic, Flesh will take you on a hot rod joy ride deep into the glittering heart of hell."

Se7EN scribe Andrew Kevin Walker is penning the script based on a story by Cosmatos and Walker. Isaac and Gena Konstantinakos also produce. Filming aims to begin later this year. (thanks to

** THE EXORCIST BELIEVER sequel: In a surprising new report, The Insneider web site has revealed that celebrated creator/director Mike Flanagan is in talks to direct the next THE EXORCIST film at Blumhouse and Universal Pictures.

Universal famously snagged the rights to the franchise for $400 million in June 2021 with the intent being to proceed with a new trilogy of THE EXORCIST films like they did with HALLOWEEN in 2018 – even enlisting that trilogy's director David Gordon Green to helm at least the first film THE EXORCIST BELIEVER which released last year. That film, which serves as a direct sequel to the original William Friedkin classic and ignored the sequels, was at least profitable – making $137 million from a $30 million budget. However it was poorly received by critics and audiences with no real interest in any more. (thanks to

** THE POPE'S EXORCIST sequel: Producer Jeff Katz has revealed that a sequel to the 2023 Russell Crowe-led supernatural film THE POPE'S EXORCIST is officially in the works. Speaking on X, Katz said: "Amorth Nation – I just got the call. IT'S OFFICIALLY HAPPENING!!! 'E un seguito, amici miei.' [It's a sequel, my friends.] Thank you to the amazing ThePopesExorcist fans. You made this happen. Gas up your Lambretta – and get ready to ride."

Julius Avery directed the first film which made $77 million from an $18 million budget and was inspired by the actual files of Father Gabriele Amorth, chief exorcist of the Vatican. (thanks to

** TERRIFIER 3: The upcoming sequel will now open in theaters nationwide on October 11th!

----- May 2nd, 2024 -----

** M. Night Shyamalan's TRAP: Here's the first poster for the upcoming film, which arrives in theaters nationwide on August 9, 2024.

** BRING HER BACK from TALK TO ME directors: A24 will once again team up with TALK TO ME's Danny and Michael Philippou for a new horror movie starring Sally Hawkins titled BRING HER BACK. The plot of BRING HER BACK is currently unknown, but the film adds to the projects the Philippous are already developing, with a TALK TO ME sequel and a documentary project inspired by their own journey into the world of international underground deathmatch wrestling. (thanks to

** SILENCE OF THE PREY: In a desperate bid to secure a future for her child, an undocumented immigrant mother takes a caretaker job. Unbeknownst to her, the elderly man conceals a horrifying truth - she's the next item on the menu.

** MIND BODY SPIRIT: Breathe. Find your center… before it finds you. Available on digital May 7.

----- May 1st, 2024 -----

** LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL: Coming on September 4th on Blu-ray from Umbrella Entertainment.

** MAXXXINE: Here's a new still from the upcoming film.

** WEAPONS: According the the Deadline web site, Alden Ehrenreich has been tapped to join the WEAPONS cast for New Line Cinema's upcoming horror movie. The film will be written and directed by Zach Cregger, who's best known for 2022's BARBARIAN, which served as his feature directorial debut. (thanks to

** George A. Romero's BRUISER 4K UHD: Coming to 4K UHD in July from Indicator.

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