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"Nearly two years ago, Montreal filmmaker Matthew Saliba (VAMPYROS LESBOS, SHE WAS ASKING FOR IT) launched a feature-length anthology project composed of six independently produced short films by young Montreal filmmakers all using the themes of the original Frankenstein novel as inspiration. In addition to himself, these filmmakers included: King-Wei Chu, Matthew Forbes, Martin Gauthier, Peter James and Maude Michaud."

More info here: http://www.frankensteinunlimited.tk

Dark Lotus - Matthew Saliba

What a way to start it all off. This I believe is Matt's third short using still pictures. Because it is a silent picture, the soundtrack plays a very important role on accentuating the emotions that each frame shows. First off, the images that eminated from my screen were unbelievable. Black and white, anamorphic and clear as the glistening of a baby's eye. Shot with a 16.7 MP Canon EOS-1DS-Mark II, the image quality is terrific. Without spoiling the interpretation. It is my clear favorite in the series and possibly should have been placed at the end (well maybe not read on). If you have seen his other works like She was asking for it and Vamypros Lesbos (another interpretive work) then you know what to expect, just with a slight descent into horticultural practices. 12 minutes.

Victor - Matthew Forbes

The mob leader from Dark Lotus makes a reappearance in a live action eight minute short as Victor Frankenstein. This is in color and 4:3. It's a modern age translation and a somber one involving Death. The transfer was not so good and a bit grainy. Coming straight from Dark Lotus' beautiful and vivid transfer is very noticeable. 8 minutes.

Flesh for Kung-Fu - King Wei Chu

King Wei-Chu somehow managed to get Gordon Liu (remember he was in one of the best Kung-Fu films ever put on celluloid? 36th Chamber of Shaolin and that newish one Kill Bill, I guess) to act in his interpretation of
Frankenstein. Must be those Fantasia connnections! Somewhere in time, Kung-Fu masters are being taken down and their parts used to make the ultimate Kung-Fu master. The short starts where there are only two left. Gordon Liu and Chow Keung. The transfer is nice, Anamorphic. It clocks in at less than five minutes. But it was a good clean five minutes!

Reflection - Maude Michaud

Wow. This was fantastic. A tale of disfigurement and morality. What is beauty? What makes a monster? 15 minutes. Color. Anamorphic.

Occam's Razor - Peter James

The longest short in the series is a crime thriller. Shot in color (flashbacks) and black and white (present time), this murder mystery is well written. The title of the movie is aptly named. As Occam's Razor is the principal of logic and clarity. Discarding what is a distraction and unnecessary in order to get to the truth. The end twisted my head. That's a good thing. 30 minutes

Mr. Fluffenstein - Martin Gauthier

Oh no. Fluffy has died! What shall poor Alice do? Oh yeah... blow torch!! A refreshing and funny end to the Frankenstein Unlimited. 13 Minutes. Color.

On the DVD, for those who aren't able to see the screenings, has commentaries for each of the shorts, which are very insightful and gives further insight on their respective shorts.

A truly fantastic collection from some of Montreal's finest Indie filmmakers.

Ma T'aracher La Tete!
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