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Hello everyone and welcome to the GOREZONE forums.

GOREZONE has been online since June 16, 1998. Since that day, I have been delivering all the latest horror news almost on a daily basis. One of the most important part of GOREZONE is without a doubt the Forums. Here are some simple and easy "rules" to follow to make things work here.

1- Images of any shape and form and/or banners are forbidden. Most of them take much too bandwith. You can always post a link to an image you want your fellow members to see.

2- Avatars are welcomed but no oversized one (nothing over 200x200 pixel) otherwise you will first get a warning to change it and if you don't your right to have one will be remove permanently.

3- Spaming is forbiden.

4- Selling and/or trading is forbiden, this includes Bootlegs.

5- Name callings and being unrespectful to another board member can lead to be ban.

6- Gorezone is enforcing a strict ban on discussions of politics and religion. Those, too, are subjects that inspire powerful emotions and strong opinions, and for precisely that reason, we have found that discussions on such topics are not conducive to the friendly and professional atmosphere that we have always sought to maintain for people who come here to discuss horror arts and related subjects, which is the constituency that The Gorezone has always endeavored to serve.

We are very proud of the fact that The Gorezone has attracted a diverse and international membership, all of whom have been drawn to this site by a common interest and love for horror and the arts that home theater can so effectively preserve and present. Because our membership is so diverse, we believe that we can serve it most effectively by continuing to focus on the core topics that are the primary reason for this forum to exist. For those of you interested in news and developments, we recommend any one of dozens of news-reporting sites. For those of you interested in discussing world events, there are plenty of other places to go for such discussion. We recognize that some of you may find these limitations frustrating, but we believe that they are in the best long-term interests of The Gorezone as a whole.

7- It is forbidden to use the Emoticons (Smilies) on other sites or forums if they are directly linked from here. It will use too much bandwith. If you want to use a Emoticons (Smilies), please copy the image on your web account, web page or ftp and link it from there to use elsewhere.

That's it, have fun everyone.


And here's a link to the old forum hosted on Ezboard:

Your #1 source for bloody daily horror news since 1998.
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